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R&R: First part of the first episode of our own Digimon 05 (Trial version)


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Editor's Notes:

1) First of all, like I've said, if anyone here is to make a Digimon 05, then it's got to be organised. Very organised. Not the collected bunch of posts that Tamer_Zach is suggesting. While that is a good idea for an RPG or a Digiparty, it won't work if we want to make an entirely new season

2) "Digimon Epoch" is just a working title; it can be changed very easily.

3) Tamer_Zach and Devidramon seem to like this idea; that's why I've taken the liberty to post this. It's to help set the background for a possible 05 of our own. We're going to need a background

4) This is a suggestion. That's it. I'm not saying "DO THIS, BECAUSE I AM BEST". I am not. While I HAVE been called one of the Four Gods of Writing on occasion (The other three being individuals known as Devidramon, Megami Soyuu, and Chaos X), I feel undeserving of this reverand title. This is a suggestion. Nothing more.


Digimon Zero Five:
Digimon Epoch

Episode One: In the Begining...

?I?m told we don?t belong here. And I can?t help but think: Yes, we do.
?I mean, I know the stories, how we got here. I know that five hundred years ago, doorways opened up between worlds, and us, we - the people of Roanoke Colony - were sucked through to this world. I know all about how we weren?t the only ones, how others came through with us. Our language shows our mixing: English, Native, Moorish, Cathayan, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, countless others.
?And I know of the monsters. I?ve never seen one myself - no one has for over a hundred years - but I know that they are out there, in the encharted wilderness of the mainland. Large, powerful, speaking monsters. It is the common knoledge that they may one day sweep over us, or try to at least, that unites us all together.
?But this place, these three islands, have become our home. We are born here, we live here, we die here. We work and we play here. How can anyone - even the oldest of us - claim this as not our home? It is where we were born, even the eldest, even the eldest of the eldest! I know of the stories that the first ones passed down, the stories of Beijing and Istanbul and Athens and London and Madrid...and I frankly don?t care much about them. Roanoke is my home. I wouldn?t leave it for anything.
?I think.?
-From the journal of Danaté Atraides, found after he left Roanoke
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[Summons up Faith and points at the Chrome Digizoid sheild, then gets down to buisness as Faith hacks through it easily]


The idea is for each person to write...I dunno, three episodes at a time, and then someone else can do it. While I suppose you could start writing now, there's a lot of information lacking thus far. Not how I said 'first part of first episode'.

I'm not in charge of this whole gig, though. YOU are, remember? Thou hast wrought it, in thy post. Mayhaps thou should takith chargen of thine own idea?


[Chrome Digizoid sheild and Faith are both now gone]

Yeah, you are. Remember? Me, you, Megami, and Chaotimon. And I like how it's shaping up, too, though I should probably go into deeper detail with the world I'm presenting as a base, and with the digimon, etc.

Regardless, you don't have to worry about a hybrid cutting though your chrome digizoid anymore, 'cause I've significantly toned down thier power.
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I don't think I should be the only one in charge. We three could. Then, it would be equal amounst of power between all of us. Anyways, here I go.


Raine stood on the white sand beach of the island. She watched the clear blue ocean sway back and forth from the shore. Her white hair blew in the wind. She was wearing a brown skirt that a a slit up to her thigh. Her blouse was connected to it and came up behind her neck. Her crystal blue eyes shimmered in the sun. Her skin was a tan color and smooth all over.

"The ocean holds many mysteries," said a voice from behind. She turned around to see her father, Gerrad, standing and looking at the ocean.

"I'm sure it does, father," she replied, "but, father, aren't you supposed to be at the meeting with the Elder's?" Gerrad's skin wasn't as tan as Raine's, but his eyes were the same crystal blue. His hair was short and black. He wore brown pants, the same material as Raine's decor, and a brown shirt. He looked about 30-36, but was really 43.

"I am," he said, smiling, "and I was. They started talking about that journal of Danate Atraides again. I don't see the point of discussing it. It might be a hoax, but they think it is a relic. I don't really know what is so important about it anyways."

"Tell me, father. Is it true that he says something about different beings other then us? Monsters, some say."

