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The Revolution (POEM)


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(I hope people get the meaning of my poem. It's designed to be read with a "rappish" tone...)

[B]The Revolution[/B]
[I]Two steps to the left
One jump to the right
Lately in the shopping mall
Teens spend all night.

Rock, heavy metal pop and jazz
Even some techno, for those who move fast
Cafe, Boom Boom, Butterfly
Can keep us dancing, and feeling wild

Whiners call it dumb
But when standing on the pad
They discover it's fun
I know a few of them
Z, A, and Mr.B
When met in real life
They look like freaks
But when in the pad
They can give us a treat

Crowds gather before them
Every second they ponder
How long will they keep on dancing,
Even though watching them is a wonder?

Time has passed and the dancers are tired
Especially after completing "My Fire"
They leave, happy of being young
Knowing that the revolution, has begun.[/I]
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