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Sailor Moon


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When i was little, I always remember watching Sailor Moon, I only watched the first series though. I then grew out of it and stopped watching it. Now i regret it, I really like sailor moon it is the best!!! I don't Know why but i always loved it and i still do:D:D:D

Anyhoo, can anyone give me a brief explaination of what happened in the other series' cos i can't find anywhere that sells all the other series'!!! so i really wanna know what happened !!! My fave character was always Sailor Mars, but now its Sailor Jupiter!!!!:D:D:D ....
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Guest dayday
I might just be wasting your time but I jsut wanted to say I kinda fell out too. Now come to think of it, I don't even know what series I watched. I just saw it when it came on. But if you go to a SamGoody's somewhere you might find some movies from the show.
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