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Writing DigiFanfic- Digimon: Survival


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[i]Description: A fanfiction that takes place, in some parts, prior to Season 3, but in other parts, after Season 3. The Tamers show their faces in this, plus some fictitious ones.
Warning: Some nuttiness, and one boy who does some looking into inappropriate topics. Nothing too inappropriate for OB, I think, but let me know if there is something.[/i]


Fic Characters:
Akiko ?Aki? Miyamoto = Daughter of a fisherman (who is always referred to as Daddy or Miyamoto-san), used to live in Kagoshima, on the island of Honshu, in Japan. She is friendly and loves to fish. Whenever she catches and kills a fish, she says a little prayer for it. She also loves to eat fish, to swim, to dive (her grandmother on her mother?s side of the family was an [i]ama,[/i] or diving girl), and to sail. On her sixth birthday, just before a major turning point in her life, Aki received a little skiff of her own and a fishing rod. A lot of the story is from Aki?s point of view.
Hoshiko Yasuma = A standard girl. She is friendly and loves to meet new people. She likes to eat salads, sushi, pizza and french fries.
Melody Wong = A musician in the making. She loves to play a wide variety of instruments and dreams of appearing on stage. Her voice, if she ever grows up, will be a lovely soprano. She is of mostly Chinese descent.
Ishi Itashi = A boy. What else can I say? His favorite food is tempura, and he enjoys working out for his school?s track team.
Hanako Yuri = The Japanese phrase for ?gardening enthusiast?. No, not really, just kidding. But Hanako can not live without some piece of greenery within ten feet. She is a strict vegetarian and hates to fight, but proves to be a very capable Tamer, especially when her precious garden is at stake. At home, Hanako has a very sad and abused life. Her father, a drug addict, left when she was a tiny baby, and her mother was not meant to be a mother (to put it very lightly).
Kumoto Yamakagashi = An immature street kid. When he meets an older girl (i.e., above 10), he wants to see? what?s, um, under her shirt (yes, this is the boy mentioned in the above warning). He carries concealed weapons in innocent-looking clothes and doesn?t go to school. Everything he ever needed to know he learned on the street. He likes to eat whatever he can get. Somehow, he?s rather attractive, even as an eight-year-old, with his body starting to show lines of muscle definition that will get sharper at puberty. His name, directly translated from Japanese (kumo to yamakagashi) to English, means ?spider and snake?.

Fic Digimons:
Uomon/Sakanamon/Marlimon/Makomon/Mermiamon = Aki?s partner. Uomon is an In-Training monster, and she becomes Mermiamon by Biomerging from Sakanamon with Aki. Uomon and Sakanamon are derived from Japanese words ?uo? and ?sakana?, both of which mean fish. Marlimon is from ?marlin?, a kind of fish, and Makomon is from ?mako? a species of shark that is believed to be the most intelligent of all fish and proven to be the fastest shark.
Keelynmon = Hoshiko?s partner. The Rookie form of Unimon. Keelynmon is derived from a misspelling of ?ki-lin?, the Chinese name for ?unicorn?.
Kokopellimon = Melody?s partner. Derived from the Native American trickster spirit Kokopelli. A male Digimon with a female Tamer. Mega form Harpimon, achieved by Biomerging with Melody. Haven?t come up with other forms yet.
Struthiomon/Deinonychmon/Utahramon = Ishi?s partner. His greatest weapon is his speed. Struthiomon is a Rookie, Deinonychmon his Champ form, Utahramon his Ulti form. Haven?t come up with Mega form yet.
Lianamon = Hanako?s partner. Lianamon will never show either a Champ or an Ulti form, though her Mega form, Rosemon(not fic), achieved via Biomerge, is extremely powerful in itself.
Chudokumon = the Rookie form of Dokugamon.
Dokugamon = Not a fic Digi, but the partner of Kumoto nonetheless. This one got the business end of the weapons he conceals and de-Digivolved, giving him a good view of her Rookie form before getting up enough energy to Digivolve back to her Champ form. She then developed a major crush on him. A female Digimon with a male Tamer. Mega form achieved by Biomerging, but Ultimate and Mega forms unthought-of.
Calumon = Not a FicciMon, I know. But Calumon makes a few appearances here, seeing as how according to S3 rules, nobody can Digivolve unless he?s around.
Kitsunemon = A rogue Rookie. Kinda an ultra-feminist Impmon, except that she could kick Impmon?s butt before he got a chance to even try Digivolving. She?s also loads more conceited. Besides, she?s never going to hit the RealWorld, and she?s never going to meet the Impy fellow.

