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Capcom Considering RE5

Guest admrjosh

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Guest admrjosh
Various Internet message boards today have been active with discussion on the possibility of another Resident Evil game to follow the upcoming GameCube-exclusive Resident Evil 4 title. Astute RE fans have noticed that Capcom U.S.A. has already secured the rights to the Internet domain residentevil5.com back in October of 2002.
While this domain registration is certainly exciting, it does not confirm the existence of an RE 5 title in development, as Capcom could be simply keeping its options open for future titles by jumping on the domain name early. Resident Evil 4 for GameCube isn't scheduled to arrive until 2004 at the earliest, so a fifth title in the series could be many years off, especially considering that other RE projects are currently in the works, such as the PlayStation 2-exclusive Resident Evil Online.
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