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[color=b60039]This is a little story from an RPG that i was in...please tell me what you think! er..it's rather long..I also had to cut some stuff out that was just pointless..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Isilya and Ophelia were on a beach, talking, laughing, joking. They had met around five minutes ago on this very rock that they were sitting on now. Isilya had been crying about her past - how she had lost her brother, sister, and mother...but now, as if by a miracle, her sister had turned up in this very village, Ceobryn, that her sister had resided in after they had been separated.

Isilya was an elf, about 5'7", and even thogh she was around 4889 years old, she only looked around 19. Her new friend, Ophelia, was much younger then she - 528 - and she also looked around the age of 19. Ophelia was also a faerie.

Isilya decided to get some flowers for her new house in an elagant tree. She walked over to a patch of beautiful, pink flowers and picked one particularly large one. It had entricate designs of elvish on the petals and the stem was rather large...quite abnormal for a normal flower. Isilya thought nothing of it and put it in her pocket. She came back with more flowers, but none of them were as large or as detailed as the one she had in her pocket.

They proceeded to Isilya's house and went inside, where there were feathers of different colors all around, there was a big pink couch, a yellow table, and piles and piles of books, all in bookshelves. There were two bedrooms ("Just in case somebody comes over..") and each was a light pale blue, with darker blue carpeting. To their left was an enourmous kitchen, about the size of the rooms, and behind both of the rooms were 2 luxerious restrooms. Ophelia, raised in a castle as a slave, was rather impressed by this.

They then went out into the ocean and started catching fish for their dinner. Isilya was by the ocean, catching fish, when a strange drowsiness crept over her...

She dreamed of flowers. Flowers carrying her up..up, out of the trees, into the ocean. It was a nice, plesant ride. Her hair swept up with the wind behind her. She wondered where she was. She could hear a faint ringing in her head. "Isilya..Isilya.." The winds whispered her name. Isilya looked quizzically around her. Who was calling her? Only in her native land did people call her..she suddenly noticed that the flowers were carrying her down, to the ocean. She began to struggle. She couldn't breathe under water!! She found that she couldn't move. She was paralyzed. She screamed. No sound came out. She panicked. What was going to happen to her??! Suddenly, a horrible monster came out of the sea, bearing it's teeth to Isilya. It opened it's jaws wide and sunk it's teeth into Isilya's arm....she awoke with a start, Ophelia's green eyes staring at her.

They began talking about colors in space, and if you were to fly to the end of the world what you would find there.. she drifted off, thinking of the swirling colors of green and blue and purple and all of the colors that the universe produced, all going into the blackness of nowhere..of space. Could color even be..color in space? What was color when it was not looked upon? Color was produced by the eyes, of course. But what was color when it had no eyes to look at it..was it just..air? Did it require..oxygen? Or was it red amongst the black, or green amongst the black, or yellow amongst the black. She thought of where the colors went when they went into black holes..swirling, swirling, into the deepness of space..into an unknown world in which we will never know..she closed her eyes, and found herself drifting off..she was flying once again on a big, pink flower..soaring through space..colors of blue and red and yellow swirling around her..colors of orange and green and purple encircling her, making her feel held and loved..for the first time..she saw a black hole..it was twisting with the colors..red, orange, green...the magnificance of it made Isilya gape in awe...suddenly the colors called out her name.."Isilya" "Isilya"...she wanted to reply..but she looked away..and the colors were no more..she came back to consiousness and opened her blue eyes wide..she had been lying down

"I wish i had wings..to fly anywhere i wanted..but all I have is stupid..powers..they aren't even powers. I can stun somebody..that's practically it." She smiled sheepishly. They began talking about eternal life, and how it would be sad to see all of your family die and your loved ones die...and you could never join them. They got the fish and began the journey to Isilya's tree.

Isilya was suddenly on the ground, as she had just fainted. Yet, she was having another one of her strange dreams. This time, she was falling. Falling in blackness, not going anywhere, not being able to see anything. Her auburn hair whipped across her face, here and there, getting tangled in the wind..yet there seemed to be no wind. She fell on the big, pink flower, once again. She just sat there, glad that she wasn't falling anymore. But suddenly, the petals of the flower were closing in on her, very slowly, like reverse blooming. When the petals concealed her all around, she suffocated. She let out a scream of peril, then suddenly woke up - The devil pulling her out of this game..Ophelia was standing over her, looking terrified yet Isilya did not know if she was alive and if God was standing before her or not...her eyes focused more and she saw Ophelia standing before her. "Oh...my...god..." she murmered. She tried to sit up, but there was an unbearable force pressing in on her skull. "My head..my head.." Isilya shook her head, trying to get rid of the pressure. "The flower...the dream...help..." and Isilya slipped into unconsiousness.

