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Alright, listen up. I've been working on my new site, elementOne for the whole summer. The design is done. It will be released at the same time as Shinji's site(Which I help out at) Future City Anime.

Alright, about elementOne. It's an online magazine targeted at teenagers like you and I. So far, I have only one staff member, which is me. I'm looking for some people to write some articles. One article a month, that's all I ask. These are the categories:

-Graphics Design Community (I doubt any of you are involved in this...it's probably only me.)
-Anime. And I mean real anime, not the shitload of junk you see on Cartoon Network.
-Music/Movie Reviewer- Self-explanitory.

Alright, now if you're interested, give me an e-mail at [email]kottonknot@hotmail.com[/email] with a sample article, about anything you wish. Make it at least a paragraph or two. You guys gotta know a little html, like bold, italics, the simple ****, because you'll need it.

I'm not saying "Go to my site" or anything, I'm just looking for some help. It wont be up until at least the winter. I'm not opening the site with nothing on it, because all that does is make users never come back.

Thank you.
email: [email]kottonknot@hotmail.com[/email]
aim: kottonknot
msn: see email.
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