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Writing Jordan's Story (U.C. Gundam Fanfic


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Well this is a series of Fanfictions i made at the start of my writing career. In my opinon they are absoultly terrible and the reason i no longer write fan fics, but stick to plays, screen plays, and satirical books. However, i have often been told they are good so i thought i would try them out on you guys too. post any and all comments you want (if they are good i will be surprised).

the first fic takes place in the one year war (ie the first gundam series) The second one during Z gundam and the third during Char's Coutnerattack. If you have any question feel free to ask. The series also explore a little bit of my Theory of NewType Potential. here you go.

Jordan?s Story: Part I

We, the NewTypes

The yells of ?Hail Zeon? echo thru the bar, from the T.V. screen. I?m looking around to see if anyone else is cheering besides Gihren and his followers. Very few people are in the bar and only two in uniform, me and one other guy. He looks so familiar; I know I have seen somewhere. Then he moves and reveals a helmet next to him.

?Capt. Char Azanable,? I say.
?Hmm?? is the only response I get.
?I thought you were in space, sir.?
?Things change,? he says. ?Are you watching this??
?In a way,? I reply. ?I never knew Garma, Capt. and I find it hard to sympathize.?
?I sense something in you, but I don?t know what. Something tells me we are alike in a lot of ways. What is your name soldier??
?Jordan, sir. Just Jordan?
?Senior Class Pilot, sir?
?Keep up the good work Jordan, and from now on?call me Char,? and with that he got up and left.

I only stood there watching him go. I couldn?t stop thinking about what he said. He had said he sensed something in me and that we were a lot alike. I looked down at the note in my hand. Addressed to: Robert Jordan. From: The Flanagan Institute. It says I am able to take a week?s leave on Earth, and then report to the Institute with my wingman Hazel. But here is the one line that got me, ?Reports suggest you are both NewTypes.?

Word around Zeon was that Char was a NewType. Is that what he was referring to? And my wingman, Hazel, (or should I say wingwoman) is she a NewType to? All these questions are filling my head as I stare at this letter. My week?s leave is almost up, better get the shuttle.


?The Flanagan Institute: NewType Research Labs? read the plaque on the wall. It was a little hard to believe I was here, but Hazel had no doubt in her mind she was a NewType.

?Finally my day has come,? she said. ?I?ll get a better MS, and maybe my own crew! And you know what that means?I don?t have to be your wingman anymore.?
We both laugh.
?But that?s only if you are a NewType.? I say.
?Did you ever have a doubt in your mind??
More laughter.

When Hazel and I are around each other?we feel complete. She is so much more than a wingman to me. It?s funny; when war starts you see nothing but enemies. But by the time it is over people see each other and that is all. Hazel and I share something more than the same squadron, or battle ship.

The conversation suddenly turns very serious.
?Jordan, if they figure out that I?m a NewType and assign me to a new unit, will you come with me.?
?I?ll try, but if I?m not one myself?I doubt they will let me.?
?I heard about the Feddies? NewType Unit, The Trojan Horse. You think that our side is trying to make one of those??
?I don?t know,? I reply

The thought had never really occurred to me. And if they were, why would they put Char back on Earth? When I got to the Zeon shuttle for the Institute I made sure to see where Char was now stationed. He had been assigned to an aquatic unit that saw very little combat action. It got me thinking, why would they put such a great pilot there, especially if he was a NewType?

The door opens ?Miss Hazel and Mr. Jordan? Um?pleased to see you. But you?re early.?
?Yeah, we just couldn?t wait.? says Hazel.
?Well, then please come in. We can get an early start on our tests.?


?Well here we are again,? says Hazel.

They have been testing us for months now. We only stayed at the Institute for two weeks, and then they said that they would be releasing us to our unit. We were to report in every other week till further notice.

?Think they?re ready to tell us this time??
?Maybe,? I say, ?But nothing?s for sure.?

Every time I got to the Institute I looked through their records to see what Char was up to. For a while had been doing nothing, but just recently he had tagged up with the Trojan Horse again. He followed them all the way to Jaburo. Now that was something to be impressed about. I wish I could have been in that battle. ?Maybe then we would have won,? is what Hazel would always say. Since then he was assigned back to space.

I also started keeping tags on the Trojan Horse and their battle record. Our forces had determined what that white mobile suit was called: The Gundam. That was a fitting name I thought, since ?Damn? was normally one of the last words heard from the pilots it shot down. By now that MS had even taken out the Big Zam at Solomon. I got to fight at Solomon, but arrived late thanks to stationed at the Institute. For some reason both Char and the pilot of the Gundam interested me.

?I think this is the moment you have been waiting for. You both might want to sit down.? Says the doctor.
We do.
?Mr. Jordan?You are definitely a NewType, not the strongest one in our forces but one none the less.?

I just shake my head yes. I think I understand why I had such an interest in Char and that other pilot. At the Institute we had learned a lot about NewTypes, like their ability to sense each other. Only one thing troubled me: If I could sense Char and the Gundam pilot, why not Hazel.

Hazel gets a lot more excited about the news than me. She gives me a hug and a few cheers. But her turn is still yet to come.

?Now as for you Miss Hazel,?

Suspense fills the room, even though it is just the three of us there. Hazel has the biggest smile on her face, but I can do nothing but stare at her.

?You?are not a NewType, only an extremely good pilot.?

Hazel face suddenly changed to having a deep hurt on it. And that?s when I felt it. The same feeling I had around Char but chose to ignore. Something clicked inside Hazel at that moment.