Ophelia then revived her with a healing potion and Isiyla's eyes flew open, focusing perfectly. "Ophelia! Thank god!" She sat up and, feeling no dizzyness, hugged Ophelia. "I had another dream again. It was with a flower, and it dumped me into a cliff...i was falling for so, so long! This pressure..unbearable pressure was pressing in on my head and i just couldn't hold on any longer! Thank god i have you when i go under these mental attacks! But i don't know whats happening to me!! Do you?"

Trembling, Ophelia shakes her head. "Mental attack?" she asks, her voice filled with tremors. She appeard to be more shaken than Isilya. "Isilya... what's happening to you? Have you always been this way?"

Isilya's eyes now suddenly filled with terror. "No! Not until..not until recently! I don't know whats happening to me! It's scary! Like, i'll be trapped in my own dream hell and nobody will be able to wake me up...these dreams are getting longer and it's taking longer to revive me...what will i do?" They sit in silence for a minute.

"Maybe we should just sleep on it." Isilya suggested, and so they did. Isilya first dreamed of Lytel, her lover, his face swimming in her mind. He placed a kiss on her forehead, his lips warm and tender. Isilya smiled up at Lytel. He was so handsome and kind. Isilya knew that she loved him, dispite what she had told Ophelia earlier. Isilya smiled into her fluffy pillow. But Lytel's face was fading, and a new image was coming to her mind. A pink flower. What is it with these damn flowers?!? Isilya panicks. Usually, when she sees that flower, it means that she's going to go unconscious. Isilya ran. She ran as far away from that flower as she could. But after each step she took, the flower got closer. Closer. Closer. It finally got close enough to touch her. The flower reared, and consumed her. It flew it's petals around her, suffocating her until she didn't know what was going on. The flower flew over a cliff, and dropped her. Isilya screamed. She fell, fell, fell, down, down, down, into the dark abyss. She covered her eyes, screaming bloody murder. It was terrible. The air was so thick that she didn't think there was air. She couldn't breathe it. She finally felt a smack of cold, freezing water hit her head on. She got a tremendous headache. The water consumed her, throwing her this way and that, into a spinning spiral of water and coral. The coral scratched her, making her bleed. Her wrists were covered in scratch marks. They were bleeding freely. Isilya let out another perilous yell, mixed with horror and surprise. This is a dream.....this is a dream.....dear GOD this hurts so bad this can't be a dream!! I'm dying!! Isilya yelled again. Her legs were numb from the scratches of the coral. Her breath was short from the water in her lungs. She didn't know what to do. She could not wake herself up. She thought of her one true love. "LYTEL!!" she screamed in the water. Then everything went black.

Ophelia has been by Isilya's side for the past day and a half. Since Lytel couldn't be found, and Gevauden disappeared somewhere on her way to Isilya's home, Ophelia had come back on her own, only to find that Isilya would still not wake. She hadn't gotten a wink of sleep since she had been back, and every few minutes she would try a different spell that she remembered suddenly on Isilya, in a vain attempt to wake her up. It was useless. She had almost given up hope, and figured Isilya was under a spell that couldn't be broken. She watched as the first rays of golden sunlight streamed into the room from behind the thick pane of glass. Slowly she got up, as to not make her blood rush to her head. She walked sleepily over to the window, and lifted the heavy frame as high as it would go. She was bathed in the cool, damp, fresh air as it washed over her, clearing her head. She suddenly realized how hungry she was. She climbed up onto the sill again, and with one final look at Isilya, she hopped lightly off of it, and floated quickly down to the ground. She wandered aimlessly for about half an hour, munching on flowers and berries here and there, but she finally came upon a mango tree. Snapping off a golden fruit from a lower branch, she bit into it. The juicy goodness burst inside of her mouth, coating her tongue with loveliness. She finished it off right there, and picked another for her journey back. Since she was in a better mood now, she began to hop and skip around, and the trip took a lot less time. She soon came upon the giant tree that held her best friends' home. Anxious to get back, for she had been gone nearly an hour, she raced up to the window she had jumped out of as fast as she could. She was climbing back into the room, scrambling and slipping, and saw Isilya awake.

