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The Claypool Conundrum


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Now I'm a massive fan of a band named Primus, and the various offshoots, particularly Oysterhead. Their lead-singer/bassist (one of the best in the world) is a man by the name of Les Claypool. He has many talents, including animation.

One day, while oh so bored, I was watching Ghost in the Shell. Then, still bored (though I love the film) I was watching the credits of GitS. And l fell off my chair in surprise when I saw the name Les Claypool in amongst the various Japanese names!

Since then I've seen his name, or occasionally Les Claypool lll, in LOADS of anime credits, everything from Macross Plus to Rayearth! Now Les is a VERY musically active person. It seems unlikely he'd have time to be involved in so much anime.

Does anyone know whether he just never sleeps, or whether there are tow people with the rather unusual name Les Claypool?
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