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old old old, (so old, it's spelled olde) anime

future girl

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ok, when my sister was a little kid she used to watch these two animes, that was in like '81, and even then they couldn't have been brand new because she watched them in our native country Nicaragua.

the name of the shows in spanish were:

Mako la Sirena Enamorada

i'm not sure if they were translated into the same name in english, but if they were they would be called:

Candy (obviously)
Mako the Enamored Mermaid

so my question is has anyone heard of these and maybe possibly knows where i can find them. according to her she's willing to pay any price to own them.
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue]I saw Candy Candy when I was very little. It was a guilty pleasure, as it was a very girly anime.

I watched it in Venezuela. It was mainly about this poor girl working for this rich family, or something to that effect. She then falls in love with the rich kid of the house, but most the family is mean to Candy and don't approve of her, or something. The kind of thing you'd find in Hispanic soap operas, only this one had an English atmosphere to it.[/color][/font]
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