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Blu: wtf? is that a golden duck?

Joe: uhh?

Will2x: yes, so grab it.

blu: arg its too heavy.

will2x: then leave it. we dont have time for this, my mom is coming home in 20 minutes and if we dont exvo outta hear im busted.

blu: ok then..

joe: huh?

will2x: sorry joe, we'll play with you later.

joe: bye bye!

blu: LETS EXVO! *presses button on watch*

will2x: LETS EXVO! *taps earring*

will2x and blu's armor and weopons devolve and without moving the area shapes into will2x's room.

Will2x: alright, were back. so what have we got so far?

blu: a beatle ruby and diamond moskitto.

will2x: great now lets go to jaspers house and show the captain what we got....

anyone can join. and when 5 people join we can have a crobo party!
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