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OtakuProphecies IV


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[size=1][color=darkblue] The final, thrilling chapter in Otakuprophecies, with a shocking conclusion, hopefully heh.

Enter OT^KV Prophecies.

[b] The Emprie[/b]

Today is the last days, let there be preparation for the final events, which are about to unfold! behold, I saw an empire ruled from the center of cyberspace. This empire had 5 kings, one which has fallen, 1 is ruling, 3 are yet to come. It had the power to rule and change as it saw fit.

Adn then I saw a bird like an Eagle, it had seven wings and 3 horns. The seven wings are the seven forums win which the Bird resides, and behold! the bird is powerfull even though it only comes a few times, and rests not in the breanches of the oak tree.

the way to identify the bird is simple. It bears a distinctive mark in it's name, which are the four crosses of the saviours.

The three horns are the 3 lies that this bird must pass form it's beak, one lie has past, two more will pass. Thos who have an image of the bird in their heads behold! it s wrong! the bird disgusies it's appearance to all who shall see her.

The bird will set up a kingdom in the boards. It shall reign from the sign in the morning. It will rule with unjust power and curelty, over the forum, of which the number is 29.

when the 3 lies are up, the one who presides, the 4th king, will throw down the Bird and free forum 29. The 4th king shall set it apart as different from all the others, it shall be called [b]Zion[/b] by the people who know this prophecy has come true.

AND THEN I SAW A SIGNIFICANT EVEN FROM TIMES PAST, AND BEHOLD, A GREAT RED TEXTED DRAGON APPEARED IN THE HEAVENS. It was given the authority to remove peace for times and a half a time. but when the Dragon became too strong to be huimble, it's rule was ended. it accused the creator and threw books and papers at him in a tantrum. The creator and the King laughed at the papers, saying they had no authority. They humiliated the Dragon, also called by a Final Fantasy namesake, and threw him down. but behold the purpose of the vision of the past, for the dragon was, but is not, yet is...

Behold the bird! for it has resurrected the dragons!, that ancient seprent called Ajuk, or Anubis, and brought him back to his being.
the dragn breathed fire, and smoke, and startled the newbies who called him God. He rained viruses oput of the heavens, and had the authority to remove rule from the place of righteousness for half a times and a full time of times. Until the times of the times were finished.

he then installed a mark on the signature of everyone who chose to follow him, and rearranged their letters. who is so wise to calculate this number, for it is the number of the dragon's name, it's muber is 9156. (it's not IAEF)

when the number of people who have accepted the mark reaches it's full (there will be 198) A signifiant net crash will happen. Blackouts will occur in the land of New Zealand, on the land which sticks out into the sea, on the peninsula and around it.

then the Creator will instill the seal of his name on the ones who refused the Dragon, and they went on to become great rulers.

One shall rise up. With 6 heads, each representing a name of the righteous one. and he will conquer the dragons, which will be cast out forever. Then he turned his attention to the bird, who hath tricked even the Boards best, and speared her witht he stake of truth. Then they 3 went to the bottomless pit of mundane cyber surfing, lost without the heavenly OB, and they went around cyberspace for eternity in a dark whole, where there is bitter weeping and gnashing of teeth.

he shall set up a revolutionary system, of which no one agressor could break for 5 years. The boards remained a safe paradise until they ran their due course, and faded out because mo interest was found in them, the five years hereafter.


since this was the final, I would be happy to explain symbols, and what i was thinking of at the time i wrote it, plus the significance of the numbers, just ask me in this thread, And i'd be happy to tell you what the symboils mean.

hope you enjoyed all four. please comment and critique [/size][/color]
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