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Writing Prelude to Frontier


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[size=1][color=333366][b]Ok, I know that I have another Fic up, but this has been in my head for a while and I just now worked all of it out. Please, tell me what you think of this idea. This is just the..subjects of it.


[u]Main Line[/u]

A prophecy in the ancient Digital World has foretold that one of the three Digital Angels will destroy the world. Piximon, a wise elder in a remote village knows this prophecy is not wrong. With that in mind, he sends a team of Digimon to go and find ten warriors to protect ten newly-born Digi-Eggs.

These Eggs are to be the saviors of the Digital World, and, in time, will become great warriors. Fearing that the corruption in the Trio of Angels has already begun, Piximon believes that the eggs will be destroyed if not protected. With the ten warriors and eggs spread throughout the Digital World, more and more Digimon are being corrupted.

[u]Warrior Digimon[/u]- Given the power of Digivolution by Piximon, they are to protect the eggs with their lives.

[u][i]Bearmon[/i][/u]- A young, calm Digimon, he is startled that Piximon chose him the protect an egg. With a strong will and a warm heart, he will do anything to protect the egg. His friends, Kotemon and Monmon were also chosen as Warriors.

[u]Levels[/u]: Bearmon-Grizzmon-GrapLeomon-Callismon

[u]Egg[/u]: Flame (AncientGreymon)

[u][i]Kotemon[/u][/i]- A quiet, yet witty Digimon. He is proud to be a Warrior Digimon, and, in situations, he believes himself to be more powerful then he is. He swears on his life that he will complete the journey and defeat the corrupted Angel himself.

[u]Levels[/u]: Kotemon-Dinohumon-Mystimon-Dynasmon

[u]Egg[/u]: Thunder (AncientBeetmon)

[u][i]Monmon[/u][/i]- A very childish speaking Digimon, he is mature at heart. Piximon is hesitant at first, but realizes that Monmon is the one for the job. With his boomerang in his hands at all times,this monkey is all for monkeying around.

[u]Levels[/u]: Monmon-Apemon-Makuramon-Marsmon

[u]Egg[/u]: Ice (AncientMegatheriumon)

[u][i]Labramon[/i][/u]- A playful, loyal Digimon, he is the idol of many. A close friend of Piximon, he is the first to be told he was a Warrior. He is sometimes doubtful of himself, but he pulls through no matter what. Although his digivolutions are vicious-looking, he is the same old Labramon.

[u]Levels[/u]: Labramon-Dobermon-Cereberumon-Anubismon

[u]Egg[/u]: Light (AncientGarurumon)

[i][u]Renamon[/i][/u]- A quiet, cold Digimon, she usually keeps to herself. Her remarks are usually sarcastic, and she doesn?t care much for teamwork. But when Piximon shows her what will happen to the world if she doesn?t help, she quickly changes her attitude from ?no way? or ?well, if it?ll help?.

[u]Levels[/u]: Renamon-Kyuubimon-Taomon-Sakuyamon

[u]Egg[/u]: Water (AncientMermaimon)

[u][i]Floramon[/i][/u]- A happy-go-lucky Digimon, she is very happy to help. Her species is a common sight around the Digital World, but she is special. Piximon knows her power, and he believes deeply in her. She doesn?t yet know her power, and she thinks she was just chosen randomly.

[u]Levels[/u]: Floramon-Kiwimon-Blossomon-Gryphomon

[u]Egg[/u]: Air (AncientIrismon)

[u][i]Elecmon[/i][/u]- Son of the Elecmon that first discovered the ten eggs, he is very different. Piximon has told them that his digivolution line wasn?t correct, because of some gene that mutated. They have yet to know which level is affected. Although this could be a set back, he accepts his Warrior fate.

[u]Levels[/u]: Elecmon-Leomon-Mihiramon-SaberLeomon

[u]Egg[/u]: Wood (AncientTrojamon)

[u][i]Patamon and Gatomon[/i][/u]- Secretly part of the two Digital Angels, Ophanimon and Seraphimon. The two angels knew that the third angel was corrupted, or was going to be, and had to do anything they
could to protect the eggs. Only Piximon knows this, and for others? safety, he will be the only one.

[u]Levels[/u]: Patamon-Angemon-MagnaAngemon-Seraphimon, Salamon-Gatomon-Angewomon-Ophanimon

[u]Egg[/u]: Steel (AncientWisemon) and Earth (AncientVolcamon)

[u][i]Muchomon[/i][/u]- A happy-go-lucky Digimon, his best friend is Floramon. Both have similar personalities, and like Floramon, he is very different from the other Muchomon. The two become Warriors together, fight together, and will save the world together.

[u]Levels[/u]: Muchomon-Pteramon-Deramon-Eaglemon

[u]Egg[/u]: Darkness (AncientSphinxmon)

[u]Rivals[/u]- These Digimon are sent out by the Corrupted Circle group to destroy each Warrior.

[u][i]BlackAgumon, BlackGabumon, and Keramon[/i][/u]- They are ruthless and evil as you can get. Corrupted early in life, their life as a regular Digimon was over when he destroyed a whole village of Koromon. With that in mind, the Corrupted Circle knows they can do what they want them to.

