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Digital Art Contest.


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Alright, I wanna see how many of you can actually use Photoshop, and if I'm the only one.

-Make an image, 800x600, of anything.
-You MUST START FROM SCRATCH. No photo-manipulation, no anime images, only text. The rest you will do with filters, layer effects, etc.
-Your entry will be ignored if it is not 100% Photoshop. This means you cannot use an anime image you found on the net, and you cannot colour a piece of fanart you or anyone else drew.

That's about it. [url]http://kottonknot.deviantart.com[/url] There's my expectations. Everything on there is made by me. If you want to win, you probably will have to better than what I can do. So, start. Post you're entries here.

I am the only judge, so don't ask to be one. Please follow the rules. If you don't have an entry, then don't post in this topic...only entries here. You can add your own message and stuff, but make sure you attach an image.
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