?Mr. Jordan, you will need to stay here for a few weeks and pick and customize your new mobile suit. Then we will assign you to a new unit.?

?Under one condition,? I say, ?Hazel comes with me.?


I had to stay at Flanagan for a little longer than expected. I guess I wanted a little too much on my mobile suit. They had finished the upgrades on my Gelgoog but not the paint job. The main thing I wanted on it was there to be two halberds that separated into two different parts. I was pretty notorious for losing close range equipment.

For days now everyone had been screaming about the Feddies invading A Baoa Qu. Gihren had just finished completion on the new solar ray. It was suppose to take out most, if not all, the Feddy Fleet. Another thing I saw was that Char had been sent the 80% complete Zeong. I got pretty excited about this especially since I heard about what happened to his accomplice. Lala was the name. I had never met her, only heard of her from people at the Institute.

Hazel was overjoyed I was taking her with me to my new unit. But she was a little angry she wouldn?t be getting a new MS, but she got over it. She and I were running some tests on my new machine, when the alarm sounded and Gihren came on the screen.

?So they have invaded have they,? I said, ?Get my Gelgoog ready for launch. I?m leaving immediately,? It amazed me how much authority I was given just because I was a NewType.
?Yes sir,? shouts the engineering officer, ?I will also attach the new boost ball. It will get you there twice as fast.?
?Sorry Hazel,? I say, ?Looks like your sitting this one out.?

?Almost at destination sir.?
?Thanks Hazel,? I had assigned her as my navigator, ?inform our old unit that I will rendezvous with them and??
?Can?t do that Jordan,? There was a sad tone in her voice.
?What?!? Why not??
?They?re gone. They were the first ones to run into the Trojan Horse. They got a few shuttles and mobile suits off, but that is it.?
?No, darn it! I was too late!?
?But here is your chance for some revenge. The area you are about to enter into is where the Gundam was last seen.?
?Right then, well I?m here.?


?No! Stop it!?, ?Oh noooooo?, and ?You white monster!? are all the words I can here on my radio. Then I see it: The Gundam. He is picking off suits left and right. I finally make it around in front of him. I feel such a strong presence, more than the one I felt in Hazel and Char combined!

I dash in front of a young pilot just before a shot hits him. I spin the halberd and block the shot. Just then I read that he has locked on to me. ?So it?s time is it? Well then come on!!? I scream. We stand back and forth dashing and firing shot after shot, neither one of us making a hit. I take the initiative and move for close range but just as I am about to strike, the Gundam dodges it and flies off. I thought I must of scared him away, but then?I feel it too. Char was near by. It appears he has a score to settle with the Gundam.

?He should be able to take care of him,? I say. I turn the Gelgoog around and notice that the pilot I saved is still standing there. He must have watched the whole fight.
?Why don?t you go find your battle ship son and change your shorts??
They only reply I get is a small, ?Okay??

?This battle field is crazy,? I mutter to myself. I have already run into three GM units and taken them out with ease by myself. Besides one GM nicking me in the shoulder I have sustained no damage and made it to the front lines just outside A Baoa Qu. I have been exploring the surface taking out a few random mobile suits. Then I sense it. I know it is the Trojan Horse. I fly as fast as the Gelgoog will go and then I see it. Wounded and ready for the taking, my vengeance has come.

Then I sense another presence; it is not as strong as the Gundam, but still a worthy opponent. I look over to see one of the cannon type suits taking out a lot of our forces. I rush over to provide assistance. Whoever this pilot is, he?s good. He immediately spots me and takes fire. I dodge his shots, but I get a good shot in and wound his leg. While he is busy recovering, I take out a few GMs. Then I get in range for a shot at the Trojan Horse. I take aim and then?

?No!!? I shout. The cannon MS caught me at a weak moment and blew my blasted arm off!! ?I should have finished you off when I had the chance! You?ll pay for this!!? With my one good arm I pull out my halberd and dash in. He misses every shot he fires, and I move in and take out both legs with one slash.

?That will teach you. Now for the Trojan Horse.? I throw the halberd into some GMs and pull out my rifle and shoot a hole right through the bridge of the ship.


I survived the rest of the battle, my kill count by the end, excluding the cannon MS I wounded, was 23 MS. That was more than I had racked up the whole war. I never did run into the Gundam or Char again. But I know they are both alive, I can still feel them out there.

It has been a week since the battle and I am back at the Institute with Hazel.
?Well what are you going to do now?? asked Hazel.
With a heavy heart I say, ?I am defecting. The Feddies have promised to accept any pilot that wants to defect. Besides I am tired of upsetting peace. I want to put a stop to all this fighting. Besides there is no more Zeon.?
?No you?re wrong!! This war is not over,? Hazel screams.
?What do you mean, Zeon is gone, the treaty is signed, and the Zabis are dead.?
?Not all of them,? she quiets down, ?Char and a few others are taking Dozle Zabi?s kid to Axis. They are going to restart the war.?
?Only Char would do that,? I know he wants revenge.
?Go with them if you feel it is necessary, just be careful of Char, don?t let him know of your abilities, Okay??
?What abilities??
?One day you will see.? I begin to kiss her, but she beats me to the punch. ?That?s just like her? I think.

End Part I

Time for part two! Takes place during Z. Has a few experimental mechs in it that you dont hear much about, but they do exsist, dont doubt that.

