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Alias Season 3 [spoiler for anyone not seen the season 2 finale]


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Chapter 1
Sydney's mouth droped wide open "Your joking right? I mean that's imposible two years?"
Michael's head shook sadly form side to side."Syd I'm sorry it's true. When I found out you were alive I couldn't, didn't think it could be true. But now... I'm married to a loving woman and I have two kids."
Sydney looked at Michael, tears in her eyes "Please, Please tell me your lying to try to get me to leave the CIA or go crazy."
Michael looked away obviously disturbed. "Syd, We've replaced your job. But you have two options. One is to live under constant survailence in the civian world or live on a military base."
Sydney turned away for a second then looked at Michael. "I choose option three. Run away and hide from the government until I find out what's happened the past two years."
With that Sydney burst out the door and ran out of the hotel.

What do you think? I want honesty.
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