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The Underground Arena is an illegal fighting circuit were to fighters enter the ring too battle and only one comes out walking. The fighting is meciluss with very loose rules. It is run by the eccentric millionare, Nagaki Banakai. The Underground arena gives $1000 dollars to a fights winner. The fighters compete too advance too the final battle royal where the strongest fighters fight eachother in a six way free-for-all. The winner wins a $500,000 dollar purse. This is the Underground...

1:00 am, Kyoto, Japan

Kenji rose from his bed and looked around the house. His mom and sister were asleep. He grabbed his pair of shorts and slowly creeped out the house, carrying the card that was given too him by the recruiter. He closed the door and ran down the stairs out the door. He ran down the street too the location of the Underground Arena.

When he finally reached it, he was at an old, broken down building covered by Graffiti. He walked threw the door and heared chearing . He caugh the eye of a bouncer at the front door who walked up too him.

"Do you have an invetation, little guy?" The Bouncer said with a gruffy voice.

"Yeah, here." Kenji said, handing him the card.

"Oh, your in the ameateur battle tonight. It starts in about 15 minutes. Hurry yourself up." The Bouncer said and directed Kenji into the locker rooms.

"Thanks." Kenji said too the bouncer, turning too the locker rooms. When he walked in, he saw men alot older than himself shadow boxing and sitting around, waiting for there fights. Kenji prepared himself...
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yuraka: * was already inthere he had a wooden katana on his back he was asleep*"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" snore
kenji: *pokes him*
yuraka: " wha huh oh finally another person"
kenji:" um hi"
yuraka: " hello im yuraka "the twin blade" motimora"
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Tao sat on one of the benches in the locker-room in the lotus position, seeming to be meditating.
In reality, he was trying not to fall back asleep.
He opened his eyes just wide enough so that he could see, but still looked like his eyes were closed. He looked at the two nearby.
The one who had just walked in was little more than a kid. He would prove no challange. And 'Two-Swords' over there seemed little more than a dunce, so he would be simple to defeat as well.
This would be one of the simplest tournaments yet.
Tao snickered quietly.
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OOC: This isn't a tournament. Or atleast yet. We have too fight bouts and live our lives. The RPG ends after the Battle Royal. You'll know when it is.

"I'm Kenji Miyamoto. Who's sleepy over there?" Kenji asked Yuraka.

"Oh, thats Tao, but we call him mr. mmonk. He isnt really the social type." Yuraka answered.

"Oh, i see..." Kenji said.
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"Will the Fighters Kenji Miyamoto and Hausuma Jigen please come too the ring emmiantly. Kenji Miyamoto and Hausuma Jigen." a voice said on the intercome.

"I guess thats me, i'll check you later." Kenji said too Yuraka.

"Alright then." Yuraka answered.

Keji opened the door and accedntly hit some girl in the head, but didn't notice becasue of the nervousness in him. Kenji felt butterflies in his stomach as he approached the arena. When he walked in, he saw an octagong cage with his opponent standing in the ring. Kenji walked in. He came eye too eye with Jigen, who was very tall and muscle bound, and the gate of the cage closed. "Fighters Ready? Fight!" the annoncer said. Jigen quickly grabbed Kenji by the throat and raised him off the ground. Kenji gagged and grabbed Jigen arm. Kenji then lifted his body up and kicked Jigen in the face with emmence force, knocking him down.

"Lets do this!" Kenji said while he started to bob up and down in his customary fighting stance...

Yuraka, Tao, and the girl he had hit with the door came out too see the emmese Jigen rising from the ground with an angry look on his face.

