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Saint Seiya: The Hades


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Well we already know that this series is one of the most popular anime around the world, and it's also the most favorite anime for France's people, they like it as much as people like Dragon Ball Z, well the series is really very big and deserve the full credits, the series have made great success in everywhere, Japan, France, US...etc don't forget that the series have more than 100 episodes and it's still didn't ended, and now we are being gifted with Saint Seiya: The Hades chapter which is very new and very cool... As we all know the series was old but now it has a new anime, and as I heard from my friend this series was in the top ten animes in Japan and it was #2 so that's mean the series is really cool, I am talking about the new one... Also don't forget that the series is a fighting anime along with fantasy, adventure and I am really a very big fan of fighting animes, the series have some touching and sad scenes too... I just want to know if there is anyone around here watched the new OAV, I really hope to discuss with SS's fans around here, and I personally suggest you guys to see the Hades chapter because it's really very nice! and if you have questions I would be glad to answer...

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