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Mr./Mrs. OB Universe - Round One


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[size=1]Alright, Logan has filled me on the next step of MMOBU.
Any member deciding to audition will post their entry piece right here. If you need a more thorough explanation check out the previous MMOBU thread.I just need to set a few rules down.

-ALL entries must be recieved by midnight of the sixteenth. Entries after that will be ignored.
-No copying! The judges expect all entries to be completely original. That means no copying other member's work, or any piece in general. If for any reason the judges suspect anything, they can PM the member.

PM logan or myself with any questions.
If I've forgotten anything, I'll let Logan add on.

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[size=1][color=700000][b]All judges are reminded to read the stories thoroughly and decide on the five each of you want. If there are not an even amount of males/females, Hyper and I will choose ourselves.

Remember, a short story is no less then 5 paragraphs, and no more then 15.

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