[u]Levels[/u]: BlackAgumon-BlackTyrannomon-SkullGreymon-BlackWarGreymon, BlackGabumon-BlackGarurumon-ShadowWereGarurumon-BlackMetalGarurumon, Keramon-Chrysalimon-UltimeArcaDemon-Chaosdramon

[u]Rival of[/u]: Bearmon, Kotemon, and Monmon

[u][i]Goblimon and Gizamon[/i][/u]- Goblimon, a dumbfounded Digimon, he was very easily corrupted. The more the Corrupted Circle talked, the more he got confused. This lead him to be very untrustworthy, so they teamed him up with Gizamon, a fighter Digimon who could watch him.

[u]Levels[/u]: Goblimon-Musyamon-Asuramon-Zanbamon, Gizamon-Coelamon-WaruSeadramon-Plesiomon

[u]Rivals of[/u]: Labramon and Elecmon

[u][i]ModokiBetamon[/i][/u]- A very, very greedy Digimon. His plan is to defeat his rival, digivolve into a level above mega, and take down the Corrupted Circle and rule the world. The Circle knows of this plan, and know he cannot do it even if he wished it to.

[u]Levels[/u]: ModokiBetamon-Gesomon-MarineDevimon-Pukumon

[u]Rival of[/u]: Renamon

[u][i]Tsukaimon and BlackGatomon[/i][/u]- Although the Circle doesn?t know that Patamon and Gatomon are two angels, they are suspicious. So, with that in the back of their minds, they send out two originally corrupted Digimon. These two are as powerful as their counterparts and might be trouble.

[u]Levels[/u]: Tsukaimon-Devimon-NeoDevimon-VenomMyotismon, BlackSalamon-BlackGatomon-LadyDevimon-Lilithmon

[u]Rivals of[/u]: Patamon and Gatomon

[u][i]Syakomon and PetitMamon[/i][/u]- Two very menacing, but overestimated Digimon. They make mon?s think they?re powerful, yet, they?re not so powerful. With two black hearts and many bad intentions, they could be a bad duo.

[u]Levels[/u]: Syakomon-Octomon-Dragomon-ChaosSeadramon, PetitMamon-Bakemon-Pumpkinmon-Puppetmon

[u]Rivals of[/u]: Floramon and Muchomon

[u]Corrrupted Circle[/u]- Believed to be headed by the Corrupted Angel, this is a group of five majorly evil and powerful corrupted Digimon.

[u][i]Cherubimon[/i][/u]- Able to switch back and forth from virus to data, this is how he keeps his identity under wraps. The other members of the Corrupted Circle, Piximon, Ophanimon, and Seraphimon are the only ones who know it is he who is going to bring down the Digital World.

[u][i]Lucemon Falldown Mode[/i][/u]- He is second in command to Cherubimon, and it has been told he wants to over power Cherubimon. It is doubted that he can do so, but no one knows what Lucemon has up his sleeves.

[u][i]ChaosPiedmon[/i][/u]- Even more evil, powerful, and ruthless than the regular Piedmon, he is feared of by many. His evil ways get him the title of General, and he is the planner of Cherubimon?s attacks.

[u][i]ChaosGallantmon[/i][/u]- A very, very vicious Digimon. He hasn?t been able to unleash his wrath yet, but he is willing to do so at any time. With a large grudge against Piximon, he wants nothing but to destroy him and his Warriors.

[u][i]ChaosAzulongmon[/i][/u]- As powerful as Cherubimon is, he doesn?t hold a candle to this Digimon. Although he could easily overpower him, he has chosen to sit and watch. Being Cherubimon?s mentor, he wants nothing else then to have Cherubimon destroy the Digital World in his name.

[u]Side Digimon[/u]- These Digimon have met and joined up with the Warriors in effort to help protect the eggs.

[u][i]Kuwagamon[/i][/u]- A mute Digimon, his bark is much worse then his bite. He will do anything to help, and he is very protective of his friends.

[u]Meets[/u]: Floramon and Muchomon

[u][i]Kougamon[/i][/u]- A very hyper active, over-whelming Digimon, this ninja is very fond of fellow teammates. He helps in any way he can, and sometimes proves to be more then meets the eye.

[u]Meets[/u]: Bearmon, Kotemon, and Monmon

[u][i]Meramon[/i][/u]- A very smart Digimon, he can outwit and trick any Digimon. With that, he puts a lot of effort into traveling with Renamon. Although Renamon?s personality is not to die for, they get along great.

[u]Meets[/u]: Renamon

[u][i]Mojyamon[/i][/u]- An old, wise Digimon, he tends to speak in riddles. Although very confusing at times, Elecmon and Labramon enjoy his company. Mojyamon has seen wars fought, and this time, he?s not going to let these guys lose.

[u]Meets[/u]: Elecmon and Labramon

[u][i]FlameWizardmon and Sorcerimon[/i][/u]- Two brothers who know that the Angels are undercover as Warriors. Bringing their powers and wiseness, they are here to protect and defend them.

[u]Meets[/u]: Patamon and Gatomon


I will list the attacks as I need them.

And the Warriors will be in groups, I just seperated them so I could explain their personalities easily.

[u][i]Bearmon, Kotemon, and Monmon
Labramon and Elecmon
Floramon and Muchomon
Patamon and Gatomon[/i][/u]

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