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Rokuki's Daily Journal


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Hi everyone, since i'm well...kinda new here i decided to start my own series of my daily life. First of my real name is Brandon McCall (I hate my name so much), and I'm a 'mutt' that's what i call people who have many cultures in their blood, i'm Cacajun, African American, Hispanic and Native American. I'm also 17 years old. My hobbies are drawing and listening to music and just being with friends.

Ok let's start off with today's write....


Dear Journal,

After suffering a night of my mom's bitchin' (can i say that? if i'm not allowed to say that on these then i'm really sorry) after the Parent/Teacher Confrences,I awoke this morning with the sun beaming in my face and my radio blasting 93X (a radio station in MN) my dad came upstairs to the attic telling me that if I don't get up soon i'll be late ( as if i cared :rolleyes: ). the clock read 8:49 A.M., but since school wasn't gonna start till 10:30 today i laid back down listening to the radio play "Stupid Girl" (i love that song), only to fall back asleep.

(insert dream sequence here <-----) :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:

I awake again only to realize that it was then 9:54 (now i was freaked out :eek: ). After washing up I headed to the kitchen for breakfast only to hear my dad repeat the all the talkative crap that my mom said to me last night. Soon I walked out the door down to the bus stop. I ended up waiting for about 9 minutes for the bus to arrive and take me to the street where i had to walk 4 BLOCKS to school. walking down the street humming the Rurouni Kenshin battle theme inside my head. I finally arrive at school and sit in the lunch room with my friend Libbie (the blackest white girl I know) waiting for school to start. Soon some of my other friends showed up, Travail, Chris (DigiFan), Donna, Chris, Marty, and various others.

Lucky today i only had 3 clases today (4, 5 and 6 period), but I had them for an hour and a half.

(insert all the school crap here <----) :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:

To be continued......
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