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Help in Caastlevania COTM


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After playing nearly all the game, I have realised that I need the Uranus card to beat Dracula (I think!!). I am in the Golem boss room in the machine tower and I am using the 25% Luck increase DSS card. I have killed the Scary candles about 30 times so far and I still haven't got the card. Does it make a difference that I defeated all the bosses (except Dracula) before going to the Golem room to get Uranus card. The FAQs say that I should have gone after Camilla but I didn't. Will I still be able to get the card?
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It really does not matter if you get all of the cards. Can you tell me where exactly you are in the game(I don't mean your location)? Because, if you beat all of the bosses, excluding dracula, you should have already fought her in the sewers with all of the ice creatures. Tell me, what was the last magic item you got. If you fought the two headed dragon last, that means you have the *heavy ring* which also means you have another boss before you can fight Camilla
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So far I have beaten:
Dragon Zombies
Iron Golem
I think thats all
(Not in that order though...thats the order I remembered them in)
I have got the key to Dracula's lair and the last magic item I got were the Roc boots.

I am at level 50 and I have already defeated Dracula in his first form but I can't do him when he evolves. I think I need the Uranus card cos of the summons you can do which would probably help me defeat him. Also, any tactics on defeating him once (if?) I get the card would be a help.
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If you didn't save after you beat him in his first form, SAVE IT!!!

If you have the unicorn card, use it with the jupiter card to put a barrier around you so that his second form poison attack does not hurt you. If you don't have it, use the Ice barrier.

Stand on a platform to lead Dracula up there(his eye beam does not hit you as easily).

Use the crucifix(boomerang) to hit his eye in his second form until the eye separates from him.

When the eye separates, fly to the top and [U]stay up there[/U] so that Dracula does not hit you. Come down when the eye surrounded by bats comes out and whip it as many times as you can. When it disappears, get your but on the ceiling! After a while you will destroy Dracula and have beaten the game.

I was on level 75 the first time I beat him in normal mode. The second time I beat him I was on level 57. If you feel you should be at a higher level, the best way is to kill either the devil or fallen angel creatures.
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Thanks for the hints. I never thought about saving after I beat his 1st form. I thought that the teleport thing might disappear or something. Anyway, I think I do need to level up A LOT before fighting him. He beat me really easily the first time I fought him. Where is the devil / fallen angel. I haven't been anywhere near the battle arena yet so if they're in there then I wont have seen them
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The devil is in a door on the left, right below where you fight Hugh. You can get potion highs and mirror armor, the third strongest armor, from it.

Lilim, a weaker form of the fallen angel, is in a secret room in the machine tower. The entrance is above the save point on the left about three screens up. You can get mind highs and dark armor, the second strongest armor, from it.

The fallen angel is by the entrance to the arena. You get the same things from it as you do from the lilim.

I recommend you also fight the dark armor, so that you can get some double grips, which are the strongest arm pieces if they are combined.
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