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Writing An Angel's Fate: The Destiny of Light and Hope

Guest Knuckles

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Guest Knuckles
?An Angel?s Fate: The Destiny of Light and Hope.?

[b][i]Chapter One: ?Whispered Dreams.?[/i][/b]

[i]A thick blanket of darkness surrounded him, engulfing TK?s body in a void of utter nothingness, filled with the swirling emotions of hate, anger, and of pure evil. The darkness seemed to crush down on him from all sides, rendering all motion useless, as he tried to shout out, force to helplessly watch as Kari?s form was ripped from his sight.

Tightening his grip around the base of the digivice, TK attempted to call out once more, but found that all his words were absorbed by the darkness. The sudden deafening scream caused his vision to suddenly turn, his eyes widening in intense fright, as a stream of dark energy hurtled through the midnight air, connecting hard into MagnaAngemon?s weakened form.

?M-MagnaAngemon?!? Nothing. No words, no sound. Nothing but a deep echoing cry of pain, ending in a dazzling explosion of data, as his body was reduced to nothingness. ?No!??[/i]

TK awoke with a fright, his heart pounding hard within the confines of his chest, as his lungs wheezed, gasping for what air they could. All sense of panic and fear took an eternity to subside, as his gaze finally landed on Patamon who rested peacefully on the edge of the bed. Fighting back the tears that threatened to fall, TK finally managed to move, and placed a gentle hand on his companion and dear friend.

Slowly opening his eyes from the warm touch of the hand that pressed lightly against his skin, Patamon yawned deeply for a moment. ?TK?? There was something in his eyes that told him something was not quite right. ?Are you ok??

?? It?s nothing.? He answered, forcing a bright smile. ?Just a bad dream is all.?

Patamon simply nodded his head, closing his eyes as he cuddled up closer. ?Don?t worry TK, dreams can?t hurt you.?

?I know, Patamon.? He sighed. ?I know??

Daybreak. The first rays of morning light streamed in through the open window, bringing with it a warm summer sun, and a sky of deep blue. Patamon was the first to wake, flapping his ears in order to fly over to the nearby desk, and look out into the busy city streets down below. He silently stood still, letting the pleasant sensation of warm sunlight wash over his skin, before finally turning to fly back over to TK, bouncing on his stomach to try and wake him up.

?TK! Come on, wake up or you?re going to be late for school!?

?Uh, Patamon!? Came the groaned reply. ?Just give me a few more minutes.?

Patamon smiled, jumping on top of him harder. ?Nope. Time?s up!?

Reluctantly, TK pulled himself out of bed, forcing himself down the corridor towards the bathroom, and started getting himself ready for the long day ahead.

Maybe it was because of the sleep inducing sun, or maybe it was because his mind was still preoccupied, but whatever the reason, the day seemed to fly right by, so fast, that the bell to recess surprised him.

Not feeling hungry, TK silently made his way towards his usual spot beside the old oak tree, and rested down on the thin blades of grass. His gaze wondered around the length of the large playground, the thoughts coursing through his mind, so that he didn?t notice Kari waving happily as she walked towards him.

?Hey, TK.?

?Huh?? He suddenly lifted up his gaze, having finally heard his name being called from someone close by, noticing the close friend who approached. ?Kari.?

Kari smiled warmly, a friendly smile that she also used when laughing, the one where she closed her eyes for a single brief moment, and faint small creases appeared around the edges of her eyes. It was a smile that was immediately recognisable, and undoubtedly infectious, until he couldn?t help but smile also.

?Where have you been?? She asked, still smiling. ?The others and I haven?t seen you all day??

?I?ve just been a little preoccupied.? He replied.

?Oh? What with?? She took her hand off the single strap to her backpack, and took a seat beside him.

TK slowly shook his head. ?? Nothing important?? The smile slowly returned to his features as he remembered something. ?So, how did the date with Davis go last night??

He grinned, knowing her far too well, anticipating the usual ?Hhm? reply, followed by her gaze that shifted away, or the hands that would move to her hips had she been standing. ?It was not a date. Davis was just struggling with his homework, so I went over to help him out.?

?That?s not what I heard.? He continued to tease her.

?That?s not funny, TK. You know I don?t feel that way about Davis, I only feel that way about y?? Kari suddenly fell silent, embarrassment rising, as she quickly turned away, changing the subject. ?Anyway, the others and I are meeting together after school for a milkshake, are you coming??