Jordan?s Story: Part II

The Glory of Victory

?I didn?t give that order!? my words ring clearly in my head.
?The order came directly from headquarters sir,? It is happening all over again.
?Headquarters?? I can only watch as the gas seeps into the colony. The dream is happening again.
?Can?t we do something,? I scream at the ensign.
?No sir, what?s done is done.?
Like the angel of death, the gas moves through the colony killing all those who come in contact with it. And the blame?is on me. My unit gassed that colony.

?Sir you are needed on the flight deck,? the voice of the engineer wakes me up from the dream.
?What?? I reply
?The flight deck sir, something has just arrived I think you should see.?

On my way to the flight deck I try to convince myself that the incident was almost two years ago. I was assigned with the TITANS. We were supposed to go put down some rebels in that colony, but headquarters gave the order to gas the whole place. Millions died, and I felt like I had killed them. Some time after that, a group of Federation elites got together to start a resistance movement against the corrupt TITANS. They called it the AEUG.

I was surprised to see all the people that came to the first meeting. Commander Bright Noah, the commander of the White Base, and Amuro Rei, the pilot of that Gundam, and some guy I had never heard of?Quattro Bageena. But I felt like I had seen him before?sensed something. After the meeting I approached him.

?I was impressed with what you said in there, Quattro.?
?Thank you?Jordan isn?t it?? he had said.
?Yes sir, but how did you know??
?We all have our secrets and some need to be kept?and didn?t I tell you to call me ?Char? from now on.?

Yeah it was true Quattro Bageena was Char Aznable. By now he was the political figurehead for the AEUG, and had removed his disguise. He even had a mobile suit made for him?The Hyaku Shiki. Now there was an impressive mobile suit.

I had been given an MS unit of my own command by Char. We were made up of mostly captured TITANS suits, and I had just recently put in a request for some newer model suits. When I got to the flight deck I saw two suits covered with tarp.

?Only two,? I said.
?Yes sir, but I think you will be pleased. And here, they came attached with this note.?

The engineer handed me the note. Before I read it, told some men to remove the tarps. As the tarps floated up in the weightlessness of the flight deck I saw two of the most impressive suits I had seen in a while.

I read the note. It said:
?Hope you enjoy these, Jordan. The first one is the last prototype for the Zeta Gundam, and the other one is a toned down version of the Hyaku Shiki. They are the closest things to the originals, so have fun with them. Also take your crew to the nearest colony and give them a few days leave. I have a feeling the final battle is approaching.
Char Aznable?

?What a great guy,? I muttered to myself.

The crew begins to cheer as we reach the colony. I have to admit I am looking forward to it as well. We have been really busy as of late, we had been stationed in the main fleet, but then we were ordered to move to some outer colonies. When we arrived we came under fire. An Axis cruiser had followed us. Fortunately this colony was neutral territory.

I decided to find a place to eat; most of the others went to a nearby bar. I spotted a good-looking café and sat down. I ordered a lot of food, more than I probably needed. By the time the bill came, I was stuffed. But one look at the bill and my mood suddenly turned sour. I realized I didn?t have enough money to pay for it all. But just then I sensed a presence.

?Here I think this will cover it.?
I looked up and saw something I hadn?t seen for a long time.
?Hazel!? I shouted.
?Good to see you, Jordan? she said.
?How in the world did you get here!?
?Haman assigned me to do a special job for her, and said I could have some leave before I went to do it,?
?Oh, so you are working for Haman now,? I said with a little anger in my voice.
?I am her body guard,? she said just a little to proudly.
?Well sounds like you are doing pretty good for yourself,?
?Yeah I guess so. How about you??
?Pretty good I guess, can?t complain,? talking about the war had made us both uncomfortable.
?I see you still can?t pay for your own meals,? she said hiding the laughter.
?Well guess I was lucky you were here then, huh??
?Sure were,? we both start laughing. It is just like old times again.


I spent the rest of my leave with Hazel. We talked and laughed and for the first time I forgot all of my problems. Even that dream about gassing the colony stopped. We really felt at home with one another. But I kept sensing she was hiding something from me.

?You were right about me,? she said all of a sudden the last day of our leave.
?About what??
?My abilities, you meant I was a NewType right??
?Yeah, I could feel it. But I also told you to not let people use you because of them,? I said.
?If you are referring to Haman, she is not using me,? I had gotten her angry, ?She just sensed that I was a NewType and made me her body guard, a very high ranking position,?
?So you say, but what happens when you bite it, Hazel. How long do you think she will mourn before she finds a new guard??
?What are you saying?that she has no compassion? Haman is the strongest NewType I have ever seen. Not only that she is a visionary, the greatest leader in history?and a lot better than Char.
?You used to respect Char Hazel, what happened??
?A lot has happened. People change to you know.?
?Haman has brainwashed you, hasn?t she!? I yell, ?You think whatever she wants you to think.? It was a heated argument now.
?Brainwashed! Haman would never stoop that low, never.?
?Tell me something Hazel, if you are here, who is guarding Haman now at this very moment??
?I?umm?don?t know,? I had got her.
?Exactly how many of these little missions have you been on??
?Lots,? she said, ?Haman trusts me with all the important duties.?
?Please Hazel, you are nothing but her lackey. She let?s you have all the dirty work while she stays safe in Axis.?
?I?er?Just leave me alone! I have a mission to complete,? she shouted as she flipped the table over and ran off.
?Just a lackey Hazel. You mean nothing to her! You are expendable, when you are gone she will find someone else to do the dirty work,? I shouted back.
?What do you know! You are just a second rate NewType,?

