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Guest MasakaGirl

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Guest MasakaGirl
Hello Everyone. I'm a newbie on the boards, but a long time Otaku. I've noticed the strange shortage of Card Captors fanfiction, and a strange shortage of fanfic in general on these boards, so I'm inviting anyone who wants to join to my Fanficton CLub, if I Get enough new members i'll Make a Yahoo Group out of it, I already have two other members, and Badges. There are a few Requirements:

+ You must Read Card Captors Fanfiction
+ You must write or update a fanfiction at least once a month(exceptions can be made)
+ You must respect Canon Parings
+ No flaming of other members is allowed, but debates can be scheduled

You may post fanfiction that is not Card Captors related, or even original works on the website that is under construction, until then I'll post the stories in here. Please tell me if you're interested, Shippers are encouraged, but alternate pairing shippers are fine, but you must be respectful to canon shippers and vice versa.
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