?? Sure.? He said finally, slowly recovering from what she almost said. ?I?ll be there.?

Kari stood back up onto her feet. ?Great. See you then.? She paused. ?Are you sure nothing is bothering you??

?I?ll be fine.?

Feeling unsatisfied by the answer, Kari decided to press him on the issue later, making her way towards a group of friends who were waiting for her. In silence he watched her leave, trying to think back to what had almost happened, but finding it near impossible, as all he could think about was last night?s dream?

He sighed deeply, yet yawning softly, inserting a single key into the lock of the front door, and stepping forward into his home. Patamon slowly peeked out from out of the top of TK?s backpack, flying out into the open, for a chance to finally stretch his small limbs. TK's spirits had been raised, from spending time with his friends, but even they could not help shake the continuing feeling of dread, and the growing feeling of darkness.

Walking into the kitchen, he suddenly noticed the note from his mum, a brief message saying that she was out shopping, and food had been left in the oven. Still not feeling hungry, he silently made his way back into the living room, finding Patamon flicking through the channels on TV. With nothing to do but listen to his thoughts, he decided to try and get some rest.

[i]Knock, knock, knock.[/i]

Just as he was about to close his eyes, he pushed himself back up onto his feet, and made his way towards the front door. TK was a little surprised by the person at the door. ?? K-Kari??

?Ok, that?s it. What?s going on??

?W-What do you mean??

?You hardly said a word before, and the others are getting worried." She stepped forward into the room, before turning back to face him. ?Whatever it is TK, you know that you can trust me.?

?And me.? Came Gatamon?s voice, somersaulting out from Kari?s backpack.

?Me three.? Echoed Patamon.

He sighed once more, but couldn't help but resign to the will of his friends. He waited until they had all sat down onto the couch, before trying to explain. ?Ok. For the past few days I have been having these disturbing dreams ? no, not dreams, nightmares.? He saw the look that came across Kari?s features. ?It?s the same thing over and over, a dark shadow of pure evil that the four of us battle against??

?Battle?? Gatamon pricked up her ears at the word. ?You mean back in the digital world??

TK nodded. ?I ? I can?t explain it. It just, just feels so real, so real?? The images of their bodies slipped back into his mind. ?It?s like I?m being drawn to it, being called to find out and stop whatever this thing is.? He shook his head once more, seeing their expressions. ?Or maybe I?m just going insane.?

He slowly lifted up his gaze, feeling the soft gentle hands that were placed over his. ?I believe you TK.? Kari whispered without faltering. ?And whatever this is, we will fight it ? together.? Her eyes locked gaze with his. ?Right guys??

?Right!? Patamon and Gatamon said in unison.

?? No.? The sudden tone in his voice shocked Kari a little. ?Y-you can?t.? He slowly moved away. ?If you do then, then??

Every time he closed his eyes he could see it all again, the battle in pure darkness, their struggling to fight it, before they all failed, and Kari... TK opened his eyes wide in shock, suddenly remembering a forgotten fragment of the nightmate:

[i]?There is nothing that can stop me?? The voice rang deep, full of foreboding and utter malice, sending an ice cold shiver down the base of TK?s spine. ?Nothing and no-one. One by one you will fall before me, until there is nothing and no-one left standing in my way. And the digital world will finally be destroyed!?[/i]

?I ? I have to go.? He said finally. ?I have to go to the digital world, alone.?

?But TK?? Pleaded Kari.

?No buts.? He said firmly. ?You can?t come with me. I have to go alone, just me and Patamon. It?s the only way.?

Before she could say another word, he walked silently into his room, emptying his backpack, and restocking it with supplies. The final object that he touched, he placed into his pocket, the familiar shape and form of his digivice.

?You can be really stubborn, you know that?? TK turned his head, seeing an angry Kari staring at him with her hands on her hips.


?Here TK.? Came the answer, as he flew across the room.

Outstretching his arm, TK positioned his digivice towards the screen of his computer, before stopping for a moment. ?T-Tell my mom ? tell her I love her.? He said quietly. Without looking back, a burst of bright light suddenly erupted, covering the forms of TK and Patamon, as the digi-port led them back into the digital world.

The two stood in silence for a long while, not moving for some time. "You can tell her yourself." Said Kari, turning to Gatamon. "Come on Gatamon, we?ve got to get ourselves ready. There's just no way that we?re going to let them go through this alone..."
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