That confirmed it; this was not the Hazel I knew. And it was all Haman?s fault. She would pay, but first I had to get Hazel back.


?What?s going on here!? I had to shout over the proto Zeta taking off, ?Who?s in the Zeta??
?We don?t know sir. They just showed up and jumped in the suit and took off.? The engineer shouted back.
?What?!? How could you let that happen,? I hated having to watch the captured Gundam fly out of our hangar. I watched it go into space.
?Who was it? Did you see them,? I asked.
?No, but the techs say it was woman,?
?Hazel?? That was the first time I ever said her name with hate in my voice.
A young pilot ran in, ?Sir, transmission from Commander Char.?


?Jordan, get all your pilots and suits ready. We about to begin a final installment in this little war, and we need you here. Those new suits I sent you should come in handy.?
?I have some bad news sir.? I hated what I was about to say, ?The Zeta prototype has been stolen.?
?WHAT!?!? that was the first time I had seen Char that angry.
?I am sorry sir, but I will see to it personally that the suit is either recaptured or destroyed.?
?You do that Jordan, I look foreword to seeing you in the Hyaku Shiki then. Tell me how it performs.?
?Yes sir.?
?Oh and one more thing Jordan,? he said, ?May the glory of victory be yours,? the screen turned off.

I found it amazing saying that I would destroy the Zeta. I really meant I would get Hazel. I couldn?t believe what I was thinking, but I was willing to take her out?and I wanted to. That thought made me shutter.


?Everyone ready then,? I say into the radio. A few yes sirs come into my hear and I know it is time, ?No one go near the Zeta, it?s mine got it. Ok, Jordan and Hyaku Shiki launching.?

The rush I get from the catapult is always refreshing, especially for a battle as big as this one. Out in the void of space I can see I see only a few explosions erupting. We have arrived a little late. My first priority is to find Char. I open a radio link to him.

?Jordan, about time you showed up. Listen get over here. I believe Haman is about to launch. I am on the far side of the colony from your position. On your way see what you can do about the TITANS? ships.?
?Yes sir, I am on my way.?

I knew it! The TITANS would fall today, but Char wanted to make sure that Axis went with them. On my way to find Char I ran into some Hi-Zacks.

?Not a problem. I can handle anything with this suit.? The Hyaku Shiki handled them with ease. A few shots with my beam rifle and they were all gone. ?Keep moving everyone, we have to help Char.?

?There, Jordan, look!? My wingman shouted.
?That must be the TITANS? ship Char wanted me to take out.? I pull out the beam saber and move in. This will be a piece of cake.

?No, got careless,? Shouts my wingman. He wasn?t watching the cross fire and got caught in it, but I have to keep moving, ?Everyone fire your beam cannons and provide some cover. I?ll move in close and take out the thrusters.?

Getting close was no problem. The thrusters were completely unguarded. Just a quick stab into the side and then I fired my own thruster. I sliced down the middle of the back of the ship. Mission accomplished.


?Captain Charrrrr!? the young pilot shouts as his Nemo is blown up.
?I told him the Hyaku Shiki would attract a lot of attention.?
?Sir, don?t be so heartless,? I say in the radio.
?Sometimes on the battle field you have to be just to survive, Jordan,? he replies.
?Maybe so. Sir look!?

I look to see the Qubeley; Haman must be in that. She is followed by a few Gaza Cs. Then I see it. It is definitely the Zeta prototype, just repainted in Haman?s white and purple colors. This is it, time to take back Hazel.

?Sir requesting permission to leave Haman to you and move after the Zeta prototype. I have a score to settle.?
?Permission granted, Jordan. And may the glory of victory be yours,? it is far more troubling than the last time he said it.

That phrase, some thing about makes me twitch, but now is not the time to be frightened. I call out the rest of my team of Nemos and GM IIs to follow me.

?There you are,? I hear Hazel?s voice over the radio. She has been looking for me too. She fires a few shots but each one is off target. Or so I think.

?You missed Hazel,? I say.
?Did I?? Screams come on the radio. She wasn?t aiming at me at all. She just took out all of my men.
?How did you like that maneuver. Haman taught it to me,?
?You?ll pay for that! You will not defeat me,? I scream as a pull out the Hyaku Shiki?s beam rifle. I fire all over the place. I eventually hit Hazel?s beam rifle.
?That?s nothing,? she says, ?I always preferred close range combat anyway.?

Every thing begins to fade around me. The other mobile suits, battle ships, even the colony all disappear. All I can see now is Hazel. I unsheathe my beam saber as well. This is it, one of us leaves today. Our sabers clash; creating sparks and flashes of light all around. Hazel is making most of the advances. Finally an opening, Hazel has left herself unguarded. But before I can strike my mind diverts.

I begin to think about the past: Back to the One Year War. I think back to countless battles and?Hazel. Not the Hazel I am fighting now, but the one I knew and loved during the first war. I see her kind face, her dismay when told she was not a NewType. Her surprise when I told her she was. Everything is rushing around in my head. Suddenly I don?t see the Zeta anymore, but I see Hazel. Her face nothing like the one I remember, it is now full of hate. Her hands have blood all over them, but she doesn?t care. I can see into her mind. All she is thinking about is proving me wrong, and giving glory to Haman and her Axis forces.

