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Anime Can someone tell me where to find this DBZ music video?


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I was looking through some DBZ sites a while ago and I found one that had fan-made music videos.

It had a particularly excellent one showing SS Vegeta and Goku fighting metal Coola. I can't remember the exact song that it was based around, but it was a metallica tune.

A few days later i told my friend and he wanted to see it, but I haven't been able to find the site since :( . I've found loads of DBZ sites that have other fan music videos, but none of them have the Vegeta/Goku vs. Coola one. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so could you please tell me the URL?
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I tried that. I've used four different search engines and every combination of words I could think of. I found plenty of DBZ music vids, but none of them even had coola let alone the particular vid I was after.

My friend and I spent two hours scouring the 'net one night looking for the vid, but we couldn't find it anywhere.
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