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Anime A little newtype discussion


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This is a little discussion that i have had going on a few other sites so i thought i would bring it here. My friends and i have developed a theory on NewTypes (although i am sure i am not the first to think of it, just no one else has ever bothered to talk about it). To make a long story short the theory says that a person does not have to be born a newtype to be one. Though while the ones that are born newtypes tend to make stronger ones (i.e. Amuro, Kamille, Lalah) certain people can often times experince an event that triggers the NewType Potential carried in all people. Thus the name of the theory: The Theory of NewType Potential. To make it a little easier to understand i will use some examples. Char for one. At the begining of the first series he exhibits very very little (if any at all) NewType skills as compared to that of Amuro. However after Lalah dies in the fight with Amuro, Char begins showing incredible NewType abilities in the Zeong and in later series (Z, Char's Counterattack). Yet another example would be that of Kai, though no one ever says that Kai is a NewType (and if he is, he is a very weak one) he begins showing some NewType skills after Miyaru(sp) dies when he is piloting the Gunperry over the ocean and on throughout the series. So what do you think of this, does the theory make sense, does it have a flaw that you can point out or do you just feel like arguing about something? Well, this is the place to do it.
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