"It is true," he replied with a sigh, "but do not let demons play with your mind. It is hard to tell fact from fiction these days, so don't go digging for answers."

"I won't father," she said smiling. She turned back to the ocean and started to hum softly.

[I]"That song,"[/I] he thought to himself, [I]"it sounds..familiar."[/I]


Is that good?
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I have to admit, I'm more then a bit biased about writing.

Okay, I'll be blunt. I'm very nice aloud even if the person can't spell and can't write and I think he shouldn't be writing, because they obviously like writing and want to do it.


This does not apply to you

That was good! Really! I like this...I can see the future opening up widely before Raine. So many possibilities! I sound like I'm some idiot right now, but seriously.

So many possibilities opening up.

Oh, yeah, I wrote up a breif thingy on what I think this Digital World should be like; feel free to edit it as ye wish. I think it may be too big to fit in this post now that I've written everything I have, so it'll be in the next post, and hopefully the ALMIGHTY MODERATING GODS will allow this exception to the RULES OF SPAMINESS
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Much of this is based on the Digital Worlds that I used for Neo Destined and Neo Tamers, so if you want to change this or scrap it altogether in the place of something new, go right ahead.

There are eight distinct areas of the digital world: Mountain, Plains, Swamp, Ocean, City, Forest, Underworld, Desert. Each one takes up roughly the same ammount of space. There are also a two ?demiplanes? surrounding the Digital World: Paradisa and Inferna
The Mountain area of the digital world is characterised by rolling hills evolving into large mountains towards the center. The centermost mountain, called the Skyshaper, is HUGE! Ten miles high. But, due to the way the digital world is set up, you can climb to the very top and still be able to breath alright, and there would be little (if any) change in tempeture. Digimon call this the Skyshaper Peakes
The Plains area is dominated by rolling hils of knee-high (on a human) grass, colored golden. Many farming communities exist here. If you head north, you come across a vast tundra. The tundra is known as the Frozen Feild, the fertile area knows as the Golden Plains
The swamp area, also called the Black Swamp, is fetid, large, and full of dangerous creatures. Some of the more powerful evil digimon come from the Swamp area, and there are also many other deadly creatures to be found.
The Ocean is exactly that - an ocean. A big one. Called the Azure Sea, the ocean of the digital world extends downwards for uncounted miles and is dotted every now and then by islands. The largest cities in the digital world - Atlantis, Pacifica, and Oceana - are located on or under the water. Roanoke colony also occupies three islands in this sea, five miles off the coast of the main digital continant, Server.
The City is something of a misleading term, there are pleanty of cities in the digital world. This area is completely mechanized - think of Corescant from Star Wars. It is more commonly called the Metle Empire
The Forest is a vast, deep forest which has everything from pines to oaks to bamboos to palms. Navigation is very difficult. Depending on the area - jungle, bamboo forest, pine forest, etc - it has differant names. The largest area, the oak, maple, and thier like section, is called Rootshroud Forest, for the roots of the many trees cover the forest floor, making ground navigation difficult - why many digimon leap from tree to tree instead. The eldest known tree in the entire multiverse, Yggdrasil, can be found in Rootshroud
The Underworld isn?t ?hell?. Oftentimes called the Underdark, instead, the Underworld is a vast network of caves and caverns beneath the surface of the Digital World. Dangerous and deadly creatures live here, and there are rumors of great, underground cities.
The Desert area, known as the Great Desert, is a vast and blank area devoid of life in most areas. There are oasis, but they can rise and fall at the whim of the desert. Creatures here treat the desert with great respect, for they know that in an instant it can kill them all.
Paradisa is the realm of Angelic digimon. It is like a smaller version of the Digital World, but everything there is brighter and more wholesom. The nine Sects of the Celestial Armada - Angels, Arch Angels, Powers, Principalities, Virtues, Graces, Ophanim, Cherubim, and Seraphim - make thier home here.
Inferna is the home of demonic and diabolic digimon. It is like a smaller version of the Digital world, but everything there is darker and corrupted. The six Songs of the Nightmare Soldires - Minuettes, Boleroes, Seranades, Nocturnes, Requiems, and Preludes - make thier home here.
The digital world was formed in the same manner as described in Digimon Tamers, but in a more realistic manner, so that it resembles Earth a lot more.

