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Solid Snake(David Hayter) Vs Old man goin' grey(Sam Fisher)

Guest Kumomaru

Witch is the best Stealth game  

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  1. 1. Witch is the best Stealth game

    • Metal Gear Solid 2
    • Splinter Cell

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Guest Kumomaru
The two best stealth games on the games cicuit at the moment are of course the recently released Splinter Cell brought to you from Tom Clancy and the Tactical Espionage Action thriller Metal Gear Solid 2 brought to you by the technical wizard of Konami(part of the Tri-Force) Hidio Kojima.

Splinter Cell staring Sam Fisher has been released for multipal platforms. The moves and aquipment in this game ar rather good but the cinamatic graphics could be better, and theres no real story line involved. Its just a grey old man who looks like he has no chin and has a daughter who looks like a spastic colon. In my opinion Splinter Cell could be better. My personal rating 4/10

Metal Gear Solid 2 comes from a long line of games witch star Solid Snake.I cant say much about this game for it is so good but at first
I didnt like the idea of playing as Raiden but as thegame progresed escenses of previous games were aroused and with the fact that Solid Snake was actualy helping you but calling himself Pliskin I got used to Raiden. There is another feature that anoys me witch is the Dog Tags witch make you want to try and get as many as you can. My Personal Rating 8/10

Now the Battle will commence!

This should make sence to those of you who have played the begining of MSG2

Solid Snake has just bunjey jumped of the george washington bridge onto the deck of a navy ship that was transporting Metal Gear Ray to the test point. Just before the sip was taken over Snake spots Sam Fisher seaking around the corner. Snake pulls his M9 Dart Gun from his holster. He aproaches Fisher and points the M9 Point Blank at his head.
"Frease!" Comands Snake
Fisher puts his hand on top of his head whilset Snake pats him down for weapons but he has non.
"Solid Snake, The hero from shadow moses" says Fisher Calmly
Snake goes off guard for 2 seconds and Fisher pulls out an AK-74u out from a nearbye box. Just as he fires it snake rolls out of site.
"Damn!" Snake exclaims " Im not gonna' be able to fight him with this tranuilzer its to slow!"
Just then he finds a nearbye USP he picks it up and check the clip for bullets
"Damn only 3 left"
Sudenly Fisher pops round the corner and pulls the trigger!
The Ak had jammed!
There was two splashes a door blew back and forth in the wind but the shooter was not there and the gun had followed the body.

Well come on who would you wrather see save the world from another devious monstrosaty. An old man who is going grey or a guy so cool if you tryed to burn him with a hot poker it would probably cool down.
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Guest Kumomaru
You can dis it all you like cos' thats what I want peoples opinoins. But what I dont want is people telling me I wrote this in the wrong place but dose it matter. No of course not. But thanks anyway for moving it.
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