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RPG Gundam RPG (sign up)


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I'm gonna try and make a Gundam RPG, interested? Okay, you can either make up or be one of the pilots, and you can either make up or have one of the gundams. (please note you can be a pilot eg Duo, and still have a made up gundam, or vice versa).
I don't really have an idea for a story so any ideas would be much appreciated!

Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 15
Gundam: DeathScythe
Weapons: Gundam Scythe, Gundam Shield, standard armaments!
Armour: Gundanium Alloy
Ethnic origin: America

So join up guys!
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Great idea sstrunks.
Name: Heero Yuy
Age: 15
Gundam: Zero
Weapons: Twin Buster Rifle, Beam Saber, and Twin Shoulder Valcons
Armor: Gundanium Alloy
Place of Origin: L1 Colony Cluster
Ethnic Origin: Japanese
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Me, pass up a Gundam RPG....HAHAHAHA.

Name: Seifer
Age: 16
Gundam: Denan-Gei
Armaments: Beam Rifle, Two shoulder mounted phalanx's, Beam rifle sniper Grade SE w/ extended barrel and cooling pack. A Doulbe blade beam saber (I.E. + darth mauls light saber).
Origin: Heaven
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