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Writing What happens when a handful of High Schoolers get shoved into the Disney Universe?


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(Minor note: The spacing is supposed to be this way. The paragraphs designate two different scenes of action. I'll answer any questions you may have.)

"Typecasting By Scott"

?Why do you always typecast me, Scott??
?Well, ?cause you?re kind of??
?Don?t say it, Scott.?
?That?s it! BITE!?
?OWWW!!! DRAT!!!?
?Serves you right for making me Ed The Hyena!?
?Why?d you bite me??
?Because that?s what hyenas do: bite and snarl. SNARL!?
?You little bugger.?
?Hey, you?re the one who wrote this story and turned me into Ed The Hyena. So really it?s your fault.?
?Okay, okay?I admit it. I typecast you. But we needed a satirical comic relief.?
?OOH! Satire! Okay, I forgive you, Scott.?
?Alex forgives you. I don?t, Scott.?
?What now, Chris??
?Why am I Baloo??
?You?re jolly and round??
?No. WHACK!?
?OWWW!!! You look good in a loin cloth??
?OWWW!!! You like rubbing against trees??
?Wait, Chris. Allow me.?
?Go right ahead, Matt.?
?Thanks. MEGA WHACK!?
?OWWW!!! Guys, c?mon! I didn?t mean to offend. And Matt, you should be happy that you?re Hades. You?re tall and sarcastic; he?s tall and sarcastic. It?s a perfect fit!?
?You?re right. Thank you. I guess Chris and Alex have a bug up their Asses.?
?HEY! Our mules have nothing wrong with them!?
?Er, guys. Where?d you get those mules??
?We found them.?
?At the mule shop down the street.?
?Mule shop?!?! I didn?t write in any ?mule shop?!?
?No? Then what?s that over there??

?Hey! You there! What are you doing? Why are you selling mules?!??

?Shall we try and stop him??
?Nah. Let him get frustrated.?
?Yeah. It?s funny watching him stutter.?
?Like watching a drunk person trying to speak??


?We really shouldn?t be laughing at him.?
?Matt, we laugh at him all the time anyway.?
?Good point.?
?Alex, Matt, shut up. Look at him go.?

?Hey?you there?will you loo?at me?when?I?m talki??

?Hehe! This is priceless!?
?Hey Chris, do you have your video camera??
?Yeah. It?s in my car?which is?back in Cinnaminson! We?ll have to injure Scott when he?s finished.?
?Is it me, or are those mule-peddlers totally ignoring him??
?Well, we could say it?s just you, but it looks like they?re ignoring him.?


?So, how long until we stop him??
?Let?s let him tire himself out.?

?Drat! Why?don?t you people?look?at me?!? Dagnabbit! That?s it!?

?Did you get through to them, Scott??
?No! That really frosts my pumpkin!?
?Hey, you can?t use that phrase! Mr. Graf coined that in our sophomore year!?
?Oh, shut-up, Matt. I created this story, and I can say whatever I want.?
?Ooh. A bit feisty are we! Well c?mere! I?ll give you a good clock-cleaning!?
?Should we stop them, Chris??
?Nah. Let ?em fight.?
?It?s an interesting match.?
?Yeah. Do we have popcorn??
?Uh?hey Scott, can we get some popcorn??
?Sure. One sec. Time! OOF!!! I said TIME, Matt!?
?I didn?t hear you! Have at thee!?
?Boot to the head.?
?OWH!! Lotta? pain!! Lotta? pain!!?
?Serves you right, Matt. Here?s some popcorn.?
?Is the fight over??
?Oh. Hey, they still haven?t moved.?
?The mule-peddlers.?
?Drat?you know what, I created this story and I?m gonna? start acting as the executive producer.?
?Watch. Hey, mule-peddlers!?
?Guys, what?s Scott doing??
?I don?t know.?
?I know.?
?Then what?s he doing, Alex??
?He?s taking control. Creative control.?
?Just watch. You really have to be a writer to understand.?

?Hey, I?m talking to you guys! And you?re going to listen to me!?
?Yes, may we help you, sir? Would you like to buy an ***??
?No, thank you. I?ve got one already, and three perfectly wise ones back there.?
?Oh, then how can we aid you??
?You can start by selling llamas.?
?I?m sorry, sir, but we only sell Asses. We?d have to change our entire market strategy if we changed. The switch alone would drive us out of business.?
?Changing your product would bankrupt you??
?I don?t know about bankrupt, but we would definitely lose all our money.?
?Don?t worry about losing money. I?ll make sure you keep it.?
?I?m not sure why, sir, but I trust you.?
?You should. I created you.?
?You?re my father??
?If you mean biological father, no. Your mommy was a whore. She really got around.?
?Nothing. But I?m your father in the sense that I birthed you out of my imagination. I nursed you. I nursed all of you.?
?No. Remember, mommy was a whore.?

?What?s he saying, Alex??
?I?m not sure. It looks like he?s winning them over, though.?

?Our mommy was a whore??
?Yep. I called her Chloe. She was French.?
?What?s French??
?It?s a race of people where I come from. They?re dirty whores. All of them.?
?Oh?are all whores bad??
?No, only dirty, French whores.?
?We want to meet these dirty, French whores.?
?I can arrange that. But first you must start selling llamas.?
?I can?t, sir. Our business is *** selling.?
?You can. Watch.?

?Wow! Chris, did you see that?!??
?Scott just snapped his fingers and the mules turned into llamas!?
?I said I saw it, Matt.?
?Well, hello sunshine.?
?Shut-up. I?ll kick your ***, monkey.?
?There aren?t any monkeys around here.?
?Hehe! Chris is getting flustered! Hehe!?
?Scott, could you turn Matt into a monkey, please??
?So I can kick his ***.?
?This is a Rated G universe, Chris. You can?t say ?***.??
?I don?t care. Turn him into a monkey.?
?Fine. Matt, be a monkey!?
?Wha?Eeep!! Screech!!?
?Thank you, Scott.?
?Your welcome?I think.?
?Scott, that?s a typo.?
?It?s not ?your.? It should be ?you?re.? Could you fix it??
?Alex, just be quiet.?
?Dammnit! Chris, could you shut Matt up, please!??
?Sorry. He?s a bit more vocal as a monkey.?
?Well, spank him and tell him to shut up.?
?Heh. Bad monkey! SPANK!?
?Great, here come the South Park imitations.?
?Respect mah authoritah! SPANK!?
?Scott, what?s that noise??
?It?s screeching.?
?No, not that noise. That.?
?It sounds like??
?Yeah. Very odd, indeed.?
?What in the hell?Scott, look over there.?
?Off in the horizon, near that oasis.?
?Okay, what am I looking for??
?There?s something moving in the air??
?What? Shut-up. Matt still isn?t quiet.?
?Holy ****!?
?Alex, you can?t use that language! This story is rated G!?
?What?s that, Scott?!??
?I said, you can?t use that kind of language because this story is rated G.?
?No, not that. Look up. That.?
?Drat. Is that??
?Abu, are you okay?!?
??a flying carpet??
?Hey! Let go of our monkey!?
?C?mon, Abu! Let?s get out of here!?
?Grab the carpet, Chris!?
?There it goes.?
?Thanks, Captain Obvious.?
?Blow it out your ***, Chris.?
?Hey, do you want some of this, punk??
?Anytime, anywhere.?
?Bring it then, monkey!?
?Guys! We need to get Matt back, then you can kill each other.?
?Good. Let?s head that way.?
?Why not this way??
?Because Aladdin flew off that way.?
?Let?s get going??
?Well, let?s go Chris.?
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