?You want me back so bad, that you can?t kill me,? she laughs.
?Come on Jordan, NewTypes understand each other. I know exactly what you are thinking.?
?And I know what you are thinking,? I say angrily, ?All you can think about is your precious Haman. Hazel you betrayed me for her!?
?You are wrong! I didn?t betray you.? She said
?Everything is fair in war,? she says
?So you are telling me the war betrayed me? That is such a load of bull Hazel!?

The fight resumes. Neither one of us is letting up. Each one of us tries to dash in, but we miss. More sparks appear as the sabers clash again. We are equals, both NewTypes, and both determined to win.

?This is the end,? Hazel shouts.
?You think so,? I scream back. She misses with her slash. I give her suit a swift kick, sending it flying up horizontally. Then I turn the beam saber around and stab it through her power pack.

?NO,? screams Hazel. Then I see it, Hazel?s life is flashing before my eyes; I can see her and me, fighting by each other, together again. I pull the saber out before it causes the Zeta to explode. Just then I see the cockpit of the Zeta eject. Hazel?s voice comes over my radio.

?This is far from over. You will pay. This is not for Zeon or Haman anymore; it is for me and me alone. I will kill you!?


Hazel?s words stuck with me the rest of the battle. I couldn?t destroy another mobile suit. When I tried to return to my ship, I found out it had been destroyed. Out of my entire team I was the only one to survive the battle. I was taken aboard the Agarma. It was nice but I didn?t know anyone there.

Char hadn?t made it back from the battle. His Hyaku Shiki was recovered but badly damaged. I thought Haman must have gotten him. Maybe if I had stayed instead of going after Hazel he would still be here. I started to think about what Char had said to me. ?May the glory of victory be yours.? Some victory. I lost my entire crew, destroyed the prototype Zeta Gundam, turned my best friend into my worst enemy, and lost my mentor. The glory of victory huh, more like the sorrow of life.

End Part II

Here comes the final chapter part III. In Char's Coutner attack and a few more experimental mechs.
Jordan?s Story: Part III
The Philosophy of Axis

?Lt. Amuro 5th Luna is descending toward Earth! Ahhhh!!?
?Don?t tell him things he already knows, you idiots!? I scream as the fool?s Jegan explodes. They should know better than to drop their guard just to point out the obvious.
?Geara Dogas are no match for this machine!? I yell as I dash forward in my Re-GZ. This machine is fantastic, a shot from my beam rifle and the first Geara Doga goes down. Another one tries shooting at me, but the shield easily deflects the shots. I fire the vulcans and ram my shield into him. He paid for taking on an adversary that was too much for him.

I move around the battlefield taking out any enemy mobile suits I see. Geara Dogas are all around, but Londo Bell?s Jegans seem to handle them pretty easy. I try and make it down to the surface of 5th Luna. On my down to the asteroid, I feel it.
?Char?? I say. I can feel his presence on the battlefield. ?I?ll make you pay for betraying the Earth!?
Just as I?m about to reach him I notice some Jegans pinned down by a few mobile suits. I tell them I am coming to assist and they thank me for it as most of their suits are getting blown away. I try to come around from behind the Geara Dogas, but they notice me and begin to fire. Of course they miss every shot. Char hasn?t picked his pilots very well. I pull out the beam saber and hack them all to pieces while the last Jegan makes it off the asteroid.
I begin to hear screams on the radio. All the Jegans that got away were just destroyed. I rush over to the general direction and see the last Jegan left doing his best to dodge all the fire he is under. It is only one Geara Doga; I can?t understand why he can?t take it out. I watch as the enemy MS takes out one of the Jegans legs. I rush in and jump in front of him before the final hits are made.
?Don?t you know how to dodge fire, you rookie!? I scream.
I try to guard with the shield, but the bash I gave the Geara Doga a little earlier has worn it out. The enemy's beams eventually smash though the shield and begin impacting all over the mobile suit?s body. The enemy Geara Doga pauses for a few moments then flies off.
?Jordan?Jordan?I am waiting for you.?
?That voice?? I say. I have heard it somewhere before. But the strange thing is, I don?t hear it on the radio. It is in my head. That?s when it hits me.
?Hazel!!? I yell. She is here, calling me. I try to follow her, but the Re-GeZ has been severely damaged. Our battle will have to wait. I call to the kid in the Jegan.
?Hey, your engines still working, kid??
?Yes sir.?
?Then could you give me a lift back to my ship?? I say.
?It would be an honor sir.?


?So, this is what it all comes down to. We just stand back and watch millions of people die!? says the young recruit that brought me back to my ship.
?Sometimes that?s all you can do. You?ll learn that in time,? I say.
We sit in the combat bridge and watch 5th Luna slowly light up space. As it enters the atmosphere, I begin to think about all the people that have no idea about any of this. I can almost see people returning home from work or school only to find death. We watch it hit the ground and the massive explosion that follows.
?Such a loss of life,? I say.
?There must have been something we could?ve done!? says the recruit. He is still frantic.
There is still one thing that I can?t get out of my mind. Hazel?I know that was her out there. All I can think about now is how to find her and talk to her. It has been so long. The last time we talked it was in anger and hatred. I want to change that. Ever since that day, all I have thought about is trying to get Hazel back, now I have a chance to do it. A chance I am not about to pass up.
?Radio Londo Bell and tell them that I am going to meet up with them, in their pursuit of Char.?
?What?? replies one of my crew.
?You heard me, I am going over to Londo Bell until this is all taken care of. Call the flight deck and tell them I am on my way down.?
As I make my way down to the flight deck, I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around to see the recruit I saved earlier today. He stops in his tracks as I turn around.
?Is there something you need??
?Well, sir,? said the recruit. ?I was wondering if I could ask you a question??
?Go ahead.?
?That voice that was calling your name after you saved me?who was it??
I was a little surprised by the question.
?You heard that voice?? I say.
?Yes sir, but in my head, not in the radio.?
?That was an old friend of mine. However, you must realize something.
You are a NewType my friend.?
The young man stepped back a little. He was obviously taken back by
what I had just said.
?I?I am? How can you tell??
?The person that was talking to me?Her name is Hazel. She is a NewType too. The only possible way you could have heard her is if you were a NewType your self. Listen to me; you are going to come with me to Londo Bell. We are going to need as many people like you as we can get.?

