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Space Digimon


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1.will: 17 year old rich jock with enough digimon cards to sell for a small fortune. his only friend is his digimon partner Orionmon whos special attack is j00ber crash. will purposly drops wads of money.

Will: man.. this is boring.

dude: hey lets battle!

will: ok

dude: kolemon! destroy that weak thing!

kolemon: ok. STATIC TURRRRRRD![plop] *a piece of crap falls on Orionmon*

will: eww.

Orionmon: spike belt! *spikes come from everywhere and poke kolemon*

dude: digimotify! *kolemons defense increases*

will: orionmon digivolve!

orionmon: wait no its ok! i can beat him!!!

orionmon: MINI BLAST!

kolemon: KOLEMON DIGIVOLVE TOOOOOO ...rangatomon!

rangatomon: old pipe!

orionmon: j00!

rangataomon: AHHHHHHH *disolves*


dude: nooooo! you evil! nooooo
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