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Digimon: The One


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Bear with me people. This is my newest fanfic, one that I intend to finish. I hope you read and review it!!


Episode 1- Hallucinations

Mikemon walked down the dark alley; she had been in the Real World now for a week. She had a calico colored fur on her head, her tail, and her upper torso. The rest of her body was white. She wore brown gloves on her paws. She didn?t know why she was brought here, or how she even got here. All she knew was that she smelled Digimon: 12 Digimon, twelve humans to go with them. Once she found them, she watched them. She watched them well. One, a young girl, about 14 or 15, had a Gatomon.

?Gatomon,? she thought, ?I remember you. You were once Myotismon?s minion. Then you turned weak and good. If I could, I would take you out right now. If only, if only.?

Mikemon jumped from the street to the dumpster that was set on the side of the ally. She then jumped from that to a fire escape ladder. The iron went clank clank as her paws hit each step. She hopped onto the iron floor and climbed another series of stairs. She stopped when she got to a window. She sat on the window seal and watched as the girl and her Gatomon talked in the room.

?How are you feeling, Gatomon?? asked the girl. Her long, brown hair brushed her shoulders as she smiled. She had pink eyes and lips. She wore a white t-shirt with pink stripes on it. Her shorts were about to mid thigh and had a butterfly design in fake jewels.

?I am good,? replied the cat Digimon. She was fully white with purple stripes on her tail and purple tips on her ears. She wore a golden tail ring and had purple gloves on her paws. ?How are you, Kari??

?School was good,? Kari replied, ?we learned how to say ?Do as I say, not as I do? in French. Faites comme je dis, pas comme je fais.?

?That?s neat,? Gatomon said, smiling. Kari got up from the bed and walked to her computer desk. She moved her mouse and a box opened asking for her password. She typed a word in and the screen changed to a desktop. The background picture was of her and eleven other Digimon and humans.

?Whatcha doin?? Gatomon said happily, jumping onto the computer desk.

?I?m gonna see if T.K. is on,? she replied, turning her head toward Gatomon. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a calico cat on the balcony: Mikemon. ?G?Gatomon, look!?
She said pointing to the cat.

?Oh crap,? thought Mikemon to herself. She did a back-flip off the balcony and landed in the alley. She ran off as quickly as she could.

?What?!? said Gatomon, surprised. She turned around to see nothing but the blue sky.

?I swear I saw a....re-colored you...? said Kari, drawing her hand to her mouth,

?Kari, I think you?re hallucinating,? said Gatomon, laughing.

?Maybe so...? Kari said slowly.


BlackGatomon strolled down the busy street; humans kept staring at her and it was getting on her nerves.

?Haven?t they ever seen a Digimon before?? she asked to herself.

She was pure black, dark as the night. She had purple tips on her ears and a purple tip on her tail. She wore dark purple gloves on her paws. She was on her way to watch the Digimon known as Patamon. She had been watching him for weeks now, ever since she smelled him. She had arrived mysteriously in the Real World a month ago, and she had never known how.

?Patamon,? she thought, ?a childish Digimon. He defeated Devimon by himself. He turned into Angemon, MagnaAngemon, and Seraphimon: three angel forms that threaten the existence of Digimon like me. I am not worried about that Gatomon my mother fought with, but this Patamon is worse trouble. I will destroy him and his friends.? She continued down the road until she got to an apartment complex. She flipped up to a second floor balcony and watched as a boy and Patamon sat in the room talking.

?Whatcha doin T.K.?? asked Patamon, a small Digimon with the top half of his fur gold and the other white. His ears looked like small wings and he had big, googly blue eyes.

?Seeing if Kari is online,? the boy replied. His short, spiked hair was golden blonde and he wore an aqua colored shirt. His shorts were Khaki?s and went down to just below his knee. He typed in a password and started to connect to the internet. He saw a bird out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to the window. He saw a pure black cat that looked a lot like Gatomon.

?What is it?? Patamon asked, noticing that T.K. was staring at something.

?Oh sh?? BlackGatomon said as she saw T.K. look at her. She kicked off of the balcony and back into the street. She ran through the crowd as fast as she could.

