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Serighine: A new begining

Guest Kaizer_Boy

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Guest Kaizer_Boy

It was a brisk automn night. The wind was blowing. The street lights were on. And, the stars were out. It was a perfect night for an adventure. When you'd look outside you would notice nothing strange about the surroundings. Accept for one thing, the blue star. Everyone told me that the blue star was fake. All my freinds said that it was a myth, and that I was daydreaming. But, there's one thing they didn't know, that my saru(Dad) went there on an automn night like this.

saru once told me about the creatures that lived there. Their called Serighine. Saru told me about how he saved the Sarighine world(Blue star.) I once told him that I wish I was around when he was a kid. He justed laughed and said that I would go their one day. But, I doubt it.

Oh yeah, my names sakura. I'm 13, and i'm in the seventh grade. Oh yeah, i live on a sunflower feild. Beutiful sunflowers drow here. I live with my Saru(dad), Saku(Mom).

This is the story on how I got to go to the blue star, and meet my deseny
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