"I imagine after being in a trance for nearly two days you are pretty hungry. Eat this." She hands the ripe and juicy fruit to Isilya.

"Oh my god, this fruit...this mango...one bite and my stomache is full!" She looks up at Ophelia. She remembers what she said. I imagine after being in a trace for nearly two days...Two days?!? "I was in a trance for two days?" Isilya thinks. She races back up to her bedroom, remembering something that she had forgotten. She rummaged through her bed, finding nothing. She looked under her pillow. There it was. She had put it there before she went to sleep. It was the pink flower. She picked it up, and looked at it intently. She rubbed it's soft petals. Was the flower putting a curse on her? She sniffed it. She fainted.

Ophelia hears a thump from the bedroom. I hope she just tripped on something... she thought, as she hurried to the bedroom. "What's happening?!" she moaned out loud, when she saw Isilya slumped half on the bed and half off. Then she noticed the flower. It was sticking half-way out of Isilya's clamped fist. Ophelia pried it out of her hand, and was immediately overcome with it's beauty. The petals felt soft to the touch, and a heady aroma was coming from it. She saw that Isilya's pillow was overturned, and realized that Isilya must have put the flower there before she had gone to sleep. Ohhh... the breath rattled out of her. She lt the flower drop to the ground. She shook Isilya, trying to make her come to. She does.

"Isil.. Isilya..." Ophelia chokes out. "Look..." She picks the 'flower' up from where she had dropped it. "Isilya.. it's not really a flower.." Lifting up the soft pink petals, she shows Isilya the face like features... there was the two curved slits for they eyes, a small bump for a nose, and the wide opening for the mouth. The stem was a mass of knots twists, but they were shaped as if divided into arms and legs. "It's a flower nymph..." she says, trembling. Isilya looks confused.

"Do you not know what a flower nymph is?" she says, almost in a whisper, staring up at Isilya's suprised expression.

"Uh..no.." Isilya looks confused. "What's so bad about them?"

"Isilya, the only way to come apon a flower nymph is if someone sends for it to be cast upon you. Someone wanted you to get it. But.." Ophelia stops, realizing she isn't answering Isilya's question. "A flower nymph... is a demon. I don't know what it does exactly, but I have heard stories, and they are terrible. Who could have sent..." Ophelia stops abruptly when her mind makes the connection. "Isilya, remember at the ocean... you saw James and he said 'danger'? And I saw John.. he said he was sorry? He was looking at you when he said sorry... and he stared icily at me before he vannished. Maybe.." Ophelia rubbed her thumb between her eyes, trying not to lose her train of thought. "Maybe... maybe John was trying to hurt me, because I told you what he had done. Maybe when he's trying to hurt me... it doesn't work. It backfires, and is aimed at you... But then why..."

Isilya looks at Ophelia puzzledly. "A demon? But what does it do? What are the horrible stories that you've heard?" Isilya pauses. "It can't be all that bad.."

Ophelia meets Isilya's unseeing eyes. "It possesss you. I don't know if the stories are true, because the tellers of the stories are always insane, barely talking at all." She pauses, waiting for Isilya's reaction.

"It..possesses me?" Isilya looks frightened. She stares at the ground. She whispers things to herself, but Ophelia can't understand them. It sound like " Okicandothisit'snotthatscaryi'mnotpossessedit'soki
candothisit'sok.." she takes a deep breath. "I think i'm just going to go into my room for a while, ok?" Isilya doesn't wait for a response; she gets up and leaves. She sits in her room, on her fluffy bed. She slowly looks around the room, her eyelids half-open, almost as if she was sleeping. Her eyelids start to twitch a little, as if she was trying to keep them open, but they kept falling down. She looks around her bedroom again, her eyelids twitching. This continues for some time. Isilya finally gives in to fighting her eyelids twitching, and lays down to sleep. She closes her eyes, yet they begin to twitch. She doesn't realize that this is only the beginning.

