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Pokemon Tournament

Dark Sephiroth

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Computer-WELCOME to the pokemon tournament! plz sign in ur trainer's info if u wanna join the tournament

PLZ fill in these info 'bout ur self

Pokemon: u can only hav 12 pokemon
From: Pallet town, Bark Town, etc.
1. u may only have 6 pokemon w/ u
2. u can only use sleeping attacks 10 times but u can use rest as long as u like. pokemon that is sleeping wont be able 2 attack 4 55 seconds
3. all trainers may only use 1 pokemon during battles
4. if u jus join this thread u must battle a other trainer
5. u could only go against 1 pokemon trainer
6. u can't use 2 pokemon against 1 pokemon u could only have a 1 on 1 pokemon fights
7. if u dont follow these rules u will be disbanned from this forum!!
win 10 battles: advance trainer
win 30 battles: Champion
win 50 battles: Top Champion
win 80 Battles: Elite Trainer
win 100 battles: Elite Champion
win 110 battles: Elite Master
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