Digimon are creatures of extremes, or absolute neutrality. They are either ecstatic or terminaly depressed, wrathful the likes of which a human cannot comprehend or so loving you can?t help but love them back, or absolutely, totally uncaring in every thing, or any number of myriad extremes.
Digimon themselves come in any number of myriad forms. There are over a thousand known kinds, and new kinds form all the time.
Digimon have souls, just like humans. however, while a new human soul is created with each baby born, digimon have only a finite number of souls. When a digimon dies, thier body simply drops dead, while thier soul goes on to create a new body. This is usually in the Primary Village - located in the very middle of the digital world - but exceptions have come about from time to time. A digimon?s body does not break up, like it does in 01, 02, 03, and 04. Rather, it simply becomes a lifeless corpse. While it does decompose faster then a human body (x2 as fast), the body can still be used as food. However there is no way to stop the decomposition process, so clothing cannot be made from a digimon?s fur, or something.
The highest crime in the digital world is not killing, but preventing a digimon?s soul from being reborn. It?s unspeakably evil and even most demonic digimon do not contemplate doing such a thing.

Because of the way that planer travel works, the Digital World actually started forming five hundred years before computers were actually made. When this happened, humans from around the globe were sucked through faultering dimensional boundries and into the Digital World. Most of these humans were the colonists of Roanoke, but many were from other places.
The Roanokeni, as digimon call them, set up camp on three islands in the Digital World. These islands were far removed from digimon. Whenever the digimon tried to make contact with the humans, the humans would attack the digimon and try to kill them. As such, digimon have left the Roanokeni alone.
There was another group of humans, from the island of Maui, who appeared in digimon city one day. As they were thrust right into the middle of digimon society, rather then it?s fringes, they were much more accepting of digimon. The Mauiin, as digimon called them, set up a small kindgom for themselves, but it was destroyed about a hundred years ago by a digimon called BigHuhuloamon.
Thus the only humans left are Roanokeni. Thier language has evolved in the past five hundred years, so that is is a confusing mix of many cultures, such as the Moors, the Dutch, the Greeks, the Cathayans, and the natives of the America continant. Thier religion is an interesting blend of Native animism with Cathayan Buddhism and Taoism and Moorish Islam, with a few remaining hints of Christianity (Which, in the face of two other powerful religions - Islam and Buddhism - has fallen somewhat to the wayside).
The humans of Roanoke hate and fear digimon. However, recently they have been having problems. Problems which come in the form of either mothers giving birth to not babies, but eggs, which then hatch into half-human, half-digimon, and other people, typicly between the ages of 8 and 15, have begun to mutate into half-human, half-digimon. The Roanokeni have been killing those which this has been happening to, but it?s getting more and more frequent.

Hybrids can come about one of three ways: A human between the ages of 8 and 15 mutates into a hybrid in a very painful, and sometimes lethal process; or a human mother gives birth to an evolved child, in an egg, which then three days later hatches into a hybrid child; or a hybrid child is born to a human and a digimon parant in the same manner as the middle choice.
Hybrids vary in specific appearance, but have a few common traits. They have four fingers and three toes; the toes being arranged in a tripod-like setup where two face forward and one face back. Thier ears become long and pointed, much like an elf?s. They gain some kind of feture extending from thier backbone, such as a tail or an inect-like abdomen. Thier hair either disapears entirely, or grows out to an incredably long length. The skin of the hip area, chest area (and corrosponding back area), hands, feet, lower arms, lower legs, and the spinal extension change. This change may be as simple as color and texture to as drastic as a partial exoskeleton. Eye color often changes. A hybrid may, of course, gain other fetures. For example, the hybrid Danaté Atraides has horns, claws, and tail blades. For those who mutate, they do so after a painful process that takes about three hours. As the body re-structres itself, the person will glow, but this glowing is not visible to human eyes unti the person is ready to transform. After the internal re-structuring, combing data with protines, physical changes happen, durring the time that the person is glrowing. The physical changes take only about a minute to complete, but this is the most painful part of the process.
For those who were born as hybrids, there is no pain for the hybrid in the egg. It?s simply a normal birth (So, I can?t say that the mother feel no pain...but she feels no more pain then she would if she were giving birht to a normal human child). The new hybrid, no matter how they came about, has an attribute - Data, Virus, Vaccine, or Unknown - just like a digimon.
Hybrids has special powers and qualities which match thier new form. For example, a hybrid which is very attuned to darkness (like Danaté, for example) would have powers over shadows, be able to see in absolute darkness, and be able to do other things which help it.
To digimon, who often can?t tell the differace between two humans, even if they are of differant genders, hybrids look like humans. Hybrids are typicly accepted by the digimon community. While they are strange and new, new evolutions of digimon pop up all the time. Digimon are used to strange and new.
To humans, who don?t bother to try and distinguish one digimon from another, hybrids look like digimon, and humans hate and fear digimon. Humans typicly will try to kill a hybrid on sight, if they have the means, or run away in fear if they don?t.
The main story of Digimon Epoch focuses on hybrid characters.

