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Mobile Age Gundam 0100: Realm Of Battles

Guest SuperMaxSonic

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Guest SuperMaxSonic
Yes, this is in the same plotline as the Ultimate Gundam RPG. This takes place in MA 100, 25 years after the first RPG. There are a new set of Judges, and they call themselves the Neo Judges. But like the Judges, they have also built Gundams. However, technology has advanced in current years. The Gundam pilots battle one another to see who is the greatest Gundam Pilot. These battles are vicious. Some pilots have good intentions, and some have bad. Our story begins.

: It's raining in the city. The sky is dark. Like most cities on Earth, it is grimy and dirty. Kneeling on top of a building is a black mobile suit. Only it's jagged siloette and it's glowing yellow eyes can be seen. Rain pitter patters on the mobile suit. It moves.
--Pilot: The rain. It's almost always raining in this city. That's cuz we ****ed up the atmosphere.
: The cocpit seems alive. It glows with a technical feeling. The pilot is reeching his hands into the control system, which is operated by his suit gloves. The pilot, like his suit, cannot be clearly seen.
--Pilot: Angel, what shall we do today?
: The mobile suit's eyes flash, as a response.
--Pilot: Oh, what do we have here? A suit robbery. We can't have that, now can we?
: The mobile suit stands. It begins to lean forward, at the edge of the building, and it falls off the side. The suit curves upward, and activates a beam saber. The saber ignites in a flash of thermal energy.
--Pilot: This will keep me busy until Chain arrives.
: The black suit dives down, and in a burst of light it slashes a mobile suit in half.
--Pilot: Feel the Devine Force! Buster Slash!
: With that command, the mobile suit slashes it's saber, letting out a wave of energy which slices thru two mobile suits, caucing an explosion.
--Pilot: These are Zeonic mobile suits. I have stopped three. But two more escape.
: The suit turns around. Two mobile suits are escaping.
--Pilot: I shall not let your crimes go unpunished. Focus, for the power is from within! Devine Blast!
: As he is saying this, the mobile suit holds out it's arms, and draws in a large amount of power. Then, it thrusts this power forward, which lets out a huge blast of energy, knocking down the escaping mobile suits.
--Pilot: Justice. It has come. I take my leave.
: The mobile suit uses it's beam saber to slash the ground three times, and then as quickly as it came, it leaps into the air and vanishes. A few minutes later, the mobile police arrive.
--Officer: Looks like he got here before us.
--Other officer: Who?
--Officer: Angel. Look down at the ground.
: Where the black mobile suit slashed the ground is the mark of an A.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
In MA 0100, the technology is much more advanced. The suit controls are superior to the ones used in previous installments. I got the Idea to do this from G-Gundam. G-Gundam compleatly lost any realism that the other series had. This series is more realistic. The suits are more high-tech and therefore can perform the types of moves that they use.

