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The Day I Met You

When I first met you,
Angels gave me wings,
they whispered and they sang,
as they lifted me away

Stars lit up the darkest skies,
Clouds cowered as the flew by,
afraid to cover up the moon,
that shines with my love for you,

Eagles carried me through the skies,
Stars shining in my eyes,
They told me fairy tales of lovers true,
on the day that I met you.

Not one of my better ones,I get a lot of mine published in the school magazine
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It was good did you say?Am I seeing things?Hmmm.....I wrote that in 3 minutes, I'll have to dig up some my old haikus and stuff,here's one I did for school,we had to take a fairy tale and mess w/ it,I got A++ on it,lol,


Cry no more my fair stepchild,
It?s your night, go run wild,
Your prince and carriage wait beyond your door,
There?s no need to worry anymore,

Boom, fairy godmother grants a great wish,
A beautiful blue ball gown that goes swish,
Yet, all good things have a string attached,
Curfew is midnight, or the wish will be snatched,

Her slippers clink across the floor,
She?s not upset anymore,
Almost forgetting about the time,
Not leaving now would be a crime,

At the strike of twelve, a stroke of fear,
But what if her dress couldn?t disappear?
What would Cinderella miss?
Would the prince still give her a kiss?

And if she hadn?t lost that slipper of glass,
Would she still be living lower class?
Would she still be on her knees scrubbing floors like a slave?
Living poorly, waiting for their grave

But no book will tell that story,
Because Cinderella got the prince and glory,
She?s the new owner of the crown because she got her wish,
Now she lives in fairy tale bliss.

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