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RPG Naruto: Rise To Fifth Hokage

Jubei Yagyou

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[I]Peaceful days has filled Konohoa village, but for the village of sand it has been filled with tyranny. It is up to the other 8 countries to defeat the evil Sand/Steel alliance. Even young Genin choose to fight in this war, from the predictions of 5th Hokage Naruto many will die but who will win? What events will fortake in this war?[/I]

"I don't want to believe you."

"You must believe me Sasuke I am your blood lives within mine."

A tear fell from Sasuke's eyes, "I saw them... I saw them all die! How could you have lived?!"

"I am so sorry, I cant tell you now."

Sasuke stormed off in a rage into his home, Sakura also had tears in her eyes walked over to Sasukes claimed relative, "We were living fine together... But looked what you did!"

"Just tell him my name,"

"What is it?"

"Uchiha Akumatsu..."
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Kenji wandered across the Wind Countries Deserts, he walked and walked and walked. He was trying to reach the Fire Country and Hidden Leaf Village where he knew he could find others to help him fight the Steel Village. He was desperate. He opened up one of his scroll pouches and created the seal of the Horse with his hands. He then waited. A couple of minutes later, Kenji saw a horse running towrds him. Kenji flipped up onto the horse and road towards the Hidden Leaf Village. Lucky for him, he wasn't far from it...
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Tical was heading toward the leaf village. He looked over to see Kenji a few yards off.
Tical: I see everyones gonna make it.
Kenji: Is that Tical? I didnt thing he would make it... he musta gone chuunin when I was gone for a week... HEY TICAL!
Tical: SUP!
Tical: RIGHT......... IN FRONT OF US!
The sandstorm that was going on stopped and the found themselves next to a welcome to town sign...
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:sweatdrop: "Huh, yeah, i knew that. Thank god, i was about to die of thirst in that Desert." Kenji said as the two Shinobi entered the village limits. They looked around at the lush forests and what not. They countiued to ride until they came to the enouromous main gate. They rang the doorbell.

A guard poked his head out a window on the tower sentinel post. "What do you two want? You look like you've been threw hell."

"Yeah, you wouldn't think? Listen, were Shinobi from Hidden Sand Village and our village was just over ran by those Steel Shinobi you just heard about. Could you help us?" Kenji asked the guard.
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Guard: Hey wait a... aw crap your the bad guys
Guard: oh sure
Kenji: We need to see the hokage
Guard: So you can kill him? Yah right! Gainin... shuriken attack!
Suriken came flying in from all directions but they only hit after images of the sand ninjas. Tical and were running toward the Hokage residence. They were beiing chased by a level C ninja.
Tical: Ill make sure we escape without them getting hurt... you continue...
Tical fell back and grabbed the ninja by the shoulder and gave him the sleeper hold... then he went around throwing dub tipped shuriken at all the level d's, KOing them...
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As Tical fought off the Shibobi wh owere following them, Kenji countinued towards the Hokage's residence. He quickly ran up the side of the building and knocked threw the window to see Lord Naruto the Hokage reading an Adult Magazine. "WHat a creep!" Kenji said. Naruto quickly burned the mag in his hands and looked at Kenji.

"YOur a Sand Village Shinobi, what do you want? Have you come to kill me?" Naruto interegated Kenji and readied Kunai's in his fingers.

"NO! NO! Hold your fire, i came for your help!" Kenji said putting his hand over his head.

"Help? What could you possibly want?" Naruto asked.
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Kenji: Well you see..

Tical: We-were-invaded-by-evil-steel-ninjas-that-wanna-rule-the-world-and-we-escaped-and-wanna-help-so-PLEASE-CALL-OFF-YOUR-NINJAS!!!

Naruto snaps his fingers and all the apparently fake ninja dissapear.

Naruto: And why should I trust you...


Naruto: Fine... gimme the scoop
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"Well, the Sorakage was killed by the steel vilages leader. They then started to blend in the Sand and Steel ninjas and began using us for evil intentions. We left, knowing that all if we killed the Steel Ninja's leaders, we could have a chance at cleacnsing the Hidden Sand Village. You see?" Kenji explained to the Hokage.

"As boring as that story was, it has touched me, so i guess i will accept you. You need to get acquinted with the Fire Shinobi so to not raise susspention. Stay with me for now." Naurto said to the two Sand Shinobi.
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Tical: you woudent happen to know where nami no Yami is would you?
Naruto: Why do you ask?
Tical: I have a bone to pick with them...
Naruto: I do tend to have to fight them often...
Naruto: But didnt you come all this ay to join my tem?
Tical: Good point
Kenji: Thank you oh great lord Hokage the 5th
Naruto: I heard people from all sorts of countries will be coming... untill they get here you 2 have a mission
Naruto points out a window
Naruto: Over those mountains lies Nami no Yami. Go there and see is their joining the evil allaince... *ooooo I like that, ill write that down*
Tical: Thank you oh great Hokage the 5th
Tical: Lets go!
Kenji: *great Ticals gunna get himself killed*
The 2 head for Nami no Yami
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Zachi came and walked up to the welcome sign. It's right: she thought: Leaf Village. She went past the sign and to the main entrance. Awhile after walking she came to a tower. A guard was in the top tower, he looked down at her.

