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Queen Asuka & Sweetreyes: Fushugi Yugi


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OOC. Please note that this Adventure is for Queen Asuka and Sweetreyes only to participate in... If you really feel you have somethiing to add to this story please PM either me or Queean Asuka.
Thank You and I hope you enjoy reading it!
'Miaka hold up one moment...where do you think you are going without me. I thought we were in this together.'
A young girl drak haired girl keeps walking ignoring the voice.
'No Yui.. I cant I gotta get us outta here. Do you release we've been away fro home for two days now. We gotta find a way out.'
'Well leaving me behind won't help anything...We've gotta stick together.'
Yui, her blond and petite friend had always stuck by Miaka. For about 10 years they've been through it all. Boys, moms, and school. Yui was the brains of the two and she always seemed to make sense of every situation no matter how tough. Miaka on the other hand just went to solve things too aburbtly and at times got them into a few jams, such as this one.
One minute the girls we're sitting in Miaka's room reading an old book they took from the library the next they're in some stragne countryside. Who knows where they were, so they explored and soon were struck by much trouble. Miaka began to replay the last two days. Only a granola bar and a soda to eat and being soaked by a tunderstorm the night before. Luckily the girls met a nice old couple who took them in for a few hours until the strom settled. Now they were going to a nearby village, hoping that someone, anyone could help them.
'Okay Yui, I'll slow down but we must reach the village by nightfall.'
'No problem Miaka, we'll do it together.'

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