?I thought I just saw a black colored Gatomon,? replied T.K., running his fingers through his hair.

?Silly T.K.,? said Patamon, smiling, ?there is no such a thing.?

?Yeah, I guess you?re right,? T.K. said. He clicked on Kari?s screen name (Gatomons*Power) and typed a greeting in.


Kari smiled as an IM arrived from T.K. (his screen name was Angemon). She replied to his greeting:

Angemon: Hello, how are you?
Gatomons*Power: I am great, how about you?
Angemon: I am great, too. Thanks ^)(^. I just saw the most bizarre thing.
Gatomons*Power: What was it?
Angemon: I swear I saw a black colored Gatomon.
Gatomons*Power: You did?! I just saw a calico colored Gatomon. Wonder what it was?
Angemon: I don?t know. If we saw two different types, it might be a problem. Call the girls, Davis, and Ken. I?ll call Matt and the others. Tell them to meet at my house.
Gatomons*Power: Ok. Well, bye. I?ll see you later.
Angemon: Ok. I love you. XOXOXO
Gatomons*Power: I love you too. XOXOXO

She logged off the internet and grabbed her cell phone and started to dial a number.


Yolei?s phone rang. She was wearing a purple, cut off shirt and low cut faded jeans. Her was purple and she had it tied back in a red ribbon. She held a small, pink bird Digimon in her arms. This was Poromon. He had small wings and a red feather on the back of his head. It was red, it?s tip yellow.

Bring Bring. The phone rang. She put Poromon down on the couch and walked over to the phone.

?Hello, Yolei speaking,? she said politely.

?Yolei? Hi, it?s Kari,? said the sweet voice from the other line

?Oh, hi Kari. What?s up?? she replied.

?We might have a situation. Meet at T.K.?s house. Oh, and can you call the others??

?Sure, no prob. See ya!?

?See ya. Bye.? They hung up and they continued to call people.


T.K. hung up after an hour of calling everyone.

?Sheesh,? he said, plopping onto his bed, ?I wonder what my phone bill will be.?

(An hour later)

Davis and DemiVeemon climbed up the stairs. Davis had wild brown hair and a red shirt on with a flame in the middle of it. His pants were baggy and black. DemiVeemon was small a blue with short arms and legs.

?Davis, what do you think is the problem?? DemiVeemon said in his chibi voice.

?I don?t know,? Davis replied, ?but it has to be bad.?

Knock Knock was the sound of his fist hitting the wooden door. T.K. answered the door with a smile and invited him in. Everyone was already there:

A guy with spiked, brown hair. He wore a green shirt and a jean jacket. His pants were the new ?dirty? look. This was Tai.

A guy with the same golden blonde hair as T.K. His shirt was dark red and his pants Khaki. This was Matt.

A boy, about 12, sat on the couch. His hair was cut short and was black. He wore a beige t-shirt and faded pants. This was Cody. He was holding a small, goldish Digimon. This was Upamon.

A girl with brown hair to her shoulders sat holding hands with Tai. She wore a faded skirt and pink cut off shirt. This was Sora. Yolei and Poromon sat behind her.

Ken, a boy with really black hair sat on the edge of the couch. He was wearing a green shirt and faded jeans. He was wearing a small green Digimon known as Minomon. Kari and Gatomon stood behind him.

Izzy was a boy with red frizzy hair. He wore a red t-shirt under a jean jacket. His pants were faded. Mimi was a girl with pink and purple striped hair. She was wearing a purple shirt and low-cut jeans. Joe had blue hair and wore a white t-shirt. His shorts were Khaki.

?So,? said Tai, ?what?s the deal??

?Well,? started Kari, ?me and T.K. have seen two cats that looked remarkably like Gatomon. One black, one calico.? No one said anything.

?Well?? asked T.K.

?Well, nothing,? said Matt, ?there are lots of cats in this city. Your imaginations are overactive.?

?But these cat?s were bipedal and had gloves,? objected Kari.

?I do think Matt is affirmative in that it was your imaginations,? said Izzy, ?but we should keep an eye out anyways. T.K. and Kari are too skilled to let their imaginations to run completely active.?