The major evil force of Digimon Epoch, that I was planning for, is Ka Anor, and his Hetwamon minions. Ka Anor is, in theory, the god of the Hetwan people.
The Hetwamon are not humanoid digimon. Oh, no. While they walk on two legs, they resemble nothing so much as flies that use four of thier legs for arms instead. Thier wings are batlike, however, and they often drape them over themselves like cloaks. Hetwamon speak in whispery, fluttering voices devoid of emotion, even if they are feeling mirth or rage. Thier laughter sounds like a human choking.
Ka Anor is known as the Eater of Gods or, more commonly, the God-Eater, because in Hetwamon legends, that's what he does. Eat gods. In reality, Ka Anor is not what he appears to be. Ths God-Eater has lead the Hetwamon on a campaign of conquest throughout the Digital World. he controls the Swamp area and a large portion of the City, and has taken control of the two largest surface cities on the Digital World, Datalyne and Manefraim. He knows of humans - knows of the Roanokens very, very personally - and his next target for conquest is Roanoke. Considering the might and power of a digimon compared to a human, Roanoke will be an easy victory that might not even produce ten Hetwamon casualties.
Hetwamon are Champion digimon. Thier evolotutionary stages are:
-Larvamon > Pupaemon > Maggomon > Hetwamon > JagerHetwamon* > ElderHetwamon
The Hetwamon social structure is set up like an ant or bee hive, with a queen (a female ElderHetwamon) as the leader. There are a total of twenty female ElderHetwamon, each one right below Ka Anor in terms of power. Female Hetwamon have more power then male Hetwamon, both physicly and politicly.
*Pronounced Yay-gar-Het-wah-mawn. Jager is german for "Armor"
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I can't read that right now cause I am about to go see X2.

I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure if that was what you wanted.

I DO have an idea, though

You say a Digimon's soul goes on to create a new life or being. I say there are a certain few whose past lives can be contacted---and they are the keys to the Hybrid's past. Maybe even a clue to where Dante went---or [I]is[/I].
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Actually I was planning to make Danaté the protaganist, but I like what you've done with him a lot better.

As for the past-lives things, I've stuck in that little loophole now and again. otherwise, if the Children's digimon were to die, then how could they even remember that they were ever Digi-Destined? It would be a bad idea, though, if they were to remember how they died in thier past lives, otherwise it might drive them insane, having to live through thier deaths over and over again.

Oh, yeah, it's Danaté. Not Danté. Extra A in between the N and the T. 500 years of language blending has done that to the name.

Oh, I should probably also include that Atraides is pronounced ah-TRAE-id-eez. In this, it's Greek in origin (in theory). In reality, it's the name of one of the Houses in Frank Herbert's [i]Dune[/i].
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Fair enough.

Anyway, one character I really want to get into this is Tsisdu-Usti, who's a hybrid descended from the Cherokee Native Americans. She's like a half-human, half-rabbit (Her name, in fact means "Little Rabbit" in Cherokee). I'll wait to introduce her, though
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