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The Apple Core, Yeah


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?The Apple Core?

Is it over, are we done?
Is everything clear?
Is it all right to stop worrying,
Is it all right to have fun?

We stopped some evil,
So I guess we?re safe now, right?

We warred in the land of shadows,
And destroyed evil, yes we did.
Now where do we stop,
Where do we draw the line?

We toppled monstrous giants
And rid their land of fears,
Made the world a safer place to live.
But there?s evil still out there, so our job isn?t done,
So why stop?
After-all, we?ve been doing it for
Some two hundred years.

We?ll stop someday, but when, who knows for sure.

The world?s half dead,
It?s got one foot in the grave
And some people are pushing.
It?s a deep dark hole,
Seems like we could all fall forever.
A big hole in the ground,
Some people are digging, but some want out.

There?s a finger on the button,
A big red circle, covered in skulls.
Dangerous alone, but deadly with pressure.

?Shroom clouds and gas,
Envelop the globe,
Everything?s gone, the way it should be, right?
Nothing?s alive, so no worries.

Craters the size of small countries,
And who dropped the bomb?
Hey, it doesn?t matter,
Cause we?re all long gone.
Maybe Looney Toons were right all along.

But that trouble?s in the future,
Right now we?ve got to live,
With fractured alliance, and conflict and strife.
Good luck to your kids, cause this is their life.

Is this the end,
Will the madness ever cease?
Will the world be at peace?
Only when there are,
Craters the size of small countries,
Nothing but holes in the ground.
A grave for the world,
The apple core, yeah.

Hey, Bugs, you were right.
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Guest dayday
Umm...that was an interesting poem. Not much like anything I've read. I just have one little question: Is that like the world is being destroyed or something? It sure sounds that way. You write some crazy stuff in your poems. I know too, I've read a few.
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Haha. Yeah, definitely Bush Barbs in there. I do not agree that we have the ultimate right to decide which countries are allowed to survive. The way I see it, every country looks out for their own best interests, so that means we're all totally doomed.

And if you want to read a really big Bush Barb, check this out:

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