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RPG: Breath of Fire(sign up)


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alright this is my first RPG and for those who have played this game they know what it is anyway here goes
Years after the war between the Light Dragons and the Dark Dragons the world is at peace until one day a Decendent of the Dark Dragons and leader of the Dark Dragons Karn begins a war against the Light Dragons in hopes of destroying them now its up to you to either make or break history.

how you sign up you can either be a Light Dragon or Dark Dragon
you decide just make up a Char like mine

Name: Sage
Age: 17
Dragon: Light
Dragon Form: Kaiser (make up your own if you havent played any of these games)
Weapon: Dragon Slayer
Magic: Fire
Bio: Sage is a young and powerful Light Dragon he is a decendent of Ryu but does not know of his Dragon powers yet or much of his past

[IMG]http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/DMATjoly/wchron2.jpg[/IMG] baiscally what my char looks like but taller

So Sign Up if Intrested
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[B]alright i figuered as much but anyway if hmm lets say we have 8 people in here 4 dark 4 light ok so we have 2 so far 1 light 1 dark if enough join you guys can either start this RPG or wait for me to come back witch prolly wont be soon anyway See ya lata[/B]
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