?We will,? said Mimi, ?but what do we do if we spot something??

?You still have your Digivices?? Ken asked.

?Yes,? they all agreed.

?Then call for us into them. They should work as communicators,? he continued. Everyone got up and left, leaving Kari and T.K. in a sense of betrayal, but they listened to their instructions.


Mikemon walked down the street. It was almost deserted, as it was night. Not many people noticed her, so she felt safe.

?That girl...I wonder if she saw me,? she thought to herself.

She turned a corner and proceeded down a dark valley. A mist slowly moved in and surrounded Mikemon.

?This is odd,? she thought to herself, ?this isn?t natural.? Slowly, she felt her feet lift off the ground. Through the mist, she could see a black womanly figure.

?Who are you?? she shouted out.

?A Digimon who wants to help you get what you want,? said the woman.

?What do you mean? Gatomon? How??

?I can give you power. You have to do one thing for me: destroy the DigiDestined. Will you accept??

?How do I know I can trust this mysterious Digimon?? she thought to herself, ?Well, I can get Gatomon. I will try.?

?I accept,? she said aloud.

?Good,? said the dark voice. She outreached her hand. A black orb appeared and was injected into Mikemon. Mikemon felt power inside he;: it was flowing throughout her body. She felt herself lift off of the ground. She closed her eyes and put her arms down to her sides.

?Mikemon digivolve to...? She felt her body slowly shift. She grew taller, and her claws grew bigger and sharper. She felt another tail sprout and grow longer. Her thighs got bigger and gained leopard fur. She felt her ears and hair grow.

?Persiamon!? She landed back on the ground. She now had long, red hair and a purple scarf draped across her mouth.

?Now, go. Destroy the DigiDestined,? said the dark Digimon. Persiamon nodded and disappeared.


Davis and Ken walked down the sidewalk. It was dark now, and they were going to get some food. Davis was holding DemiVeemon and Ken was holding Minomon.

?I?m starving,? said Davis.

?Me too,? agreed DemiVeemon.

?We?ll get as much as we can fit in our stomachs when we get there,? said Ken, laughing.


Persiamon lept from the roof top to the hood of a car. She stood from her crouching position and looked around. She suddenly saw the two of the new DigiDestined and their Digimon.

?Ah, well,? she thought, ?I would like an appetizer...?


?Whose gonna pay?? asked Davis, worried about him having to pay for the meal. Ken and the others didn?t reply. ?What is it?? he asked. They were staring at something. He turned to see what it was. He saw some sort of bipedal cat. ?No big deal,? he said to himself. ?Wait!? he suddenly figured it out: a bipedal cat!

?Ken, what is that?? asked Minomon.

?It?s a...Digimon,? replied Ken. The Digimon jumped from the car hood to the sidewalk and started walking towards them

?Guys, do it!? said Davis, putting DemiVeemon down, like Ken did to Minomon.

?DemiVeemon digivolve to.....? He felt himself lift into the air. He closed his eyes and spread his arms. He let the power flow through him.

?Veemon!? He was taller now, and blue all over. He had a small horn and a yellow V on his forehead.

?Minomon digivolve to....? He also felt himself lift into the air. He closed his eyes and let the power flow.

?Wormmon!? He was now a green worm with purple tips on his short numerous legs. His forehead had a purple X on it and he also had a dark purple beak like mouth.

?Just try it,? thought Persiamon. She stopped walking. She brought her claw up to her chest. It began to shine a bright red.

?Plasma Claw!? she yelled, lunging forward at the two Rookie-level Digimon. Her glowing claw outreached, she passed the two Digimon, cutting both of their cheek.

?Veemon!? yelled Davis, running to his side.

?That?s not smart, young DigiDestined,? said Persiamon calmly. She lept in front of Veemon and kicked him out of the way. Then, she outreached her arm and picked Davis up by his neck.

?Davis!? yelled Ken, ?Wormmon, do it!? He held out his black D3.

?Wormmon digivolve to....? He lifted off of the ground. Strips of data swirled around him, then latched to him. He felt his form shifting and growing. The data removed and a new being emerged.