So here goes the first chapter.
First Chapter: Aki
    My name is Akiko. You can call me Aki. My Daddy calls me that. Or, he used to. Before I came here, I lived in Kagoshima, on the Island of Honshu. That?s in Japan. I usually speak Japanese, but most other people these days speak English, so that?s the language I?m writing this in.
   I love to fish. My daddy taught me to. He also taught me to respect the fish I catch, even when I kill them. That didn?t mean much then, but it does now, given the current situation.
   When I was still living in Japan, I lived in a house.
   I lived there with my daddy. I love my daddy. I suppose I?m a ?daddy?s girl?. I drew a picture of him above my bed so I won?t forget what he looks like. It didn?t work. I forgot. But I remember that he liked to fish a lot.
   I also lived in that house with my mom. I didn?t know her as well. She was in the Japanese Navy, so she wasn?t at home often. I remember that I once promised to catch her a sea bream (the Japanese word, which I will use more often, is [i]tai[/i]).
   Now, I live in a cave in what appears to be America, but a very wild and unexplored America.
   I live with my new friends.
   Hoshiko was the first girl I met in this new place. She is very nice.
   Hanako is nice too, but she is a lot quieter and likes to cook and garden. She has the same respect for the plants that I have for the fish.
   Melody loves to sing and dance. Whenever she meets a new person, she decides that it is a reason to sing a song.
   Ishi loves to move around and exercise. Sometimes he dances with Melody, but he thinks that dancing is for girls. He prefers to wrestle.
   Kumoto is a bastard, in every sense of the word. He is of bad birth and he acts like Demidevimon? when he?s feeling nice. When he wants to be a bad boy, he acts like an immature Devimon. He is constantly pulling Hanako?s skirt up to reveal her bottom and her panties, and he keeps trying to pull my shirt off (Actually, it?s more of a tunic). But we all respect him? sometimes, when he isn?t acting like the [i]shiseiji[/i] he is.
   I?m a little worried about whether we will any of us ever get to see our families again. Of course, Kumoto laughs at me whenever I mention my Daddy, but the others usually listen to me. Ishi misses his father. Hoshiko misses her mother. Melody misses her singing teacher (who, it seems, is also her aunt). Hanako says she wishes she ever got to see her daddy. He ran away about the time she was born, and her momma is not a nice lady.
   Of course, there are the monsters, too. They are a lot of fun? the friendly ones that is. The evil ones are about as much fun as Kumoto when he?s grumpy. But we can usually beat them.
   Where am I? To tell the truth, I don?t know. Umm, I?m on a continent or island somewhere, in a cave a short distance away from the ocean, in the middle of the Supreme Digiworld.
   Supreme Digiworld? You want to know where the Supreme Digiworld is? It?s not in the Real World, that?s for sure, but the two are a lot alike.
   The Seven-Planes Digiworld? Hoshiko went there once. She said it was too crazy there. She got separated from the little monster she was traveling with. She hopes he?s okay.
   You want the long version of the story? I hope you?re in a comfortable seat. This is going to take a while.

If you want to come up with a Digimon form I haven?t come up with, post or PM about it. The fic Digimon and Tamers will show up as attatchments throughout my career. At some point I?ll try to get the rest of them into that Fic Digimon Thread. And here?s a pic of Kokopellimon.
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