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Writing Astro Agents


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Astro Agents
Chapter 1
Emergency landing

Captain Ewbank readied the ship for take off. Dr Mattinson The Scientist strapped down and drank his Precious Coffee.
"strap down, get ready for blast off!" said the captain.
"Oh no!" said the Dr "I've left my Robot Andrix behind!"
Without time for the captain to take off the glass on the front windows The Dr jumped through the glass without a rope or anything.
He went into dive position. He was heading straight for his home, he could see the living room window where the robot was. He pulled his coffee out of his pocket took a sip and then crashed through his window, he did a forward roll as soon as he hit the floor then stood up by his robot, brushed the glass off his sleeves and said, "Best landing yet!" he switched on his robot and pressesd a button on it turning into a small pod which he flew back to the ship.

"How was your landing?" asked the captain.
"Best yet!" replied the Dr.:) :( :o :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused: :ball: :wigout: :love: :tasty: :flaming: :devil: :laugh: :smirk: :babble: :cross: :sleep: :blush: :angel: :butthead: :blackeye: :bawl: :smooch: :excited: :drunk: :demon: :freak: :naughty: :mrt: :toothy: :nervous: :therock: :box: :worried: :whoops:
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