?Stingmon!? He had a large, buff body now. Black armor like accessories around his shoulders, arms, and thighs. He had long, clear wings and short purple-ish hair under his under the mask-like cover he wore. His attenae were orange striped and his large eyes were red.

?Let him go,? said Stingmon sternly. He had landed behind Persiamon and extended his purple dagger to the back of her neck.

?Sneaky,? she thought. She suddenly threw Davis to Ken and spun around. She kicked Stingmon across the face and jumped into the air. Davis grabbed his throat and started coughing. He then held out his light blue D3.

?Armor Digivolution, Veemon!? he yelled.

?Veemon armor digivolve to....? A flame swirled around him, which was mixed with red data. It swirled around him and formed a shape of a Greymon. It then latched to his body. He felt his power surge and grow.

?Flamedramon!? An armored claw slashed through the fire. He was now dressed with flame decorated armor. It covered his claws, feet and thighs. A breastplate covered his chest and a helmet covered his face. His horn was large now, and he had a black belt around his forearm.

?Come get me,? Persiamon said, slyly smiling. She turned around and started running quickly down the sidewalk.

?No need to,? replied Flamedramon calmly. He raised his arms. His hands then were engulfed in flames. ?Fire Rockets!? He did a one-two-punch and shot the fireballs at Persiamon.

?Now,? said Persiamon to herself. Right before the attack hit her, she flipped into the air. She landed with her legs spread apart, her left paw on the ground, and the other in the air.

?Moon Shooter!? yelled Stingmon. He gripped the top of the black armor on his left arm. A white light started to form in the hole, and then turned into a ball of light. He then shot it at Persiamon.

?Plasma Claw!? she yelled again. Her claw glowed red again, and she sliced through the attack.

?Oh no,? said Davis.

?Plasma Claw!? she yelled once more. She lunged at Stingmon, her glowing claw leading her. He tried to move out of the way, but she was to quick for him. She raised her claw into the air and slashed him across the chest.

?Ahhhhh!? he yelled, falling to the ground. He then reverted back to Minomon.

?Flame Knuckles!? yelled Flamedramon, lunging at Persiamon while she had her back turned.

?Yah!? yelled Persiamon, turning around and punching Flamedramon in the face with her Plasma Claw. He was slammed into the ground and de-digivolved into DemiVeemon.

?This is easier then I thought,? she said aloud.

?Who are you?? yelled Davis, running to and picking DemiVeemon. Ken came to his side and picked up Minomon.

?An old friend of a friend of yours,? she said, smirking. She lept up into the air and onto the same car she had done before. She then jumped onto a rooftop and proceeded to run away.


Knock Knock was the loud sound of Davis?s fist on T.K.?s door. T.K. answered the door and was shocked.

?We...we fought...a cat Digimon,? said the weak DemiVeemon.

?Come in, come in,? said T.K., letting them in. They went to sit on the sofa and Ken told him about the Digimon and what had happened.

?It?s weird,? said Davis, ?she didn?t look like either of the Digimon you and Kari described.?

?Maybe it is a different Digimon,? suggested Davis.

?Or a digivolved cat..? said T.K.
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Though the scene with Mikemon's transformation sounds strikingly familiar :therock: this is a pretty good story. I was hoping you'd try something of your own, because I could tell you really wanted to write something and the "Our OWN Digimon" compilation thingy didn't look like it was going to pan out.

Mikemon's not working with BlackGatomon, right?

Bet the dark lady is Arukenimon. (I know she doesn't wear black, but in a dark alley filled with fog, what [i]doesn't[/i] look black?)

And whatever happened to the member Gatomons*Power? I haven't seen her around in ages. Did she change her name, or did she leave?
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I was worried that people would think that I copied off of your fic.....but I haven't. I've always wanted to use Mikemon/Persiamon and BlackGatomon/LDevimon as villans in a fic. Now, I just had an idea to use them good.

I assure you, I am not copying off of your story.

And yes, Mikemon and BlackGatomon will not work together. They will cross paths, and that will lead to cat fights...no pun intened.

The dark lady...is well...she's the dark form of a digimon from s3
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