Guard: What do you what?
Zachi: Well, your rude aren't you? I was invited here.
Guard: By who?
Zachi: By Naruto himself, I'm the Hunter-Nin of the Water Country.
Guard: A missing-nin hunter...your not with the other two are you?
Zachi: No clue what your talking about, far as I know there's no one else that I know who have come here.
Guard: Fine....

The guard went silent, he shook his head. His head then disappeared back into the tower. Zachi was then allowed to pass. After a few minutes she met up with Hokage the 5th.

Naurto: A hunter of mist valley, I would have thought they'd sent someone else.
Zachi: What's that ment to mean!!!
Naurto: Umm...nothing, there are two Shinobis here already.
Zachi: Who?
Naurto: Sand Shinobis. They two are heading to Nami no Yami.
Naurto: Well, what are you doing just standing there? Go find them.
Zachi: Yes, great Hokage. Thank you.

Naurto went back on about his business. Zachi then let and set out to find the other Shinobis.
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As Akumatsu left Sasuke's house he went to Naruto's residence to ask if he can speak to him. He saw two kids heading towards Nami no Yami, 'They shoudnt be going that way!' Akumatsu ran towards their direction.

"State your names young shinobi." said Akumatsu while putting his arms outstretched in front of Kenji and Tical.
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Dokuja wandered down the path, very annoyed at all the walking he had to do. He looked down the path, at all the greenery around him, the occasional rock or animal that stood out among the otherwise clean road. He glared, this was nothing like the land of the waves, he enjoyed the plant organisms there, the food, the atmosphere... Dokuja was so lost in these thoughts that he completely missed the group that wandered past him. After another few minutes of trekking, he arrived at the place.
"Who are you?" The guard at the gate asked him.
"Dokuja Raiko, I am here to see Lord Hokage, and recieve the mission that was asked of me."
"I don't remember the master asking you.." The man was cut off as the gate behind him opened and a young lady stepped out.
"And you are?" Dokuja asked quizzically.
"I'm just here to find two Sand Shinobi, out of my way." Zachi retorted dismissively, Dokuja was shocked, even though his face showed no indication whatsoever.
"They've already left?"
"Yes, I'm going to follow them."
"Hmph, count me in." He replied nonchalantly, leaving the bewildered gate guard where he stood. Groaning, he closed the gate behind them, leaving the two to walk freely down the path, after their prey...
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They walked for a while, but they soon stopped. There were sounds coming from the upper part of the trail. Zachi ran down to where the voices were coming from, Dokuja fallowed after. Once they came to a stop there were three of them. Two Sand Shinobis and a Fire one.

"These them?" Dokuja asked.

"I think so..." Zachi said, "But I don't know who the third one is."

Dokuja smiled, "We'll soon find out."

One of the Sand Shinobis noticed them on the upper part of the trail. Soon all of the Shinobis there knew of each other's being there.

"Why do you all fell the need to come this way?" asked Akumatsu, "All of you, state your names."

"Well, this is annoying." Zachi said, staring at Kenji.

Dokuja looked at Kenji then at Tical, "Why are you staring for?"

"Are any of you going to state your names or not!?!" Akumatsu asked.

Zachi's attenion was broght back to the fire Shinobi, "Hum...yeah, I'm Zachi, hunter-nin of Mist Village."
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"A hunter-nin? What clan do you belong to?" Akumatsu asked

"What does it matter to you, besides I already tell which clan you belong to, the legendary Uchiha clan so it seems." said Zachi

"Yeah I can tell your eyes had little things in them." said Tical pointing at Akumatsu's eyes.

Akumatsu slapped Ticals pointing hand away and said, "Your the first to notice besides Naruto. So what did you come here for?"
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Tical: Naruto sent us on a mission to Nami no Yami... shouldnt you guys have different missions?
Kenji: I would be very happy if you would send us back so that TICAL DOSNT GET US ALL KILLED!!!!!!
Akamatsu: No.... Ive got a feeling about this, keep going
Tical: How do you know Im gonna spill the blood of as many dark ninja as I can? I might just sit back listen to what they say and drink mustard...
Tical: ALL THESE YEARS!!!!!!!!
Kenji: WERE DOOMED!!!!!
Zachi punches them in the back of the head.
Zachi: SHUT UP AND LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!
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"Hey to you he is Lord Hokage the fifth and-"

"Shut up Akumatsu, they dont need a lecture from you."