Ophelia watches in surprise as Isilya leaves the room. She sits quietly for a moment, trying to comprehend what just happened. What was she saying... if only she would tell me.... She got up quietly and tiptoed down the hallway and peeks in the half-open door of Isilya's rooms. Isilya was already sound asleep. Walking quietly over to her sleeping form as to not wake her up, Ophelia watches her for a moment. Isilya mumbled something in her sleep, much like what she had said under her breath several minutes ago. Ophelia still couldn't fully understand it. As she watched Isilya a little closer, she noticed something strange about her eyes. They were twitching around just slightly. She bent a little closer. She must be having a dream... she thought. But Isilya's eyes began to move in strange ways. Not just her eyelids, but the actual eyes underneath them. They would move back and forth, up and down. Ophelia watched her for some time. Sometimes only one eye would move, or they would both move, at different speeds and in different directions. This is really giving me the chills... she thought to herself, after watching. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She sits down on a large sofa, sinking into the comfortness. She falls asleep, forgetting about everything that has recently happened.

The next morning, Isilya woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Her blue eyes travelled to Ophelia sitting on the chair and she smiled. Hurriedly Ophelia stood up. She followed Isilya, and caught up to her. "Isilya... are you alright?? What happened last night??" she asked, still worried.

Isilya looked pleasantly back at Ophelia. "Oh..i don't know..just tired I guess." She eyes the eggs that she was making. "Do you want some breakfast?" She looks at Ophelia's facial expression. It was scared. "Are you all right? You look frightened."

Ophelia looks at Isilya quizzically. "You don't... well... nevermind then." she stutters, trying to figure Isilya out. "It's alright... I just had a bad dream." she says, but immediately changes he subject. "Yes, I would like some breakfast, and looks hungrily at the prepared eggs. "How did you sleep?" she asked.

"I slept fine!" Isilya sighed exasperately. "Geez.." she muttered. She put the eggs on two plates and handed one to Ophelia. "Dig in!" Isilya sat down to eat.

Ophelia definitely noticed the edge in Isilya's voice. "Um, Isilya," she began, picking up the fork set before her, "Is there something you would like to tell me?" she asked, wincing at her own brashness.

Isilya was just about to put a fork-full of egg in her mouth when Ophelia spoke. She put her fork down. "Something I would like to tell you??" She looked as if the very thought was the most absurd thing in the world, "No!! I don't keep secrets! I'm your friend, Ophelia, aren't I??" She pauses, seeming to calm down. Her eyes seem to change..as if they were different when she was mad. Darker then her normal crystal blue. "But no, I don't have anything to tell you. Maybe i'm..just a bit edgy today." She then silently eats her eggs.

Startled, Ophelia didn't expect the guilt-trip for an answer. She immediatly feels sorry. "Oh, Isilya, you're my best friend in the world.. you're the only thing I have. I'm sorry if I accused you of keeping soemthing from me... I truly am. And," she adds, "There is nothing I haven't told you, or that I wouldn't tell you." she says the last line softly, re-assuring herself. She looks back at Isilya's eyes. She squints a little, because they look like they have shadows cast upon them. Must be the lighting...

Isilya smiles, feeling relieved. "I'm glad," feeling a lot better, she eats her eggs in silence. Her eyes look completely normal now. She hears a faint buzzing. She looks up, quizzically. "Do you hear that?" Ophelia shakes her head. Isilya listens intently. It sounded like...a voice....it was saying something. Isilya listened harder. She could hear a faint grumble, but nothing more. She shoved the thought away, even though the thing kept buzzing. She had a feeling that only she could hear it...

Ophelia is puzzled. She listens a bit harder now, but hears only the sound of her fork tapping the plate very so often. She watches Isilya, so see if she says anything. She doesn't. Then Isilya's gaze did something strange. It looked as though she was looking inward, somehow. Inside of her mind. Ophelia waved her hand in front of Isilya's face, but she began to get worried when Isilya didn't flinch even a little, much less notice. "Isilya, is everything alright?" she asks, a little uneasily.

Isilya listened closely to the voice that was inside her head. Indeed, it was a voice. It was speaking to her. Isilya...Isilya... it was saying. Isilya listened intently. What?? Listen to me... What do you want from me? I mean no harm..i'm here to help you..i'm here to tell you the real truth... What is the real truth? The time is not right..later..later.. Isilya suddenly snapped back into her normal self, looking at a very confused Ophelia. Her head retched back and she grasped the table, hoping not to fall. "Woa.." she muttered.

"Isilya..." Ophelia says, taking Isilya's chin, making her look directly into her eyes, "what's going on?" she asks shakily. "There's something your not telling me and you know it."

