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Writing Another song by me---Casper


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YES! I am bored and have nothing to do!
mostly because i don't wanna fight Id in Xenogears...
but------here's another song!
This One's kinda more punk


We met in a ****** acting class
I tired my best, you failed last year
You wore black, liked death and everything that's good
And you were the best acter there

People told us to go out
we'd laugh rightin their face
Even though you're smart and hot and like everything i'm about
It'd just be a waste


you're too good, too smart, too perfect in everything you do
I'm too in love, ****ing heart, to ever be with you
And when you smile, it sends me to heaven
and when you say my name, it makes me weak inside
We haven't talked since the first semester of grade 10 and
I wanted to stay by your side

Your girlfriend stares daggers when she sees me
One day I'll rip out her pretty blue eyes
It's too bad she makes you so damn happy
It's too bad I ****in wish she'd die


You were my best friends and I'll alwaysthink of you
You could always read my mind, so can you tell that she's not good enough for you?

Chorus x 2

and i still wanna kill that girl today...
~nichi out
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