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Gundam RPG play!


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War has erupted on earth, general Crix Madine and his army of Mobile Suits has terrorised the colonies of the Earth! However, deep underground several gundam's been made which have the power to stop the armies of Mobile Suits!

Craig: Wow, it's so cool!!

Dr H: Yes, and now you have completed your training you can finaly pilot it! So what will you call it?

Craig: Well, being as it's main weapon is a Scyth, and Death is well known for having a Scyth, I shall call it DeathScythe!

Dr H: Good Name, but remember that he also has that shield on his arm, a laser cannon on each arm, and a gatling gun on his right arm, because the Scyth is mainly held in the left arm! As a new modification and a little present, I've modifird him so he can now fly!!!

Craig: Wow, thanks alot Dr H!

Dr H: Now go boy, the world is depending on you! You must meet Heero at these co-ordinates!

Craig: Great, I get to see Heero again!!!

Craig gets into DeathScythe, fires him up, and launches into the sky (straight through the roof).

btw, I am not Duo anymore, I'm now Craig, but I still wanted DeathScythe (my deathscythe as in weapons, but Duo's as in looks)
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*as Heero take off in the Zero all he can think about is how to stop Crix*
BTW, I am Heero but the Zero has been modified a little make it fast but not so fast. It look like the custom.
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Craig: Wow, it handles so smoothly, it's great, hmm, according to these co-ordinates I should land about here!

Craig lowers DeathScythe to the ground, he lands with a thud!

Craig: Heero sholdn't be to long, I hope! Ah, here he is on my radar now! .............. What the, I see another Gundam on my radar, coming up behind me!

DeathScythe turns on his double- sided Gundam Scythe, and turns on his scope for one of his buster cannons, he prepares to fire at it when he see's that it's another Gundam, not a mobile suit!

The New Craft lands infront of DeathScythe, he puts his scope away and lowers his buster cannon, then turns off his Double Scythe! He gets out, and walks over to the other Gundam, the pilot of theother Gundam also gets out!

Craig: Who are you?

Pilot: My name is Himura, and this is my Gundam Serpent, Dr N built my Gundam and sent me here to help you!

Craig: Dr N eh, O.K you clear, I'm Craig, and this is my Gundam DeathScythe, we're waiting for my friend Heero and his Gundam Zero!

Just then Zero flies over and lands next to DeathScythe, Heero emerges from the cockpit!
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Craig: Hey Heero, this is

Himura: I'm Himura, and this is my Gundam Serpent

Craig: I liken the new look on Zero, it looks even cooler than before!

Heero: Yours looks wicked to man, like the new Double Scyth!

Craig: The Serpent looks pretty cool to, Dr N really did a good job on him!

Himura: Thanks!

Heero: So are we ready to go?

Craig: Yep!

Himura: Sure, lets go! Umm.......... where to?

Craig: We have to attack an underwater base, out in the Pacific ocean, it has some blue prints to the old Zero which we need to destroy, as the new one is still mainly based on that design!

The three pilots get into their Gundam's! DeathScythe, Zero, and Serpent all fire up and launch into the sky!
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*as the three pilots fly off in silent but the silent was broken by shots from the ground*
Criag: Who in the world is shooting at us?
Himura: We better get back on the ground or we will be shot down.
Zero: It's can only be the enemy.
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Serpent landed safely, followed by Zero and Deathscythe.

Himura: I'll handle these. You two go on ahead.

Heero and Craig: Roger that!

They left, leaving Serpent alone to combat the unknown. Over the horizon came out 5 mobile suits, Space Tauros design.

Himura: This will be though.

Himura controls Serpent to fire its Double Gatling Gun. Rounds by rounds being fired, every bullet directly hitting each of the Space Tauros and quickly destroying them.

Himura: That was easy....

Suddenly came a Tallgeese.

Himura: No! It can't be, Treize? It must be Zachs....

Tallgeese: Surrender now or you'll be destroyed!

Himura stayed in the cockpit, hands on the controls, ready to strike the mobile suit with persicion and swiftly.....
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"Yeah, Heero, lets go back", said Craig

"Gotcha" said Heero

They fly over to where Serpent was, he is still there, but a new ship is attacking him!

"$hit, it's the talgeese", said Craig, tuurning on his Double Scyth

Craig turns on his scope and fire's his shield at Talgeese as he charges at him! Talgeese turns, and fires his buster cannons at what he thinks is Serpent! Then, noticing the two new Gundam's, retriets back!

"You were lucky then Himura" said Heero

"Yeah, thanks guys" said Himura

The three gundams take off again, then split up as they prepare to attack the base!
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Craid turns on his scope and his twin buster cannons, as he waits for the base to come into range!

"Gotcha, say bye-bye"said Craig

As he flies towards the base, firing his buster cannon, he aims his shield at one of the patrolling space tauros! He fires, explodind the tauros!

"Guys, these must be where the Space Tauros came from, which probably means that Talgeese is around! Keep your eyes open" said Craig
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As soon as Craig finish saying that. The Zero was attack by the Talgeese.
Zero: Guys go on ahead. I'll hold him here.
Both the Zero and Talgeese pull out there beam sabers.
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Siefer: We meet again, Zero. This time I wont let you get away.

Zero: Yeah, right. (Dashes towards talgeese with his beam saber.)

(Tallgeese Blast upwards with all booster while launching several rounds from his cannon that slightly miss zero as its spiraling upwards toward him.)

(Tallgeese throws out his cannon, and draws his beam saber just as Zero arrives in point black range, there sabers meet)
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Heero: You are the one that's going to lose.
Siefer: Let just see.
*The duel only last a few minute but it seem like hours as the two mobile suits fought on*
*As the base when up in flame Heero can hear Craig say that it's time to go*
Heero: We have to finish this another time Seifer.
*Heero raise his buster rifle with a blast Craig, Himura, and Heero left*
Heero: Craig I really don't like to run from a fight you know.
Craig: You can finish it another time.
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*suddenly a batle erupts below!*
Zero: DAMMIT!!! NOT AGAGIN! THIS CA--What is that?!
*down on the battlefield, something moves about the Taurases. It is nothing but a fluxualtion, but it moved with grace and speed*
Zero: Ah, I know what that is...
*suddenly the rest of the Taurses explode*
*up flies the Blackwing Gundam*
Neil:...........it's about time you people showed up...but i like the modiflcations to your Gundams...Now lets go.
*The Blackwing flyes off*
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Himura: Let's just go to Lassen. It's a town north of here. It has a refueling facility. We can chose to destroy The Black Dream Tower or not. It's rumoured to contain an ancient mobile suit.

Zero: More destruction!

Craig: It's near Howard. I guess we can rest there....

Zero and Himura leaves Craig and sped towards Lassen.

Craig: Hmmmm, typical....
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Neil: Huh? Oh, nothing...just...
Heero: Just, [I]what[/I]?!
Neil: Ya see, the Blackwing system is interactive,it's completely AI.
And for some reason, Blackwing is...this is a bit embarassing...afraid...
Heero: Afraid?! A complete AI system is [I]afraid[/I]?!
Neil: Well, afraid is a basic way of putting it; it's more like worried...but I see no reason why...
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