Isilya begins to shake. What just happened to me?? It didn't help that Ophelia's slightly scary green eyes were staring into her own, not moving until she responded. "I..I.." she paused. She suddenly felt like she wasn't in her body. She heard herself say, "I'm fine. I just feel..nauseated. I need to go lay down." Isilya felt herself jerk out of Ophelia's grip and walk to her room. She suddenly slammed back into her body, almost falling over. It is time. Go to your room and lay down. Isilya felt like herself again. What is happening to me?? Isilya was very confused. She wanted this to stop, slamming back into her body was very painful, and not having control over what she did was scary. She went into her room and laid down...

Isilya sat down on her bed, and the voice started talking again. Although Isilya didn't realize it, the voice was now coming out of her mouth, not just inside her head. "What is the truth?" "The truth is that Ophelia was never your friend. She really did steal your necklace. She was using you." "That's not true!" "But it is. You know it. You're just denying it." "Well.." "And what about Lytel? He doesn't love you, that's why you haven't heard from him in so long." "No! That's not true either!" "And Lilya..she didn't ever want to help you.." "No!! She wanted to!!" "And Kalie! She went off and found new friends and forgot all about you!" "No!!!" "You should have revenge! You need...to kill them!!" "No! I can't! I have so much to live for! AHHH!!" Isilya suddenly screamed because she was forced out of her body, another out-of-body-experience. Except this time it hurt. Much worse. Much much worse. Isilya was being ripped to shreds, every fiber of her body being torn apart. "AAHHH!!" She kept yelling..yet, nobody could hear her...the mysterious voice was now her..the voice was inside her body..the voice had stolen her sole.

Isilya suddenly felt herself getting up and putting an ironic smile upon her face. On the left wall of her room was a mirror. She looked at herself. She was completely different. Her eyes were red, and she had the most haunting smile on her face. Satisfied, she opened the door and saw Ophelia standing there, looking horrified. Isilya felt herself smile that haunting smile. "Hello, Ophelia." Isilya heard herself say. Isilya then raised up her hand and cried "REDACTIALMA!" and Ophelia fell to the floor, unconsious. Isilya stood over her. This is revenge, Ophelia.. Possessed - Isilya thought. Isilya stepped over Ophelia and walked outside, ready to get revenge on all of the people that did her wrongly. Kalie..Lytel..Lilya...And if Gevauden were to never found Ceobryn, this would have never happened..she just pay as well.. and Isilya ran to Lilya's house.

Isilya then wreaked havoc on Kalie, Lytel, Lilya, and the mayor, Gevauden..

Isilya walks up to the large castle, smiling to herself. This time she would kill. She would kill "Queen" Gevauden. She's not a queen...she's not fit to be a queen!!" Isilya walked up to the castle, her eyes burning red. She blasts down the doors with a wave of her hand and her brilliant spell, and she stuns all of the guards that she comes to. She then comes into Gevauden's room. Aww...she's sleeping..then this won't hurt as much... Isilya gets the dagger that she stole from the palace market and raised it up over her head. She started to walk towards Gevauden, ready to kill. Suddenly, she fell over, screaming bloody hell. She had been forced back into her own body. I'm holding a knife??? In Queen Gevauden's room??? "AAAAHHH!!!" In addition to the white-hot pains searing all over her body, she was now limp, very very weak, because of all the spells her possessed self had been doing. Her eyes were a bright, crystal blue now. Knives were cutting into her skin, and the mark that she had made for Lytel was bleeding more then ever. It was like her senses were deadend when she was possessed. "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME???? I NEED IT TO STOP!! PLEASE!! HELP ME!!" Isilya suddenly is ripped from her body, screaming to nobody. "No, you will die now!!" Her eyes had turned blood red. She suddenly felt herself slamming back into her body. Her eyes turned crystal blue. Knives were cutting into every fiber of her being. "MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE, GOD, MAKE IT STOP!! KILL ME!! JUST KILL ME!! I CAN'T MAKE IT STOP!!!" and then, because of all of the transistions and the spells, Isilya collapses.

Ophelia enters the room, shocked. Still looking at the unconscious Isilya, Ophelia tells Gevauden what's happening. "She has been possessed..." Ophelia says softly, the room silent now, except for everyones heavy breathing. I... I can't take it anymore... I can't watch her in pain any longer... Sighing, she knew how she must end this. Gently, she scoops Isilya into her arms. There was something odd about her... she was strangely light. Ophelia had no trouble carrying her petite frame. With Isilya in her arms, she stands up slowly, and without saying goodbye, turns and leaves, not looking back.