Akumatsu looked over to see Naruto in his Hokage outfit, Akumatsu sighed and bowed, "How may I serve you Lord Hokage the fifth?"

Naruto grinned and said,"As you were Akumatsu, and Tical Kenji, If you are in my country you will abide by our supeiriours (sp?) orders now state your names and ranks."
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Tical: FINNALY!!!!!!
Tical began runing down the mountain.
Kenji: Say good bye you probably wont see him again... CATCH!
Kanji threw Tical pack of mustard. Tical began running toward a base. he quickly stood beside a wall to evesdrop. He heard the words "join steel" then saw a shuricken fly by his neck. Hemade it sound like he had been hit and went to tell the others what he heard.
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Dokuja just stared as these other shinobi raced down the hill at top speed. They really had no idea what they were getting themselves into. He began to walk down the hill, but made a sudden cut into the trees.
"Where are you going?" Zachi asked suspiciously.
"I'm going in my own way, you feel free to go inside at your own pace. I'll meet you in there, ok?" With that, he wandered off into a thicket, and when Zachi tried to follow, she rounded the corner and he was gone, but she had noticed a small wound of dirt where he was just standing.
"Figures," She said, walking in the other direction, looking for a way in without getting detected...
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"Looking around shouldn' hurt." Zachi said, walking around. As she walked she kept stopping and checking ever thing. She heard voices coming from further ahead. [i]A guard check[/i]: she thought to her self. She leaned against the coner not to be seen, she then listened to their coversation. Something about steel. Suddenly they stopped talking, and their voices dissappered. It was safe to move again. "Better get back to the others now." she said to her self. She then left and got back to where the others were talking about "steel."

Kenji: I was wandering where you had gone.
Zachi: No where, find anything?
Tical: Yeah, "join steel."
Zachi: So they're going to join up with steel. That's intersting...
Kenji: I thought Tical was gonna die.
Tical: I'm lucky I'm still alive.
Zachi: Did they notice you?Kenji: If they did then they might come looking for us.
Tical: No they think I'm dead.
Zachi: Anyone think of any plans to get in?
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Tical: I got a plan.
Kenji: WERE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!
Tical: SHUT UP YOU BAKA!!!!! Anyway we'll sneak in through the roof.
Kenji/Zachi: WHAT KINDA PLAN IS THAT???!!!!
Tical: You got somethin better? Ok, we need to stay away from their ultra strong shuricken. They can bust through walls.
Zachi/Tical: Shut Up!!!
Tical: Lets go.
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"Amateurs, why dont we knock on the door and ask if we can listen to their conversation?" Said Akumatsu behind the others.
"Gah! Where have you been?" asked Tical
"Shhh, they know where you are know lets go back and PLAN what we are gonna do." Akumatsu whispered
"But I have a plan, we bu-"
"Duck." Akumatsu threw the hole group into the bushes, and the shuriken that the steel shinobi threw came back inside the house
"What was that?" Tical answered
"These are STEEL ninja's, they control STEEL." Akumatsu explained, "Now, lets go back and explain that we need other help."
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Kenji created a small pillar of sand to raise the three to the top of the roof. THey cralwed around, looking down on the village. They could see that there were 3 dark shinobi Jounin and the YamiKage speaking with 3 steel shinobi who were so abtly dressed in chain mail and steel guantlets. They were talking about something, but the three couldn't make it out. They decided to try to get closer to the converstaion.
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Tical: What do you see?
Kenji: Nothing but steel ninja.
Tical: Your Lying!!! his in there isnt he?
Kenji: nope.
Kenji: YES!!!!!!!! Aw crap. what have I done?
Tical: YES!!! Im so gunna killim!!!!!!!!!!!
Akamatsu: ARE YOU NUTS??!!!!!
Tical: YES!!!
Akamatsu youll get us all killed!!!
Tical: You dont understand, i haveta killim. Its my job!!!!
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The other three had found their way. Zachi would go her own, she started looking around the place again. As she walked around she found the stand post at the back. The way in was covered, but it seemed un guarded. She unslide the doors went in and shut them behind her. The area was dark, but there was still light. Walking forwards she found that the guards were all knocked out. Once out of the darkness she came to a two knocked out steel shinobi. Dokuja was there, it seemed like he was waiting.

"Nice to see you finnally made it." said Dokuja.

"I take it your the one who got past all of them?" said Zachi.

"Yes, lucky me." Dokuja said smiling, "Their low level too, there should be more coming soon. Where are the other two?"

"Heh, they went their way." Zachi said, while shaking her head, "I'm sure we'll meat up with them later."

"Right." said Dokujia.
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