He simply smiled and followed me down to the flight deck. I could sense he was excited about what I had just told him. When we got to the flight deck I summoned one of the mechanical officers.

?We are going to the Londo Bell unit. I want this kid?s Jegan and the Re-GZ repaired within the hour.?
?Sorry sir, but that is impossible,? said the officer. ?The Re-GZ is completely out of commission for at least a week. It sustained a lot of damage in that last battle.?
?Well, how about that Jegan over there?? I said.


?You?re all clear, Mr. Jordan. You can land on the Ra Cailum, we have some space there.?
?Roger that,? I say.

On the way over the kid and I talked. I found out his name, Jack Giles. I could sense great things in him. After we landed we were told to head the bridge. Bright Noah wanted to see me. I hadn?t seen him since the AEUG was disbanded. I knew that Lt. Amuro Rei was here to. I asked for but they said he was on the moon. I couldn?t think what for.

?Lt. Jordan, it is good to see you,? said Bright.
?Same here, it has been a while.?
?And who is this?? said Bright as he pointed to the ensign that had followed me up.
?Jack Giles, sir!? said the recruit has he stood straight and gave a quick salute.
?We can always use more pilots, especially at a time like this.?
?What do you mean?? I said.
?We just got a reading that Char?s fleet is very close to the moon. We are about to engage in battle. I suggest you both get something to eat before we go. You?ll need the energy.?
?Hazel?? I say.


?All mobile suits ready for launch.?
?Are you ready, Jack?? I shout into the radio.
A quick ?Yes sir? comes back, and I am catapulted off. Jack follows behind me. I go ahead and try to sense out Hazel. I can?t seem to find her, so I decide to wait her out.
?Here they come!? shouts one of the pilots.
I can see a lot of bright lights coming towards us. I can?t figure out which one is Hazel. Is she trying to block my senses? I dash out to greet the enemy forces. I notice that most of them are heading for the Ra Cailum. I hear a lot of shouts for back up, but I ignore them. I have to find Hazel. I look and see one of the Geara Dogas straying from the rest. It must be her.
?Go help out a few of those pilots. I will take care of this one,? I say to Jack. ?Hazel, I am going to get you back right now.?
I can see her suit clearly now. I know it is her.
A few shots fly by me. Does she know who I am yet? I try and reach out to her with my NewType senses.
?Hazel, it?s me. I know you can do better than that. Show me what you are made of!?
?I had a feeling it was you, Jordan,? Hazel?s voice is in my head again. ?So you want to see what I can do with this Geara Doga? Well, here I come.?
Beam shots fly all around me. I fire a few back. Neither one of us makes a hit; I know she is holding back.
?Come one, I thought you preferred close combat, Hazel.?
?Oh, is that what you want? Then come and get some!? I think she is enjoying all of this.
I unsheathe the Jegan?s beam saber. I watch as Hazel puts her beam gun away and pulls out her saber. She is the first to dash in. I block with my saber. We are put into a dead lock. I reach out to her in the stand still.
?Hazel, what is the use of all this? Why are you assisting Char??
?Who said I was assisting Char? I did this so I could get close to you. I told you I would get you, and I will. And who are you to judge anyway? Why are you assisting the Earth? Can?t you see that they are just as corrupt as any Zeon movement? Or are you just doing this for yourself? That?s the only person you care about anyway!? she screams.
?You very wrong Hazel. You are the only person I care about. That is the only reason I came to the Londo Bell unit.? Silence. Neither one of us says anything.
?Lieutenant! Look out!? screams Jack over the radio.
?No stay back!? I say.
He fires at Hazel. She immediately pulls back, and takes advantage of my surprise. I try to dodge her slash, but the Jegan isn?t fast enough. I can only watch as her saber slices through the Jegan?s right arm, like a hot knife through butter. Just then one of the enemy units sends off a single to withdraw.
?I?ll see you later Jordan,? says Hazel.
I don?t know why the enemy withdrew. They seemed to have the upper hand. Just then I see a white mobile suit off to my right. I hear a few shouts over the radio saying that Lt. Amuro is back. I know he is the one that saved the day. That is just like him; jump in when we need him the most.


After we got back inside the ship I make sure to find Amuro. I really wanted to see the new Gundam. It looked really impressive. In the mobile suit deck I see two kids playing in one of the Jegans. Then I see it, the Nu Gundam?wow it looks nice. A few other pilots are looking it over; I don?t blame them.

