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I need to write more often...

Cora Jane 2

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[font=arial][size=1] Well I figure I haven't wrote anything lately, so I thought I would throw some thoughts together and see what I come up with... more will probably come later.. I don't really know yet.

You look at me as if I was nobody,
You stare and laugh, thinking I didn't hear you.
I sit and wait, hoping you'll change,
Thinking that for some reason you are there endlessly for me.
I look and I watch, as I fade away,
Soon to be nothing but the air you now breathe.
Wishing that I could be the one,
The one that brought you back around.
Dreaming of what things were,
And how they shall end.

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Guest merideth
Thats pritty good for something you just put together.
You should write more!
I wish I could write like that!
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