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Road Kill (a.k.a Joy Ride)


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[size=1] What di you think of this movie if you saw it? I thought it was a thougroughly entertaining Movie.

This guy Lewis Thomas played by Paul Walker (fast and the furious) is on a road trip with his new car to pick up his girfriend venna and on the way he picks up his older brother Fuller. They end up purhcasing a CB radio and playing a practical joke on a Truck driver known only by his CB handle "Rusty Nail"

Unfortunately, Rusty Nail finds no humor in the prank, and sets out on a vendetta, stalking them and chasing them down in his truck.

I thought it was a real good suspense thriller, although it did have some pretty "corny moments" i.e [spoiler] If the truck is that big, why not simply dash around it? it's turning can't be that great.(corn field scene)[/spoiler]

Overall, i'd reccomend it to anyone in for some thrills and a few laughs as well.

And does anybody know why they changed the name from joy Ride? I have been searching for it under it's old title for so long now.[/size]
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