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I just spit this out maybe 5 minutes ago. A little spell checking and...well, see for yourself.

Don't look at me, I'm not the girl standing here before you underestimated and under appreciated in this world of pretty blondes and blues where fake eyes make the choice on who or what is in and out and I prefer to stay on the side they shy away from. Take cover from as I walk down the street not being afraid to be who I am and not conforming to the norm of society's anxieties about dark thoughts within bright minds. Straight edge punk wanna be, that's me. The gothic Harry Potter left on the doorstep because Momma and Dadda died fighting to protect the child that wasn't dark enough to blend with the shadows. I'm failing to memorize my Tarot cards, Big Sister, I hope you don't mind as I read your fortune and tell you that I'm never gonna be that frilly Philly girl again. Never gonna bow my head when I walk in a crowd to avoid the eyes but stare them down. Back off, punk...what you want from Me? I breathe a world different from that which you spew into the minds of my peers, creating unwanted fears of suicides and short cut rides to Heaven. Wash away your purity for the girl who's anti-drug and TRUTH all the way, who likes GC and New Found Glory and doesn't care what you think about her taste in whatever. Yet due to my own fears branded into my head from years of living under America's thumb I will never fully be the girl I want to be. I will never have the will power to dress all out Hot Topic with the dyed hair and nose ring. I cannot find the strength to get out of these prep clothes into a good pair of bondage pants with the fishnet under a black T-shirt proclaiming **** off. While my mind is willing, I find my body unable to change the world's label on who I am and am not. This me isn't Me inside my head. I told you not to look at me...for I am not the girl you see.
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