One of the kids comes out of the Jegan, a little girl. She is staring at the Gundam too. Then Amuro comes in. It?s about time. He dismisses the girl and goes down to the mechanic Chan and the Nu Gundam. I follow him down there.
?Lt. Amuro.? I yell.
He turns around and waves. ?Jordan, good to see you. How are things going??
?Things are, well?exciting to say the least. How have things been going on your end??
?Ok I suppose, but it will be a lot better with this new suit.?
He pulls me over to the side, ?Listen Jordan, I remember you telling me about your friend, Hazel. I was just a little curious, is she with this Neo Zeon Fleet?
With a heavy heart I reply, ?Yes?I?m afraid she is.?
?Whatever you do Jordan, don?t give up. You will get her back. I can feel it.?


Nothing exciting has happened for the past few days. I was given a bunk after the first day. That night I had a dream about Hazel and I. I dreamed that all of the problems we had ever had never happened. That there was no Neo Zeon, or any of that. We were so happy. I was so taken with it I thought it was real, when I woke up, I thought I was in a dream.

Something came over the ship?s intercom. ?All pilots check your box for your assignment. We are about to begin our operation against Axis.?


On my way to the mobile suit deck I see Jack, he is looking around in his pilot?s box for his instructions.
?They didn?t give me any. How about you?? he says.
?No, it must be because we are in the rooms of the two pilots that died. You don?t need to worry about it anyway.?
?Because I?m taking your Jegan. They still haven?t finished repairing mine. Besides I told you earlier that the future needs more people like you, so I am not going to sit here in this ship and watch you die,? I say.
I am of course a little upset, but I think he understands why I said what I did.

When I got to the deck I saw Amuro. ?Lt. Amuro,? I shouted.
?Yeah what is it Jordan??
?I didn?t get my instructions for the battle. I thought I should ask you.?
?You can go out with the first wave.?
?Alright, any other instructions sir??
?No just follow Kaiyra?s Re-GZ. Huh, Haro?? he said as a big green tennis ball hit him in the side of shoulder.


?Where is she, come on. Where is she,? I said to myself.
I was getting obsessed, couldn?t find Hazel anywhere. Amuro?s words had stuck with me. He thought that I would get Hazel back, and I wanted to prove him right. I broke off from following Kaiyra. It was pretty useless. I took out a few Geara Dogas and said I would leave the rest to her. She told me to stay, but I didn?t listen. Then I sensed it. I had found her. I raced as fast as I could to where I had sensed a presence. But, it was not Hazel. All I saw was a blue Jagd Doga racing towards a stream of missiles. I let him be. I saw two Geara Dogas following him, but neither one was Hazel, I passed them by to.
Then I sensed something else, I was sure it was Hazel this time. She was on the?south side of Axis. I put the Jegan in full throttle and dashed after the feeling I had. Then I saw her. She was just floating there, waiting. Was it for me? No?it was more like she was thinking.
?Hazel!? I shouted.
?Jordan? Is that you?? she was a little surprised. Her attitude had obviously changed since the last time we fought.
She raced towards me, but instead of pulling out her saber, like I was doing, she grappled the Jegan with her Geara Doga. Her hatch opened and I opened mine to. She jumped out to meet me, and embraced me. I was a little taken back by all of this.
?Jordan?? she said. ?I am very sorry, for?for, well, everything. I had convinced myself the reason I wanted to join Char was to kill you, but all I really wanted was just to see you again.?
?Thank you Hazel,? I said as I put my arms around her. Just as I did that, a bright light shone behind us. I guess that Jagd Doga had taken out the nukes Bright was using. It seemed very appropriate. We held each other for what seemed like an eternity.
?However,? she pushed back from me. ?As of right now Jordan, you are my enemy and I cannot let you defeat this Neo Zeon force.? And with that she floated back into her Geara Doga.
I understood; she didn?t want anyone to catch her with a feddy. I retreated back to my Jegan, and once again unsheathed it?s beam saber. Her saber was already out and waiting to engage in combat. We both dash in, but before we could strike the signal for all the Federal forces to retreat was given. We both stopped dead in our tracks.
?We?ll finish this later,? I said.
?Yeah, that would be nice.?


?For goodness sakes get that out of here.?
?I was going to cook your favorite pasta Kaiyra, don?t you remember?? Astonage shouted at the lifeless body in my hands.
I couldn?t help but wonder, was it my fault Kaiyra had bit it. I stared into her cold, unflinching face. If I had stayed with her and the rest of the first wave, could I have prevented what had happened? Some people even told me that it was the blue Jagd Doga that had done this to her. I had a chance to take him out of commission and I passed it up.

I went into the briefing room. We were about to be told what phase two of the battle was going to look like. Amuro and Bright gave the instructions. If the last of the nuclear missiles didn?t hit, then we were to hold off the Zeon forces until the Ra Cailum could land on Axis and send in a team to plant explosives and blow it up from the inside. Bright once again took the floor.
?Would you all give up your lives.?
He said it as an order rather than a question. I thought to myself, would I? So far all I had done was move from area to area looking for Hazel. I decided no matter what, I was going to help save the Earth.


