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Gaming 3 new game reviews


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Well, thanks to a local store trying to get rid of an overabundance of PS2 "Classic" games last week, I now have three new games (and for under $45).

First off, my favorite:
[b]Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies[/b]

For some reason I get the feeling that there was never an AC 1-3 to choose from. Anyway, this is a flight sim/fighter pilot game set in the near future (2004). A group called the Eurusians (bad spelling) contols most of a large land mass (maybe Asia) and has used a weapon named Stonehenge (used to shoot down larger metor fragments) to shoot at aircraft and thus gain control of the air and thus most of the country. You play as Mobius 1, an ace pilot for ISAF (Independent States Allied Force), and have to play 18 missions over the course of a year to regain control of the country.

All in all this is one great game. There are 18 aircraft you can buy, with the money you make on missions. Each aircraft appears only after you shoot one down in the game, making air combat a must. There are also four levels of diffculty, with two extras opened when the hardest level is beaten. Unlike most games the levels do not always have a set goal. Some tell you to shoot down certain targets, while others tell you to score so many points within the time limit and continue to bust up anything with the remaining time. Best of all, if you take lots of damage or run out of ammo you can simply head south and refuel/rearm back at base.

Next up:
[b]Virtua Fighter 4[/b]

An interesting, if not occasionally frustrating game. It is a fighting game much like Mortal Kombat, but include a longer list of moves for characters and the ability to perform "reversals" that actually turn your opponents attacks back on them. In addition, you can create and train an AI character and watch as it kicks people around in the Vs. or Kumite (tournament mode). The only down-side is that the AI does not seem any brighter then the game AI. So in the end you might get mad as it just stands there with a "?" in the training box waiting to get pummeled.

On a side note. Does anyone know what the game means when the Training Box says "Play" during a Vs. fight? I have not figured it out yet.

And finally:
[b]Max Payne[/b]

Interesting concept, but poor set-up. The load time it slow, the "graphic novel" is annoying, and the slow motion death of an enemy/ally always comes at a bad time. The selection of weapons is nice and the levels are semi-realistic. On the other hand the "dream levels" are a royal pain (no pun) and also quite irritating. And worst of all the entire story goes in a circle (starting at one point then starting in the past only to return to point "A"). The only thing amusing is the "Bullet Time" which slows the action and gives you the chance to dodge bullets while aiming in real time.

Simply put, I would not really tell anyone to buy this game without first renting it and seeing if they like it (even the cheats do not work right).
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Dude, I am totally with you on the Ace Combat 4 thing.

This is one of my favorite games ever.

I have beaten it to the fullest extent.

I have (S) rank on every mission of every difficulty from normal up to Ace.

I have every plane and every weapon.

On the level of reviewing the game...

I believe this is the greatest flight game created.

The detail on a technical level is amazing. The hidden controls of the plane are so deep that it takes weeks before you learn every little detail about how to view the targeted plane or just watch your missiles take out a target.

The game is so good I have created threads about it here, and with no luck, I got just about no response.

I would suggest this game as a buy for anyone interested in the genre.

Dont waste your time or money on some cheese ball top gun game, buy ace combat 4.
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