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In The Black Covers, A Poem


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A little black cat
Here to smite my mind.
Of curiousness, of
The black covers in the alleyways.

Its a pole reaching for me,
But all it wants is to push me back.
It hammers and chisels Freely.
Destroying my will

Like a stone torn away
From the gravel.
It will always go un-noticed
In the black covers of despair.

Just like height I?m always,
Always fought back to the ground.
Where the dark covers lay,
Ready to engulf the essences of defeat

I bleed and it falls further.
I bleed and I release light.
I bleed and the dark covers
Are exiled from mind.

The shackles are cast of,
I?m free from the guilt,
The guilt of failure,
The demon that haunted me all along.

so what do you think of it....
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