I followed behind Lt. Amuro. Once we got to the front lines I could see, the same blue Jagd Doga and what looked like a big mobile armor. I know that Amuro shouldn?t have to much trouble with these two, but I stick with him anyway. I can feel that the pilot in the MA is pretty inexperienced, and thinks this all is just a game. But, the one in the Blue Jagd Doga is very serious about all this; his piloting proves that. He immediately moves after Amuro in the Nu Gundam. I don?t try to get in his way.
Instead I go for the mobile armor. It is taking out a lot of our forces. Whatever that thing is it sure can take out Jegans fast. I dodge all the fire and fire back, but I miss. The MA takes off after Amuro and I head down to Axis. I want to see if I can find one of Char?s ships.
I?m blinded by a bright flash of light for a moment. Looks like they got another one of the nukes. Then out of nowhere the last nuke hits Axis! What a sight that was. I decide to head of to the North part of Axis and wait for the Ra Cailum. When I get there I see two Geara Dogas waiting. They fly towards me and launch dummies all around. It isn?t very hard to tell which one is the real thing though. One of them throws a dummy at me, but I go above and fire my vulcans at the Geara Doga. The bullets hit the head and it explodes, the body of the suit lies there motionless. I turn around and get the other one in my sights and fire. He is totally wiped out.
Just then I sensed something. Two other MS are coming towards me on my front and rear; I can tell one of them is Hazel. The one to my front comes in full throttle. I unsheathe the beam saber and move to the left. The enemy MS runs straight into it and explodes.
?Ok Hazel, it is just you and I now.?
?Just the way I like it,? she replies and comes in close.
Once again our sabers clash together. I?m not about to give up, and neither is she. We move back and forth, each of us taking a turn with slashing. Suddenly a huge explosion surrounds most of Axis. Hazel and I move up to escape it. I thought that maybe the explosives from inside Axis had gone off, but that wasn?t it. The Ra Cailum was still docked on the asteroid.

Hazel quickly opened her hatch and yelled, ?What was that??
?I don?t know,? I said as I got out of my MS as well. ?Hey look at that, Bright?s team is coming back from Axis.?
We watched as the Ra Cailum backed away from Axis. He jumped back into our Mobile suits and followed a safe distance away. I could tell Hazel was a little upset that Char?s plan wasn?t going together all that well, but I think she was happy that we were with each other, nonetheless. We sat back and tried to sense out what was going on the battle. We could both feel Char and Lt. Amuro raging against each other. I sort of wished I could be there to see it, but I would much rather be here with Hazel.
The explosions erupting from Axis lit up space. Bright had detonated the remote bombs he had placed. This was it; Axis was going down. I patched through to the Ra Cailum to see if they could tell me what was going on.
?Every thing is going to plan Mr. Jordan?wait.?
A sudden chill went down my spine at that.
?It seems that the rear half of Axis is accelerating and headed towards the Earth. It still has enough force to start a nuclear winter.?
I didn?t know what to do. I had to stop Axis some how. Suddenly I felt Amuro?s presence. I looked over to the rear of Axis and saw a streak of light, that must be him.
?Hazel, I am going to go help push back Axis.?
?What that is crazy! You can?t be serious!? she screamed back.
?I am, Hazel. I am going to stop this asteroid from hitting the earth. I can?t bear to think of the results.?
?What good is stopping Axis if you die yourself??
?I am doing this for Humanity, Hazel, not for me.? I put the thrusters to full and headed down to Amuro?s position.?


Lots and lots of MS had now gathered at Axis. I was the first to arrive and then the colony fleets came. Amuro was continually shouting for us to leave, but I wasn?t about to. Although, one thing still worried me?Hazel hadn?t contacted me since I left. And then, I felt her presence.
?Hazel pulled back!? I screamed, but I was to late. She grappled onto the asteroid and put her thrusters on full. I knew she was to damaged to hang on for long.

I tried to contact her through radio but she had cut it off. Then I reached out to her mind, but it was closed off. I didn?t understand why she was shutting me out. Was she trying to prove she could do it too, or was she really sincere about this?

Then I had to watch the most horrifying thing in my life thus far. Hazel?s engines where beginning to give out. I screamed her name but it didn?t do any good. She was forced to let go of the asteroid and bounce up off of it all the way up. I could see her face wincing in pain as she was tossed about in the Geara Doga. I knew I had to get to her but I couldn?t let go, if I wanted to save the earth. Just then I felt like there was a lot of power coming from the bottom of the asteroid. ?Char and Amuro?they?re still fighting after all of this!? I was overcome by hate, how could those two just sit around and argue when the earth was about to be destroyed and Hazel had just?

Right when I thought my head was going to explode I noticed a green light coming from the bottom of the asteroid. I saw Jegans being tossed around like rag dolls after they came in contact with it. In a matter of minutes it was upon me. I tried to hold on but I couldn?t. The light sent me flying down the side of the asteroid, my Jegan bounced off of it time and time again, but didn?t care, I just wanted to find Hazel. I prayed that she was all right.

I finally reached the top. My jegan had already obtained a lot of damge to the thrusters and was missing an arm and part of a leg. It wasn?t going anywhere. I looked up ahead and saw what looked like a mangled mash of a Geara Doga. I was overcome by the worst feeling that Hazel might be trapped inside of it or worse. But I looked just ahead and saw a body floating in space?It was Hazel! I quickly opened my hatch and flew out to see her. When I reached her body, she opened her eyes and said, ?Hey, been a while hasn?t it since we?ve actually seen each other.? ?Yeah, but that doesn?t matter now,? I said as I smiled back at her.

Suddenly she sat up in my arms, ?Amuro and Char! I felt-? ?I know. Their story is over now,? I said as I looked back at the asteroid, safely passing out of earth?s orbit. ?And what about ours?? she said.

I looked off back towards Londo Bell. I could see a sled coming this way and I could tell it was Sensaru inside looking for me. ?I think we get to start a whole new book Hazel.? She smiled back at me and I?m sure we would have kissed if it weren?t for the helmets.


Well whaddya think. I know the ending sucks but hey it was lie two years ago. Go ahead begin the posting.
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