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Ixidor, Reality Sculptor (POEM)


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This one's to all Magic fans out there!

[B]Ixidor, Reality Sculptor[/B]
[I]Aphetto, the city of sorrows
Demons and fury in every morrow
People fight every day to the death
While the crowds cheer, winning their bets

Nivea and I
Fought every day for our lives
Accepting challenges, and betting on ourselves
Knowing that failure would bury us in debt
Thinking that was a good motivation
We'd do our best, winning the crowd's attention

Then, we met Phage
A creature born of hate
Her touch could easily defeat
Any warrior with unprotected skin

We tried to defeat her
But our efforts were in vain
She murdered my Nivea
While she ushered tears of pain

I had to give up the fight
So Phage would spare my life
I left the Coliseum
Losing my money...and my wife

We had been in need of money
So we had duplicated our gold
They discovered my folly
Thus I was banished from my home

My madness grew in the desert
My true powers awakened inside
Creatures, castles, whatever
My new creations could be given life

I am Ixidor, the Reality Sculptor
Banished from Aphetto by a fool
Reality has exiled me
I am no longer bound by its rules[/I]
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*nod nod* Ooooooh. Nice, Verry deep. I also sence it has a hidden meaning within yourself. *smiles* Or it could just be that I can relate in some wyas. *shrugs* But verry nice, your flow was a bit off, and the form wasn't all to wonderul, it didn't follow a direct pattern and was slightly choppy in place, but besides that, a tad bit of work and it'd be a 10/10, but since it not hehe I give ya a 7/10. I likded it verry much.
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