Ophelia walks hurriedly down the palace steps, because there is not too much time before the unconscious, possessed Isilya in her arms comes to. All Ophelia could think about was how much pain her best friend was in. Ophelia shudders when the picture of Isilya writhing and moaning in agonizing pain enters her head. She forces the thought out. Soon this will all be over... Ophelia begins to fly upward, searching for the place where the Maellyra river spills into the ocean. The Cliff. There... She sees it. Flying madly, not thinking, she hurries towards it blindly, tears blurring her vision. She has grown very tired, for the stunning spell she had cast upon Isilya had greatly weakened her. Suddenly, she can feel Isilya struggling in her arms. What... what's going on?! the voice demands angrily, her eyes glowing scarlet. Ophelia didn't respond. She was almost there. She couldn't have said anything if she wanted to, anyways. She was hovering over the cliff now. The waterfall was a little to her left, but straight below her were jagged, sharp rocks. Acting madly, Ophelia releases her grasp on the taken over Isilya. Everything happened as if in slow motion. Right after Ophelia released her, the possessed Isilya was oblivious to the fact that she was falling, falling to her death. Her body was facing upward, blood still trickling off of one arm. She raised her hands over her head in an attempt to stun Ophelia, and make her fall to her death, but she glanced down, and realized what was happening. Looking back up at Ophelia, a smirk crosses her face. Ophelia gasps, for suddenly, a glowing crimson orb emits from Isilya, streaks away from her falling body, and disappears into the side of the cliff. A blood curling scream reaches Ophelia?s ears. To her horror and shock, Isilya is looking back up at her, her hands still raised, this time reaching towards Ophelia, begging to be saved. She was only feet from the rocks that would bring her death upon her. Ophelia notices something that makes her own heart stop. Isilya?s eyes were blue.

**Isilya's point of view** Isilya comes to, in somebody's arms. Ophelia. She was carrying her..somewhere. What... what's going on?!Isilya wanted to know where she was. What was Ophelia going to do with her?? Ophelia suddenly let go of her. She saw Ophelia on top of a cliff..of somesort. The possessed Isilya raise her hand, ready to cry 'Redactialma!' one last time..but Ophelia was... shrinking? Isilya glanced down. She was falling. Dear god i'm going to die..time to leave!! She glanced up at Ophelia and smiled that ironic smile. The possessed spirit of Isilya then ripped itself from the real Isilya and a red puff in the shape of an orb emmited out of Isilya's chest, flying high into the sky..back into it's flower.. This time, it didn't hurt. It was a relief. Isilya felt like herself again. Her eyes were crystal blue. She sighed, content. Until she noticed something...she was moving...Isilya looked around. She was falling. What the.. Isilya looked up at Ophelia, standing at the cliff, tears coming out of her eyes. NO!! I'm okay!! Isilya reached up to Ophelia, motioning for her to save her. Please!! Save me!! I'll die!! I'm okay!! I'm not possessed...Please.. But Ophelia wasn't looking her way. She couldn't see her. Isilya let out a blood curdling scream.."AAAAHHH!!!!" I'm going to die!! No! Don't let me!! Isilya was inches from the rocky bottom. NO!!!! I have so much to live for!!! And then Isilya hit the rocky bottom with a thud. She never yelled again.

THE END....[/color]
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Guest Majin Buu
[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Terpischore [/i]
This is a little story from an RPG that i was in...please tell me what you think! er..it's rather long..I also had to cut some stuff out that was just pointless..

A little RP story...? Whoa man I must need to get out more lol. That was LONG.. For me at least :p
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[color=b60039][QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GreenEyedDragon [/i]
[B]that's quite the morbid story hayley, but in ophelia's point of view she was looking at isilya when falling...right? anyways, was that really posted in Ceobryn, or did you make it all up based on Ceobryn?...good story! [/B][/QUOTE]

Yeah, it was from Ceobryn...I just edited out all of the OOC stuff and then I put them all together and delted the stuff taht was just pointless or that i didn't have room for...also, yes, Ophelia was looking @ Isilya when she dropped her..then it changed POV's...sorry it was so long...

Haha sorry [b]Majin Buu[/b] if it was long, but it was just a little RPG all rolled into one..hehe...at least i got some replies from this thing, finally..i've been waiting forever, it seems...[/color]
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