--Radio: Today's weather is light showers, with a few light clouds. The outer-city roads K1-K5 are blocked off due to mudflows.
: Angel sits in his suit, listining to the radio. He can be seen much better now. He's dressed in compleate black, with long white hair. He seems pale. His eyes are an incredibly light blue.
--Angel: Seems like the sun is out for our match, huh Gundam?
: The Gundam flashes it's eyes.
--Angel: It seems so cold. The sun is shinging, yet I can't feel it's warmth. Command...Close hatch.
: The hatch on the suit closes. The lights in the cocpit fade on. The dashboard light up, and the frame rotates into position.
--Angel: Gundam, de-petrify.
: The mobile suit's eyes light up. It's a large, black Gundam. It's wings are made from three pieces. They look like angel wings.
--Angel: Let's go find our opponent.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
: A mobile suit carrier is flying at high speeds over the city. Five mobile jets appear.
--Jet Pilot: You are flying above speed limits in an unregistered veicle. Please land or we will have to use force.
--Carrier pilot: This is my ***. See it? Good. Kiss it. Good.
--Jet pilot: That's it *******.
: The lead mobile jet fires two missiles at the carrier, which explodes in midair.
--Jet Pilot: That takes care of him. Get a salvage team.
: Suddenly, the other Mobile Jets transform into battle mode.
--Jet Pilot: What the hell?
: Out of the blazing, midair remains of the carrier, a mobile suit is pulling itself out.
--Chain: Chain Gundam, let's show them who they're messin with.
: Chain Gundam is a Gundam with a large upper body, and is built with big feet for balance. However, it's arms are the focus of it's body. They are enormous. At the end of each arm is a Kunai(see yugioh card). Chain Gundam is black.
--Jet Pilot: A GUNDAM!
: A Kunai (attatched to a chain) extends. Chain Gundam grabs the chain and begins to swing it around. Then the Gundam lets go of it, launching it at the lead mobile jet. The jet is sliced in half, and explodes.
--Chain: Now I'll finish all ya'll off with my special move.
: Chain Gundam extends both of it's Kunai. Then the whole Gundam begins to spin around, faster and faster, until it almost becomes a blur.
: A burst of energy erupts from the blades of the Kunai. It's slung in the direction of the remaining jets, and it shatters them like glass.
--Chain: Ha! No one's a match for my attacks.
: Meanwhile, someone watches on a hill. Angel Gundam kneels there, hand out. In it's hand is Angel, who has just watched Chain's display of power. The wind blows his hair.
--Angel: Such sensless violence... I shall have no regrets.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
--Chain: Well, it looks like my opponent has come to greet me. Hey! Are you Angel!?
: Angel stands there, as the wind blows thru his hair.
--Chain: **** you too! I guess I'll go first. My name is chain. This is Chain Gundam. You see my first match was agai-
--Angel: (Abruptly)Against Gundam Top. You were the first to beat him. However, he had only fought against 15 other opponents at that time. I know all about you.
: Chain is astonished.
--Chain: Damn! And what about your introduction?
--Angel: I cannot remember anything before this last year. That's my damn introduction. Now are we going to fight now, or will I have to wait. You are 15 min late from when you said you'd show up.
--Chain: You're one hell of an *******. Let's get this show started.
: Angel runs down Angel Gundam's arm and gracefully jumps into his cocpit. The door shuts around him.
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Guest SuperMaxSonic
: Angel Gundam stands.
--Angel: Let us bring him down with honor, my friend.
--Chain: Talking to your mobile suit, heh? Man, you got problems. But the first one is me.
--Angel: Let's do this.
: Chain Gundam lunges for the attack. He slashes his hand at Angel Gundam, which easily dodges the attack.
--Angel: We must first learn his fighting style. Then we break it down.
: Chain Gundam launches the Kunai off of it's left arm at Angel Gundam. Angel Gundam catches the blade with it's hands.
--Angel: That was too simplistic.
: Chain Gundam jerks back on the chain, lifting Angel Gundam off the ground. Angel Gundam lets go of the blade in time to dodge a swing of the right arm's Kunai.
--Angel: He commands the chains with great strength. I have begun to learn his stratagy. I must keep my distance for now.
: Angel Gundam thrusts backwards, and begins to fire it's vulcans at Chain Gundam.
--Chain: Thruster Slash!!!
: Chain Gundam releases it's right Kunai and grabs it in it's hand. Then it swings it upward, which bursts forward at Angel Gundam. The targeted Gundam swings it's sword at the Kunai, managing to stop the attack.
--Angel: Now I see it's weakness.
--Chain: I have no weakness! Watch this! Chain Net!!!
: The two kunais launch at Angel Gundam, but miss him. They begin to swing round and around Angel Gundam, and ensnare him. Angel Gundam drops it's saber sword.
--Chain: Now you'll see the power of my combination attack. First I ensnare you in my chain net, then I let loose a burst of energy I call Chain Energy. There's no escaping!
--Angel: You're wrong. I command my saber sword with great skill.
: The Angel Gundam's hand begins to let off a purple light. The Saber Sword mysteriously lifts from the ground and into the Gundam's hand. He activates the sword, just as the Chain energy is launched at him. The blade hits the attack, and they both cancel each other out. Chain Gundam withdraws it's chains.
--Chain: A move that simple will not work on you. I must unleash my Twin Kunai Attack.
--Angel: [I]This is what I'v been waiting for.[/I]
: Chain Gundam begins to swing it's two Kunais around it's head. They begin to go faster and faster. Suddenly...
--Angel: Feel the devine force! Buster Slash!
: A wave of energy is released from the blade. It strikes forward, and hits...Chain Gundam's foot! The Chain Gundam looses it's footing and falls over.
--Chain: What the hell?
--Angel: In order to use attacks such as those, your Gundam requires a large amount of balance. However, a small change in this balance sends the weight of the entire attack to one place. That is why I performed the attack on your foot. To prevento you from using any of your most powerful techniques. And now I will weaken you down. Focus, for the power comes from within! DEVINE BLAST!!!
: A ray of energy erupts from Angel Gundam, and hits Chain Gundam head on. The Gundam was unable to dodge it.
--Chain: Ahhhh!!!
--Angel: Now I will finish you off with a new move that I wish to test the power of. Final Blow!
: Chain Gundam attempts to stand. However, the Angel Gundam lets loose a huge thrust of it's sword, and slices Chain Gundam's head off.
--Chain: No. I lost...
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