"GO KENJI!" Yuraka said while Tao and the girl just stared.
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Zoma walked around the halls, she then came out. She looked around up from over the stands. Zoma looked down to the ring, there was Jigen fighting. But the one he was fighting she had never seen before. It seemed that the no name fighter was fairing well against Jigen. There were three others around the ring. This would be a good time to see if there was anyone strong enough to give her a good fight. She leaned agains the wall and watched the fight. The unknown fighter was better then Jigen. Since she had never seen him, and he was new to the under ground...He'd have to be worth fighting
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Kenji countinued too bob and weeve. Jigen raised up and threw a sluggish punch at Kenji, Kenji grabbed his arm and started too deliver powerful kicks too his mid section. Kenji finished it with a sweep kick and an elbow drop to the solar plexus. Jigen was out cold.
The announcer gave a ten count and then opened the cage. He walked in and raised Kenji's hand and yelled in the mic, "THE WINNER! KENJI "THE YOUNG BLOOD" MIYAMOTO! Here son, take this as an introdcution gift into the Underground Arena." he then handed Kenji a pair of red shorts, a red robe, and $1000 dollars.Kenji took it in one hand and pmuped his fist in glory. He thne headed out the cage too be congrtualated bt Yuraka and Tao.
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[color=purple] Amilea all of a sudden broke out of her stare and yelled, "Ow! That hurt!! Sorry?" Kenji just ignored her, obviously nervous. She mutterd to herself, "People these days, just no manners" Tao came over to her and said, "dont feel bad its just his first fight so he was somewhat oblivious to things around him" "Wow he beat the cr** out of jigen, ive seen him fight before and he beats some people into a pulp, Kenji must be good!" Kenji walked out of the arena with an air of confidence, Totally happy over his victory. "Congratulations" said Amelia.[/color]
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yuraka: he was known as the double blade cause he uses his sowrds so fast it looks like he had 2 sowrds he was gifted with super hearing as well he was a tough opponent but outside of the ring a total goof off " so you think im a dunce"
heroic voice " this money is going to feed the homeless" he looked around " and to get myself a new gunblade the guy in the front broke everything byt mt wooden sowrd"
he acted alot like vash when in battle a killing machine fast and sharp then outside a complete moron
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[color=purple]"Yuraka, why in the world are you talking to your self?" questioned Amelia. But she didnt hear his awnser because a voice was heard over the loud speaker, " Amelia Sunside and Yuki miamoto report to the ring" "cool im not the only girl tonight. great" said amelia as she jogged up and into the ring. Yuki was a very muscular girl, about 4 inches taller than amelia but, a smirk was going across amelia's face. "The larger they are the harder they fall so bring it on!" And so the fight commenced. Yuki threw a heavy punch at amelia but she dodged it with ease, yuki tripped and then righted herself, amelia kept on dodging yukis clumsy looking punches with grace and speed, throwing in a punch of kick, wearing yuki down little by little, once yuki was breathing really hard amelia went in for the kill. She did several kicks and punches that made yuki hit the ground with extreme force. "yes" said amelia as she bounced around the ring like a sugar high 5 year old. "announcing the winner, Amelia sunside" The people around the ring clapped politely as amelia was handed $1000 "hmmm, if i keep going at this rate i wont have to live off of ramen noodles anymore :)"[/color]
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After watching Yuki get beaten by Amelia, Zoma walked down. After seeing that Yuki was cleared off and Amelia had left. She walked into the ring and waited for her next apponent. The fight had already been choosen before the fight. So both fighters knew what they were getting into. She waited a while, the other fighter came and walked into the ring. He was a fairly tall man, which would inable him to move at a faster speed. And have more force from an angle. But that didn't matter it was about skill. They both got into fighting stance, he moved his upper hand. Like he was going to attack with it. Watch his upper hand, and then shifting her view to the lower hand back up. He struck with the lower hand and sent her sliding back, making her loose alittle of her blacne that she regained quikly. Zoma stood their waiting till he attack, he came charging at her and kicked with his lead foot. She quikly turned to her side, leading with a cresent kick that landed to the side of his head. He fell to the ground, Zoma waited till he got back up. Once he got back into stance. he came back at her and landed a front jab. Forcing her back once again, and leaving her with a few drops of blood coming from her mouth. Zoma whiped off the blood. She came running at him with an double x-blow to his neck. As the blow went down he fell as he choked. Zoma then brought the fight to an end with cutting off all air, and killing him. The ref. started counting, he didn't get back up. Zoma was declared the winner and left the ring taking her money. Ignoring the cheers and every thing else.
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A booming voice came out of the intercom.
"Tao-Zhou and Doseki Gotugono, enter the ring."
Tao walked into the ring in swift strides. He opened his eyes to see his massive opponent. Tao was tall, but Doseki had at least 5 inches on him, not to mention a few hundred pounds.
"I am Doseki Gotugono! And I will smash you!"
"Go, Mr. Monk!" yelled Yuraka.
"Shut up, dunce!" snarled Tao.
The smaller fighter darted around Doseki. He twisted on one foot and elbowed Doseki in the back. The larger man stumbled forward. Tao hopped up and twisted around to deliver a powerful kick to Doseki's back, causing him to crash to the ground. Upon landing, Tao jumped up high into the air, at least 5 feet
"Woah! Check out the vertical leap!" said Kenji.
"Dragon..." yelled Tao.
He grabbed the edges of his Duster, hovering in the air for a moment.
He clutched the Duster around him and dropped swiftly down. Doseki rolled away just in time.
Tao's foot crashed into the hardwood where Doseki had been seconds before. The wood cracked beneath the foot. Wood chips flew through the air.
Tao stayed crouched for a moment, before launching himself at Doseki. The massive fighter shrieked and turned.
Wrong move.
Tao kicked off from Doseki's back, flew over his head, and landed in another crouch. Tao elbowed back, causing Doseki to double over in pain. Tao then pistoned back his other arm upwards, causing it to smash into his face. Blood spurted from Doseki's nose. Tao finished the by spinning around while rising, and planting his heel into Doseki's chest, casuing him to topple over.
"And Tao wins! Oh, and we're going to need to get those planks replaced before we can start the next match."
The fans grumbled angrily.
"Nice match, Mr. Monk!" said Yuraka.
"Shut up with the Mr. Monk stuff, dunce!"
Tao returned to the lotus position, this time having the adrenaline(sp?) to keep him awake.
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