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Robobo (RPG)


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No its not a type-o:rolleyes:. Robobos are robot pets much like Medabots or Robopon (if you know about those:D). You will create a personality for your Robobo with the form below, and please put your bio in your signature. This is much like my other RPG Hero's Quest. I will post shops that have items armor or weapons for your Robobo (RBB for short:)). I will sometimes have mercenary RBBs appear that are hoping to battle someone. If you win they will be in your party. I'll post a fusion chamber sometimes in which you can transfer all the stuff from your mercenary RBB to you personal one. I will post tournaments and training halls to make your RBB stronger and confident. If you know how the battle system works from Hero's Quest don't look at this next post but if you don't know then fell free to look;). Oh, and your Robobo can look like anything, example: Animals, dinosaurs, objects, etc. But they have to look "cute" Japanese-style:laugh:.

Your Name:
Robobo's Name:
Your history:
Robobo's history:
What you look like(detailed):
What your Robobo looks like(detailed):
Your personality:
Robobo's Personality:

P.S. I'm hoping this will be more of a success than Hero's Quest. I'm hoping a LOT of people will join.
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First of all I forgot to say you start out with $100, and 20 HP.
Second, this is how a battle works, you challenge someone and then put the five moves you want to use (partner RBB's moves don't count, and neither do items). Here's an example:

My moves:
Plasma cannon (1 shot)
Double kick
Metal Punch
Beam sword stab

opponents moves:
Double kick
Gun shot (5 shots)
Eye beam
Butt stomp:laugh:

Then I decide who won by looking at appearance, weapons, and the order of your attacks. I write what happened after the two challengers write their moves. Like this:

Psycho used plasma cannon, Ace hit-10dmg(damage). Ace used Double kick, one made contact-2dmg.Psycho used Double Kick, Ace dodged both. Ace fired 5 shots, 4 made contact-8dmg. Psycho used metal punch, ace hit-10dmg. Ace was destroyed!!!
Winner: Psycho!!!
Prize: 10 additional HP!!!
Like that, but note that those were the names of Robobos NOT the owners. Oh, and put how much HP you got every time you won some in your signature.
Also these are the basic physical moves for all RBBs.
Lower Kick
High Punch

That's all folks!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
I'll post a shop once 2 people join.
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