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This is only for me and Lady Katana. Spectaters are welcome, though.

Characters are:

Red (No, not the one you're thinking of)


Male Nidoran





Red smiled as his grandparents arrived. His hair, long and messy, draped almost over his blue eyes. His black shirt, blue baggy pants, and nice boots were the fashion of the times.

Red lived in Newbark Town, a town where the second Pokèmon Master started from. He was ten years old, and was ready to start his journey, yet he didn't have a Pokèmon yet.

His grandmother smiled and commented on how he had grown, and his grandfather saying what a fine boy he was. Red smiled. This was the life. No hassles, no mean bullies. Nothing.

Two hours later, after Red's parents and grandparents had caught up, they called Red in. His grandfather was holding a Pokèball.

"Red, you're ten years old, and you're ready for your Pokèmon journey, right?" his grandfather said.

"Yes, grandpa, I am ready. Have been all my life," replied Red.

"Well, Red, we have a surprise for you." said his grandfather. He threw the Pokèball at Red's feet and a Pokèmon emerged. Wait. Was this a Pokèmon? He had never see this one before.

"What...what is this?" asked Red, backing away from the strange being.

"It's a Meditite, one of the new Pokèmon that was discovered in Hoenn. We caught it in our backyard, and figured we'd let you use it for your starter Pokèmon." said his grandmother.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" said Red, hugging his grandparents, then his parents, and finally his Meditite.

"We've arranged for you to go to Professor Elm's tomorrow and get your Pokèdex and Pokèballs," said his father. Red just sat there, smiling and hugging his new Pokèmon.

"Medi...ditite!" said the Pokèmon.
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