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Writing Sin


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Here is the first part or the first chapter to my story called "Sin"


Hundreds of years ago, people lived by and respected the bible. Each feared the Seven Deadly Sins, living and abiding by them. But now, now in the year of two-thousand and three, they are ignored and disrespected. People commit these sins every day, without even considering the consequences. That is about to change.

-Chapter 1-

Leo Collins walked down the street of New York City. His brown hair was spiked, his blue eyes scanning the area in front of him. He wore a brown leather jacket with a tight, white shirt under and baggy jeans. On his left index finger was a silver band with a weird red writing on it.

He?d just gotten off of work and was heading home. He worked at the New York Times as one of the top reporters of the city. After a three month long topic, he was glad to get some time off. A week before, he had arrived back in town after staying in Europe for an assignment on how people view New York.

It wasn?t a simple job, or even interesting. But the pay he made on it was more then he made in a year. Today, Herald Griffin, the editor, had given him a week off. Griffin, one of the most bossy and ignorant men in New York, was known never to give days off. But somehow, he had received a week off.

He turned to his street, a damp, gloomy place. It looked as though the worst part of town, yet it was safer the uptown New York. His apartment wasn?t far from the street that led to the one he had just exited, so that if he had ever ran into a gang, they wouldn?t chase him into another gangs territory. Although this wasn?t really a safe alternative, he decided it was good enough.

He turned into his apartment building and unlocked the front door with his key. He put them back in his pocket as he made his way up the stairs. He nodded politely to and elderly woman that lived on his floor, then went to his apartment. The number was 7AB. He put his key in the hole and turned it, opening the door.

Inside, the apartment was lavished with white walls and carpet, a red sofa, a red armchair, and a big screen tv. His kitchen was decorated with a black-and-white style tiled floor, white walls, and black cabinets.

He set his keys on the kitchen table and got a Corona Beer out of the fridge. He went into the living room, took his shirt off revealing his six-pack body, and lied down on the sofa. He put the beer on the glass top table and closed his eyes.

Moving from the shadows, the woman with long, blonde hair and green eyes followed a business man and his wife. The two were lavished in expensive clothes and jewelry, and both snickered when a homeless man begged for loose change. The man kicked the cup out of the poor mans hand and laughed. The woman, hanging on his shoulder, chuckled.

The blonde woman from the shadows yelled out at the two prideful people.

?You are to be punished for your sins!? she yelled, pointing out from under her white cloak.

?Bah! Get out of here and go preach to someone who cares,? snarled the man, moving his hand as if to tell her to shoo. The blonde woman rose her head, her hood falling on her back. She was beautiful, her green eyes eerily green.

?You are being punished,? she said. Suddenly, a green crescent passed through each eye and the prideful man went flying into a metal post. His wife screamed, putting her hand to her mouth and backing away from the woman. Again, two green crescents passed through her eyes and the woman flew through the air and landed in a shopping store window. Each were dead as blood leaked from their heads.

The homeless man looked up at the green eyed woman as she made her way over to him. She bent down and put her hand on his cheek.

?Who?who are you?? he asked, slightly smiling.

?They call me Pride,? she said. Suddenly, she moved her hands and there was a loud crack. She had broken his neck, and he fell over, dead. ?And your suffering is over.?

She turned around, slinging her hair as she went. She entered the alley and then disappeared with a flash.


Chapter 1: To Be Continued
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