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Gaming Any game reviwers out there?


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I have gotten this game 1 mouth ago and i have beaten it(and by the way i am talking Tomb Raider for the ps2). but that is not the case here... i don't belive that there are people out there that like the game at all. but in my personal oppion i guess i would give it a 7out of 10.why? the game has it's balance graphics but very slugish controls... and the hidden moves are not as good as i thought they would be... take tr2 for example, you could do the moves on the fly but you have to press this button and the other. But i am not saying it is a bad game but all in all the people inter action is a plus and Kertis( i think that is his name and if the spelling is wrong pleasetell me.) But he too is a great addition to the series.

But do you know those games when you have done almost everything and you think the ending would be cool and all? but not this one, she just picks up a weapon( which is Kertis) and walks away! well i hope the game chages in the secong installment.oh, yeah if this is not a good review,don't complain because , then who else would reviwe them righ? so just take or leave it .

But give your input on the game as well and if you have any problems just post them for any body or pm me so i could tell you, and thank you :)
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